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  1. Is Page gonna bootleg the bootleggers (to steal the name from a Johnny Thunders album) and get this out before EV? Highly doubt it, but man he is falling behind the 8 ball. This is like a holy grail man and has been talked about since the 70s.
  2. tom kid

    Seattle 1977

    Watching that clip brought back memories of throwing that dvd on after far too many drinks and rocking out! Right on man.
  3. tom kid

    Umphrey's McGee

    That's a cool track, I've listened to a few of their live shows on spotify. Top notch stuff.
  4. tom kid

    Rolling Stones Thread

    I love the Stones. However, this last latest tour has been a pretty lackluster affair so far. The Setlist remains largely unchanged from the last 5 years, and Keith's playing is reaching Chuck Berry in his later years level of bad. Just listen to any one song and you can hear multiple mistakes. They are phoning it in, really don't know why Mick Taylor was brought back into the fold to play 1-2 songs and then was gone again. His playing elevated the band to another level and if he had been allowed to play whole concerts people might still be talking about the music instead of just how amazing it is the Stones are still touring at their age. Maybe he quit again like in '74, I'd wager though that Keith and Ronnie didn't like that his playing is above and beyond their current levels. Just imagine what they could have done with songs like Sympathy with MT on board. Now all you get is Keith hitting some chords off key, and attempting to play a couple of 'solos' which in all honesty are pretty painful to listen to a lot of the time. He has a long history of substance abuse, very arthritic hands and a head injury so it's no surprise really - but they are charging astronomical amounts of money to see them. If you want a comparison look no further than someone like Pete Townshend, who is still absolutely slaying the guitar every night, with a huge loss of his hearing to boot. Nobody beats father time.
  5. tom kid


    ^ A classic version indeed. It's absolutely criminal that there is no officially released live version of NQ apart from the TSRTS.
  6. tom kid

    After 3/21/75. . Whats next??

    Wasn't that leaked by an ex showco employee or something? Jimmy had given it to him for the timing of the laser pyramid at Knebworth I think?
  7. tom kid

    My matrix of New Orleans '73

    Have the links been taken down? Or are they not able to be listened to people outside of the US? I'm really keen to hear this!
  8. tom kid

    New Mystery Soundboard?

    Man, I really rate Houston '77 though that may be because it was one of the first soundboards of '77 I listened to (I am only 27 after all!). I think that No Quarter in particular smokes, I'll never forget blasting it with a good friend after a number of vodkas and a couple of joints through an amazing sounding stereo on an island with hardly anyone else around. In My Time of Dying is also really good IMO. Hmmm might have to dig this one up off whichever harddrive I've got it on and have a listen while I'm doing my weekly cooking session tomorrow...
  9. Yup, as Strider said - the whole of '77 and '79 he had the piano.
  10. tom kid

    1977 North American Tour - 40th Anniversary

    Sounds great Sue! Good job, sounds a lot more filled and rounded out.
  11. tom kid

    New Mystery Soundboard?

    A user here called 'The Rover' who was at the show has said many times that there was no video on the screen. This doesn't mean however that the private box screens weren't on.
  12. tom kid

    New Mystery Soundboard?

    New Years Eve Parties even, if I'm not mistaken. I've seen that one repeated here on more than one occasion, as you can tell by me remembering that it was new years eve parties. I don't expect anything further to come out pro shot wise from '77, it's been 40 years since the tour. If it was by some miracle to actually exist I would be over the moon however.
  13. tom kid

    New Mystery Soundboard?

    Where do you get these pics from if you don't mind me asking?
  14. tom kid

    New Mystery Soundboard?

    The date is definitely 5/21/77
  15. tom kid

    Knebworth concert?

    The 4th for sure. I couldn't count how many times I've listened to that version of No Quarter.