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  1. we know that age claims that he had some tapes stolen while he was working on his solo album and that he had originally intended for it to be a double album, but has the theft ever been confirmed or was it just another of what we now know as his "stretching of the truth" to put it diplomatically
  2. the decision to record two new songs got abba in the news for a day. but when the tunes are actually released, expect a bit more in the press then there'll be poor sales and the whole thing will fizzle out, like these things generally tend to do. the Beatles tried it, Stones had Jagger adding new vocals to 40 year old unreleased tracks and it was shite, leave it, Zeppelin ended 38 years ago. just ponder that for a moment 38 years ago. I expect there's quite a few people on this forum who may not even have been born when the band ended. Page lost his mojo decades ago, Plant continues but in a modified style as he cant do what he used to way back. despite what some people seem to think Jason Bonham is not Bonzo reincarnated, so that leaves JPJ as probably the most active and still capable of doing it I have no interest in new songs, or completing unfinished old music, and I wouldn't touch it with a bargepole. I don't thinks there are too many fans who still play the new songs from Unledded, or the WIC album which were 20 and 25 years ago (?) and yet all this time later its thought they should still or even could, make new relevant valued material its the daftest thing ive heard for ages
  3. jsj

    Munich 1980

    I revisited this show last night as its been many many years since I last heard it. SIBLY had a nice solo but I thought the drumming overall was a bit lacking. ALS in particular sounded lacklustre from bonzo
  4. if he means he's never cranked it up in the house, then fair enough, but to say he hasn't played electric guitar in that house since the early 70s seems pretty far fetched to me. however whatever he needs to say to sway the planning permission wrangle is what he's going to say, same as we all would its difficult to trust anything he says these days
  5. Galymcd, in the event you do get closer to your aim, it may help your cause if you want it signed to you, rather than just his signature on it. Any object signed to "Trevor" isn't as desirable to a general collector, except if the collector is also named Trevor
  6. It was when Jimmy lived at the Old Mill House that I wrote to him and he signed a drawing I'd done (a tracing of a characture of him, I have no artistic skills) and he posted it back to me. It was after Bonham died, a national paper printed the address of Jimmys house in a report and as a naive 15 year old, I thought Bingo! and gave it a shot and got lucky.
  7. You dont want to sell it. But the more signatures you collect on it, the greater it's value until one day you may decide you can't afford not to sell it. id say you'd have more chance of getting it signed if you were to sell it for charity. Otherwise it really isn't going to happen, otherwise many other people would be doing the same thing
  8. jsj

    Stairway To Heaven Tattoo (HELP)

    there is a zeppelin tattoo picture thread somewhere on the forum (use the search) maybe youll get some ideas from there
  9. jsj

    Stairway To Heaven Tattoo (HELP)

    You're going to get your whole arm tattooed with a reference to a song that you don't know well enough to come up with your own ideas for?
  10. Which sections of the the ocean have the two guitars? I'd like to check it out the garden tapes doesn't remark on it
  11. Coda, despite its limitations and later added overdubs, was a Led Zeppelin album. How could a new recorded album with 3 ex members and the son of another, thirty eight years later, be more of a Led Zeppelin "original" album than Coda, even if it was only left overs and out takes?
  12. jsj

    Jimmy's amp "stacks"

    a 100 watt valve amp is incredibly loud. however, what makes the volume so loud in an arena is the PA. this guitar amps are mic'd up and fed into the PA to boost the volume. the volume n stage will also have been extremely loud but make no mistake standing in front of stacks at max volume is punishing on the ears which is why so many old singers and musicians have hearing problems
  13. Freddie bannister knew how much land space was available and used a reckoning of how many people could potentially fill it and it was impossible for as many as Grant thought was unless they were standing on other people's shoulders. The official crowd size is, give or take a few 1000, what it was. It's sad that Grant couldn't accept that they couldn't sell out the two dates and should have stuck with one only. Cocaine paranoia and power aren't a good mix
  14. Very much so. He went bankrupt after the Zeppelin show. His book "there must be a better way" is a revealing account of how far gone Peter Grant was to deal with at that time. And how much time Freddie spent courting them to appear there. I think 74 was the first year he almost got them to sign to play there, but news of it leaked and Grant was livid and pulled out.
  15. I'm not sure how a topic on planty's royalties ended up where it has
  16. Glastonbury in the 70s was a very small scale affair. There was the Reading festival but maybe by then Zeppelins thought they were too grand to play on a bill with lesser known acts, and it wouldn't have been "their" event The Knebworth festival was started with the principal aim of getting Zeppelin on board. Maybe they should have played there in 75 or 77 I'm prteyy sure I read that they considered Wembley, or maybe it was offered to them.
  17. Why would they have wanted to have recorded a couple of shows from each tour? For what purpose other than to give themselves something to watch and listen to? in the 70s people didn't have videos, let alone dvds, so filming for fans wasn't high on the agenda. They weren't thinking ahead (40 years!) to what fans might want now. Indeed in the 70s, remastering albums, releasing box sets or even tour compilations films wasn't even thought of. Getting someone of repute like Eddie Kramer to record shows probably wasn't cheap either. So spreading that across the nine years they toured in would have added up to quite a cost, for no real purpose at the time the gigs were happening
  18. It's much nicer to hear on vinyl than the original nasty sounding cd version. If Jimmy had have got it right the first time, we wouldnt have to buy it again, minus Hello Nary Lou.
  19. The vinyl sounds nice, less compressed. but we have a similar deal as the two TSRTS releases. Each is better in different ways but neither is the complete deal, so we still need both. I think I may have to buy Candle on vinyl to make it a trio. Bananas
  20. stairway, is that for the full deluxe box set or just the 4 vinyl set?
  21. for anyone thinking of getting the vinyl set straight away, I'd suggest waiting a month or two to see if the price reduces, as often happens. if id have thought to check the price before I ordered it at my local vinyl shop, I'd have done the same. I haven't done a contrast against the original cd as I stored all my cds away. its nice to have it on vinyl but having paid 380 for it I wish id waited now
  22. The artwork is very simple, too simple. Each disc sleeve just has a variety of filters of the front cover image and song titles on the rear. There is a two 12" page insert; again same image on the front, a two page spread of a group shot and four smaller individual shots, all in black and white, and song info on the rear. So what we have here's is six versions of the front cover,. That's Pretty poor imagination im not too fussed about having booklets included, I read them once and that's it. Nor stickers and gimmicks,. But if there is to be something included at least put some effort into it. Im happy to have it on vinyl and I'll play it more as a result. But £80?
  23. Bit pricey. It cost more than the vinyl versions of TSRTS, Mothership and Celebration Day
  24. jsj

    In the Evening lyrics

    It could be he wrote the lyrics in ten minutes and didn't put as much thought into it as is suggested
  25. two things with Dave Lewis, although he pretty much admits to them both. firstly, he isn't an audiophile for sure. the last picture he posted of his music set up he was using a USB turntable which in my experience are mostly shit. secondly, if Zeppelin released an album of them farting he'd find something positive in it, so he wouldn't say if he didn't think there was any improvement in the mastering my copy arrives on Monday and im looking forward to it as I was disappointed it wasn't released on vinyl the first time around