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  1. strombringer101

    Cleveland 4/28/77 alternate source

    I have whatever source it is haha kinda good kinda bad recording. I did noticed that the version of Kashmir is flawless.
  2. Around 1977 we all know the tragedy that befell R, Plant and his son. As the story goes, Plant was considering becoming a teacher of some sort. He was truly intending to leave Zeppelin behind. Well there is many videos and article stating that it was Bonham encouraging Plant to comeback. Well they end up making 1 more album, and then doing a small tour of Europe; before heading off to America. Well the last time Zeppelin was preparing for the American tour, John Bonham kinda freaks out while drunk saying "He doesn't want to do this anymore, I want to sing, I am not that good of a drummer now." (I am paraphrasing of course.) So this is my problem with this situation: What changed in Bonzo?, Was the drinking taking a serious effect on his mental health? If he didn't want to be a drummer anymore, why ask Robert to comeback? Was there an underling issue with Bonzo from the beginning? I have read to many stories of his rage against anyone. Was John Bonham bipolar ? I know the only people that could answer these questions would be the band members and family, though I think it raises a good question. https://www.loudersound.com/features/the-last-days-of-led-zeppelin-days-of-thunder
  3. strombringer101

    Companion discs are rubbish

    I bought all of the reissues accept Physical, & Led Zeppelin 1. Not that I don't like those albums I just haven't gotten around to getting them. The first batch I bought was In through....Presences, Houses Holy. I was not happy with the mono versions of All my love but didn't bother me much because the official version sounds amazing on my Sonos Player 1 speakers. Incredible intro with those keyboards by Jones. The surprise gold nugget was THE Epic. holy cow that jam deserve to be played on the radio! The keyboards are more in the back, Jimmy playing is more upfront as is BONZO. Presences is my favorite Zeppelin Album because it has no keyboards, or soft ballads. It is just pure balls out rock and roll with a hint of the disgust Plant was having with the drug scenes of the 1970s. Excellent recording, very happy to have it. I think en general I was very happy with the cystral clear sounds of the studio and was happy for the new lesser liked companion disk.
  4. strombringer101

    The O2 In Retrospect...

    When I think about how Zeppelin could've toured after the 02 concert, and how upset I was with Plant not wanting to continue. Then it dawned on me. Why does Robert have to meet those expectations when he and the boys already were on top of it. There was no need to continue because there was nothing left to prove. The Music and what official videos we have is probably going to be it. I am fine with it now, because when you look at it, its also 30= years of the Bonham family having to remember the days their father, husband, brother was still around. Led Zeppelin lives within the heart of the fans now. I would be happy with one kick ass Best of Led Zeppelin Live with best recording possible. Peace.
  5. strombringer101

    Led Zeppelin 50th Anniversary

    Best band to ever walk the Earth. I do not care what they did backstage even though it makes for good readings. The Music those 4 created will stand the test of time. Generations from now will pounder in their cubical mind machine getting blasted by Zeppelin.
  6. strombringer101

    1975 -1977 recordings,

    Have a question to the mighty Led Zeppelin collectors that post some stellar Live Zeppelin shows on Youtube. I been listening to this 1975 live soundboard recording of different concerts played in America. The sound is incredible, (he does state he did some sound touch ups) than I listened to his 1977 recording compilation. and the sound is terrible. performance wise the shows selected are great, but the sound quality is (be Nice) not good. Can anyone refer me to some great sounding 1977 recordings, besides (Listen to this eddie)
  7. strombringer101


    Was digging through my archives of Led Zeppelin related stuff. Besides finding some Rolling Stones interviews. I found this, Proximity/ I bought this at a now defunct record store back in 1993. anyone else ever hear of this magazine ???
  8. strombringer101

    1975 -1977 recordings,

    Holy Crap this Version of Sick Again 77' Houston is beyond words. I am amazed how strong Zeppelin was live in 77' this is like a punch in the gut. In your face heavy rock. Yeah!! I know your name and no you don't look the same but sure did rock many moons ago!!!
  9. strombringer101

    1975 -1977 recordings,

    Holy Shit this is what I am talking. Excellent recording with rich bass and Pages guitar effects in full effect. Yeah I will be sending yeah a message!
  10. strombringer101


    Awesome I am buying it!
  11. If I had to choose one song to be remembered by. That song would have to be the beat that started the industrial revolution. When The Levee Breaks.
  12. strombringer101

    1975 US Soundboards "Live Album"

    I for some reason have always thought the version of Kashmir done during the 1980 tour was hard to listen to because of those keyboards.
  13. strombringer101

