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  1. That's an Interesting Observation! ...And "In Through the Out Door" became somewhat like that!: In the Evening has a droning intro like Nobody's Fault But Mine, both that start an album side Southbound Suarez is a fun , light little tune like Candy Store Rock, both second tracks Achilles Last Stand opening Side Two is akin to Carouselambra opening Side Two, both big, sprawling epics (just my opinion, maaaan.) Silly--albeit enjoyable--tunes like Hot Dog and Royal Orleans closes a side A slow, bluesy number closes out opposite side: Tea for One and I'm Gonna Crawl Back to topic, I used to hate Custard Pie as an opener, but I later "saw the light" after hearing the Black Crowes/Jimmy version.
  2. Yes, I've seen that. Definitely will check that out. Thank you!!
  3. Thanks! I'll check that out!
  4. I did that with a Gibson Les Paul and the legendary status as a guitarist never panned out...
  5. Hi, I was just wondering if there was ever available an audio file of "Autumn Lake," the hurdy-gurdy thing Jimmy Page plays near the beginning of their film, "The Song Remains the Same."? And if so, where could I get it? Always dug that... Thanks.
  6. Yes, I have the 2003 Blu-Ray, and it did the same thing with a still photo that changes once the next song begins. I'll have to order a copy seeing everyone here is digging the new sound!
  7. dpat

    LZ songs just you don't like...

    oops, I posted already on page #12
  8. Apologies for the grammar...
  9. Back in the day, this was the original (1976) version of the "Celebration Day" song that appeared on The Song Remains The Same soundtrack, the difference from current version happens around 2:25, a version I find more appealing -- but was probably scrapped due to video restrictions.
  10. dpat

    Any time now.....

    Sadly, Polka Music must be heard live. The best "rock polka" band out there? Brave Combo. Yeah, this one isn't necessarily polka, but along with hard rock, they can do various musical stylings:
  11. Other than maybe a missed note here or there, I would guess they are pretty much untouched. Maybe a punch-up in sound/mixing. The one song, though, that really makes me wonder (ahem), would be "Boogie with Stu": The percussion sounds way too modern for a recording in 1970. I've read a couple of explanations that it is either an effect by Jimmy slapping his guitar or some box contraption Bonzo played. Ultimately, I guess the studio bootlegs might provide your true answer for each song. "The song remains the same. It's f--king true, ain't it?" -- Peter Grant
  12. dpat

    Knebworth concert poster

    I know for a fact that this vendor's 1980 CHICAGO poster is a FAKE -- I've seen the actual Chicago Tribune newspaper ad for this (sadly, it was printed on the day John Bonham passed) and while it had the Swan Song and Zeppelin (circa 1973) logos, the rest was added on by some imposter. The text does appear to be correct, though; but there is a font that wasn't in the original, either. [I have too much time on my hands today!! ]
  13. Hi, I was just wondering if anyone could direct me to where I could possible view the outtakes of the Zep promo pics they shot in a field (Bonzo's farm?) for either Knebworth or the In Through the Out Door album? (see sample here). I am only guessing that they were taken by Neal Preston. P.S.: I don't need the one where Percy drops his trousers... Thanks!
  14. ... but seriously, folks -- just my opinion, mannnn, on a POSSIBLY better In Through the Out Door: SIDE ONE In the Evening (the only song to start this album, one of the all-time best intros to a song) Wearing and Tearing ("It starts out like a murmur...") Southbound Suarez/Soiree Darlene All My Love (with the Plant vocal cold ending) SIDE TWO Carouselambra Hot Dog I'm Gonna Crawl Fool in the Rain ("Gotta get home now...")