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  1. Los Angeles Photos - Zep and Others

    There are some fantastic shots in the gallery. Not just Zeppelin but the Stones and Bowie and others
  2. Fair point. Why not. It won't happen though

    That's a three minute solo that would have been much better played in half the time. There are some great bits but there is a lot of guff as well.
  4. Each to their own, but I don't.
  5. Uncut Zeppelin

    There have been so many magazine articles of this type I speed read through them in the shop just looking for a new little fact. Sometimes there is and often there isnt. I also like to play spot the error. Usually it's in the photo captions; like a picture from Earls Court marked something like "Zepp breaking all records in USA 77" or "250000 attend Knebworth, their final gig" , "Plant with his dog Striper" that sort of thing
  6. You'll probably feel even better if you watched the first Knebworth show 4/8/79, which is generally accepted as being much the better of the two shows.
  7. What next? AGAIN

    we're discussing whether a band that split up 37 years ago should play a concert as some sort of thank you to their fans after all this time? it'll never happen and I wouldn't want to see it. Planty's not interested and has said so many times. Page is way too old now and out of practice. JPJ could but seems to prefer to keep his head down and out of these sort of discussions. the O2 gig was good enough to rescue their reputation and why would they want to risk that again? its silly to entertain the idea. its over and has been for 10 years
  8. Black Country Communion

    I'm with you man. I don't understand why BCC feature here
  9. To a newcomer to the Jimmy Page story, as I expect most of the audience were, that was probably an interesting and erudite disclosure on his history. To an experienced listener it sounds exactly as would be expected, almost line for line. Fair enough, he wasn't talking to fanatics wanting something more, but I wish he'd expand on his personal views and experiences occasionally rather than repeating his biography for the umpteenth time
  10. haven't you listened to any of his recent albums/ if you had you'd know what sort of style he presents these days and has done for a while. I think it'd be a fairly naïve person who went along expecting faithful versions of the zeppelin classics. he hasn't done that for many many years
  11. you do realise they split up 37 years ago?
  12. I watched the 88 and 98 videos above. Prelude was great but I didn't care much for the rest af it too much. Staizrway in particular struck me as a good example of Page in need of a better drummer.to help him get a groove going i haven't seen a bad 98 P/P 98 show yet. I hadn't seen this one before but it reinforces the point that Page was on his most consistent roll for 25 years. The BIGLY solo was the highlight of the tour for me but pretty much everything was on it. It's a shame that at the time he was on such a playing high, he looked terrible. And for that reason I doubt we'll ever see an official DVD release id be happy with a P/P live best of. On vinyl, natch
  13. Plenty played a live set on the Lauren Laverne show this afternoon. Included were in the light, whole lotta love and what is and what should never be. its available on catch up, so I'm told
  14. Bug Powder Dust by bomb the bass . I cant remember the exact words but it references Jimmy Page and houses of the holy. great track