    Audience recordings Vs, Sound boards

    I have come to a conclusion that Led Zeppelin multitude of bootlegs circulating around the web and other venues that some if not most led Zepp collectors might agree on. Led Zeppelin has some pretty outstanding Audience recording of their concerts that are being remastered to even greater listening enjoyment. For example I would have to say two songs from the concert I posted below sounds some much better than any soundboard recordings of the era. Kashmir and Achil les Last Stand have always lack the rich power of Zeppelin live. I believe that some newer boots are improving the sounds.
  14. strombringer101

    Led Zeppelin Live book with unseen photos

    Led Zeppelin is probably the best band that will ever form. I know some will say the Beatles my argument with that is not all of the Beatles albums are that good compared to Zeppelins.
  15. strombringer101

    Which shows do we know were multitracked?

    Dave Lewis says "All the 1977 concerts were filmed and recorded for the band. What happen to those shows who knows. Maybe when Kevin Sheerly looked through the vault said most shows were not good enough for release.
  16. strombringer101

    Performers With 9 Lives

    The Guitars is lucky to be alive. Busted in Texas with some pot. Got bad legal advice to plead insanity. He spent 5 years in a mental hospital.
  17. strombringer101

    Robert Plant Oakland 07/24/77

    In response to you inquiry of me trashing the 77'. Robert Plant and Jone's both said on video or articles that the 1977 tour was a sham. Plant stated they "were show boating most of the tour" Jones said he hated playing in huge stadiums because of the lost connection with the fans. Jimmy Page did state that "The demand was so huge we had no choice but to play stadiums" I have The Destroyer, Dallas 1975, Berlin 1980, San Fransisco 1969* killer show.
  18. strombringer101

    Robert Plant Oakland 07/24/77

    Led Zeppelin by 1977 became what Bonzo feared most. {people coming to a concert just to see the band, not so much being interested in the music. Led Zeppelin still was a huge draw, though other bands took the mantle of hard rock. How could you enjoy sitting 300 level in the King Dome and enjoy the show. Echo in the dome was horrible, and the band wasn't playing at their best in majority of their shows.
  19. Wont read anything that has anything to with Mic Wall. That guys book "When Giants walked the Earth" Was so full of opinionated crap it was a waste of money to buy. Led Zeppelin story has been told a million and 1 times, why do I need to hear how "stair way ...." was constructed when the singer himself trashes it every chance he gets.
  20. strombringer101

    Plant promises Zeppelin reunion!

    Well I went to see Plant recently and I do have to say his shows are not that entertaining. He has definitely left Rock & Roll behind.
  21. strombringer101

    New 1968 Live shows for the 50th anniversary

    Songs Remain the Same is a 1973 concert in NYC. BBC shows are 1970-71 live recordings played in a theater. How the West Was Won was a 1972 concert in California. How come there is no official 1975 -1977 tours. Dave Lewis of Tight but Loose magazine states that all of 1975 & 1977 were recorded for the band, I think what it comes down to is the performance on most of the 1977 tour were poor and not something Jimmy would want to be heard. I think the whole idea of Japan 1972 or 71 release would be a waste, same set list as the 1973 tour.
  22. I am sorry if this conversation has been written before. In saying that I shall begin. Not being the biggest fan of Live unofficial recordings (bootlegs) I had to try open my prospective on the issue. I know that the sound is not alway the best so I learned to listen to the performance, and in doing so I discovered that their is some hidden gems in these sometimes horrible recordings. One show that comes into mind is Kezar stadium show in 1973. Bonzo is a mad man on celebration day, and Page is the wizard I've only heard legends about. Than they explode into a mean version of Black Dog. Plant doing his best to hit those incredibly hard notes that would rip my lungs in two if I tried that scream at the end of B.D. The power Zeppelin had during their live shows has not been matched today by any band. I am very happy that Zeppelin collectors are sharing the magic of live LED ZEPPELIN. My Zepptology continues.
  23. strombringer101

    Potential Zep Reunion? Probably not.... but Maybe...

    I think we Led Zeppelin fans know that the band is done. 2007 was the last time we will see the remaining members on stage as a unit. Robert Plant has moved so far from Zeppelin it is almost a thought in a dream to him. Furthermore I don't think I would want to see a bunch of grandpa's singing songs of my youth. I think there is no joy in Zeppelin for Robert. Losing a child, then a good friend it is probably not worth the pain. Led Zeppelin in physical form is gone, though the legend will remain the same.
  24. strombringer101

    Empress Valley Warning

    Who cares, what a bootleg company says or post. there is over 318 bootlegs circulating and most of them are crap. Led Zeppelin is not making money off these bootlegs, so why care what empress valley says.