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  1. jsj

    Jimmy's mystery necklace

    that was in the new page book thread. in which the author suggested that someone (I forget who) was "partially gay"
  2. jsj


    yeah I'm with you. lets have Page back in the dragon suit duck walking across the stage as though the last 38 years since the band split up haven't happened. no doubt Plant will still have the groupies creaming with him strutting about bare chested Lets see who else we can bring back from the 70s and expect them to still be as good as they were in their heyday Arnold Schwarzenegger. he was one of the best bodybuilders ever. get him entered for next years world competition Pele. probably the greatest footballer ever. he was fantastic in the 70s. get him back in the Brazilian league and national squad to show the new boys how to play Sylvester Stallone. I don't like him personally but he was pretty fit in he first Rocky film. lets have another sequel with Stallone back in the ring Jimmy Carter. he was president in the 70's. the US is in turmoil with Trump. lets have Carter back in office to sort it out Ivan Mauger. best speedway rider ever. no doubt he can still tear it up around the track I cant see any problem with any of the above returning to former levels of glory. so why not Zeppelin? .
  3. jsj

    New Jimmy Page Biography Released

    an author could write any old shite and ascribe it to astrology, as it seems this one may have. its lazy journalism
  4. jsj

    Which shows do we know were multitracked?

    in 1980 I was 15 and an avid reader of all the UK music press; Sounds, Record Mirror, NME (was Melody Maker still going then?). there was no reporting of the tour, or if there was it was very sparse. I still have some press clippings from that time when I was a teenage geek, but have noting from that tour. Maybe the band wanted it that way so they could use the tour as an opportunity to get road ready for the US again away from prying eyes, or maybe there just wasn't any interest from the press at the time I remember buying Tight But Loose to find out what had happened and even as an impressionable youngster it looked to me as though it was pretty much over, in that the magic had gone and that they were no longer the force they had been
  5. I'm aware of that, you're aware of that, but many others seem to believe/hope/naively trust that it isn't over, and hang on for another tour or celebration concert
  6. im surprised we haven't had a recent thread of this sort
  7. I dont think members of the Who and Stones hate Zeppelin out of jealousy or envy. maybe they do but I cant see that's only why they don't like them it seems reasonably to me that Keith didn't dig Bonham, why would he? Bonzo was a rock drummer and Keith plays blues , country and rock and roll. Same thing with Townsend, he also comes from a different direction from Bonzo so I don't see why he should have to love him. Bonham may be a brilliant drummer but that doesn't mean everyone has to enjoy him. its all a matter of taste. switch any of those three drummers around (Watts, Bonham and Moon) and all of the bands wouldn't work as well as they do I have several friends who like rock music but don't like zeppelin, either because of the early Plant "baby baby" days or bonzo's heavy drumming Ginger Baker, on the other hand, does seem to have some kind of resentment against him .who knows why? but then I saw an interview with him recently in which he said that he thought Clapton was a much better guitar player than Hendrix, so in my book Baker doesn't have much taste
  8. jsj

    New "Song Remains The Same" 2CD/4LP/3DVD Deluxe Set

    apologies. I thought you were talking about the RAH gig
  9. jsj

    New "Song Remains The Same" 2CD/4LP/3DVD Deluxe Set

    but it is out on the DVD, so Planty cant be too much against it
  10. ive given up on these magazine specials. I have lots of them and kept on with them each time hoping for a new piece of interesting information but it seems the well of new info dried up long ago
  11. jsj

    New Jimmy Page Biography Released

    I thought he left Planty in Greece, when the accident happened, to visit Crowley's Cefalu property.
  12. jsj

    Led Zeppelin Quiz - Not EASY!

    19/20. I thought it was pretty standard questions for this type of quiz. the one I got stuck on was the Australian artist that jimmy did a session for pre zeppelin
  13. I think its fair to say that instead of putting right all the mistakes and differences between the film and audio from the original release, the new version just muddied the waters even further. obviously getting the extra tracks was fantastic, but then they added the horrendous edits its not just that the new edits have omitted some cracking bits, NQ the funky section of WLL, its that the edits are so badly done. the worst edits I've ever heard on ANY album in 45 years of buying albums. that's not what I would expect from Zeppelin. newcomers to the band who bought the new version must wonder what all the fuss about the greatness of the band was all about. if id heard that album for the first time id think Page had cloth ears
  14. jsj

