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  1. The quality is excellent the list is:

    Immigrant song/heartbreaker

    black dog

    since ive been loving you

    stairway to heaven

    thats the way

    bron y aur stomp

    dazed and confused

    whole lotta love

    communication breakdown

  2. I have several soundboard recordings from the years, but never heard one from 1972. Does anyone know of any soundboards from this year, or good audience recordings?  Excluding how the west was won. I have a record of tokyo 1972 which is good but you cant hear robert a lot

  3. Led Zeppelin has released barely any live material. The DVD includes very little footage of early zep at their peak where Robert has his incredibly high and beatiful voice. I wish we had more footage like Royal Albert Hall, but i guess we’re gonna have to deal with it. Besides the DVD, we have the god like audio of the LA and long beach performances of How The West Was Won, The Song Remains the Same, and the BBC sessions.

    This post is to appreciate the sessions which have not been discussed recently (as far as i know). They are probably the only semi-crystal clear live performances of 1971 we will get, and im not forgetting the up and coming Osaka soundboard, that from what we got so far, lacks The power of professionally recorded material. Still exciting tho, it will definitely rock. Anyways, the sessions need to be more recognized. They include some songs closely resembling the studio recording, for example the John Peel sessions “What is and what should never be” and some mind blowing improvising in the 1969 sessions including Traveling Riverside Blues. Overall, I am very bad at explaining this, but just remember to re-listen to the BBC sessions! They are some one of a kind performances.

  4. 3 hours ago, Blaize86 said:

    No way HTWWW...Seattle 73 ( I know it's not 72) is the champ. The last verse after the aceppella is killer with Robert hitting the highs with emotion and Jimmy throwing in some interesting licks here and there. I think 73 was better than 72 because they mastered it live and Jimmy's tone is much better on the Les Paul. 

    Ya, robert hits more notes in 72 but i agree jimmys tone is better and robert messes up lyrics in 72.

    seattle 73 is great playing but has crowd noise. Plant does very well for 73’ and its a powerful performance, better quality than kezar, although kezar is difficult to beat

  5. 9 hours ago, Strider said:

    You can find all the Knebworth songs that are not on the official DVD if you search YouTube. For instance, here is "Ten Years Gone".

    Same with the 1975 Earls Court gigs of May 24 and 25. A few complete songs exist from the 1975 Forum shows...


    I know, thank you tho

  6. Just now, ledzepfilm said:

    Go find the June 11, 1977 footage. It should have a full performance of Achilles Last Stand, Stairway to Heaven, and a few other songs.

    Sounds good! This just made me really excited 

    btw ledZepfilm, are you ledzepfilm on youtube? This may be a dumb question- just to confirm

  7. 8 minutes ago, ledzepfilm said:

    Huh. If you do a simple search on YouTube for any of the Earls Court shows, Seattle 77, Knebworth 1979, or some of the amateur footage of the June 1977 NY shows, there should be plenty to hold you over.

    I have watched all the shows many times i have the dvd and a bootleg of the seattle show. I was wondering about any footage of full songs , not just clips. I downloaded a video of 8mm clips, only one of them has a full song