    Robert Plant Oakland 07/24/77

    so two of the band say the tour wasn't up to par, or "showboating". I cant see how any one can argue that Page wasn't up to par for the tour. he may have had some good nights but his average was low and he spent too much time on stage alone, as did Bonham. ive never seen any of the band say anything detrimental about any of the tours between 68 - 73, and probably up to 75. its all a matter of opinion of course but I don't see any argument for 77 tour playing being better than any year up to 73. I prefer 75 to 77 but that's mostly for the set lists. I don't like the 77 shows because for 1 to 1.5 out of 3.5 hours there's only one of the band of the stage at a time. and they played many enormo-domes which generally aren't good for bands trying to create "feel"
  15. jsj

    Led Zeppelin favourite to headline Glastonbury 2019

    despite the obvious barriers to this happening, like the band splitting up 38 years ago and Planty adamant pretty much ever since then that he doesn't want to revisit it, besides the extremely rare occasions. the other factor that is that I cant see Page agreeing to play this gig which goes out live in national tv. they'll be as rusty as hell and it'd be risky to try to regain any magic in front of tv cameras recording everything also tickets are very difficult to obtain and so it wouldn't really be a Zeppelin audience
  16. jsj

    New "Song Remains The Same" 2CD/4LP/3DVD Deluxe Set

    is he just going to endlessly rerelease all the albums every few years ? its been while since all the studio albums were remastered. maybe he ought to think about rejigging them again. someone have a word with him. ive lost all confidence in the man. he may have been one of the greatest guitar players, producers and showmen in the 1870s, but now he's actually in his 70s he's a liability to his own and the bands heritage
  17. with regard to the new 4 LP set, is this a remastering of the original 76 album with the added tracks, which IMO is what he should have done in the first place in 07, or is it a remaster of the 07 release? either way there is the potential he could edit and faff about with it thereby creating a THIRD version of the album what a sack of shit someone take the vault keys of jimmy and let someone else take charge. he released HTWWW with awful sound which meant he had to rerelease it after making it right, and the release of TSRTS in 07 was without question the worst edited album I have ever heard by any band id like to have the original 76 album with added tracks in improved sound but if he releases that can I get my money back for the botched 07 release?
  18. we know that age claims that he had some tapes stolen while he was working on his solo album and that he had originally intended for it to be a double album, but has the theft ever been confirmed or was it just another of what we now know as his "stretching of the truth" to put it diplomatically
  19. the decision to record two new songs got abba in the news for a day. but when the tunes are actually released, expect a bit more in the press then there'll be poor sales and the whole thing will fizzle out, like these things generally tend to do. the Beatles tried it, Stones had Jagger adding new vocals to 40 year old unreleased tracks and it was shite, leave it, Zeppelin ended 38 years ago. just ponder that for a moment 38 years ago. I expect there's quite a few people on this forum who may not even have been born when the band ended. Page lost his mojo decades ago, Plant continues but in a modified style as he cant do what he used to way back. despite what some people seem to think Jason Bonham is not Bonzo reincarnated, so that leaves JPJ as probably the most active and still capable of doing it I have no interest in new songs, or completing unfinished old music, and I wouldn't touch it with a bargepole. I don't thinks there are too many fans who still play the new songs from Unledded, or the WIC album which were 20 and 25 years ago (?) and yet all this time later its thought they should still or even could, make new relevant valued material its the daftest thing ive heard for ages
  20. jsj

    Munich 1980

    I revisited this show last night as its been many many years since I last heard it. SIBLY had a nice solo but I thought the drumming overall was a bit lacking. ALS in particular sounded lacklustre from bonzo
  21. if he means he's never cranked it up in the house, then fair enough, but to say he hasn't played electric guitar in that house since the early 70s seems pretty far fetched to me. however whatever he needs to say to sway the planning permission wrangle is what he's going to say, same as we all would its difficult to trust anything he says these days
  22. Galymcd, in the event you do get closer to your aim, it may help your cause if you want it signed to you, rather than just his signature on it. Any object signed to "Trevor" isn't as desirable to a general collector, except if the collector is also named Trevor
  23. It was when Jimmy lived at the Old Mill House that I wrote to him and he signed a drawing I'd done (a tracing of a characture of him, I have no artistic skills) and he posted it back to me. It was after Bonham died, a national paper printed the address of Jimmys house in a report and as a naive 15 year old, I thought Bingo! and gave it a shot and got lucky.
  24. You dont want to sell it. But the more signatures you collect on it, the greater it's value until one day you may decide you can't afford not to sell it. id say you'd have more chance of getting it signed if you were to sell it for charity. Otherwise it really isn't going to happen, otherwise many other people would be doing the same thing
  25. jsj

    Stairway To Heaven Tattoo (HELP)

    there is a zeppelin tattoo picture thread somewhere on the forum (use the search) maybe youll get some ideas from there