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  1. Spent the morning at the farmers market
  2. That is FANTASTIC!!! Willpower baby, set a goal and make it happen!
  3. Despite losing - I stayed to the bitter end so I could run out on the pitch and tell them next time we shall conquer - and yes, I always wear the hat, jersey, and scarf (I know I have a problem but I can't help it - it's my city and my team)
  4. Just bought an amp this morning
  5. FANTASTIC - Bob has pulled it off - I fucking love it!!!!
  6. Partner
  7. It would be really nice if my Jays could actually get in the playoffs - we excel at choking every time we get close...
  8. Shitty rain and overcast and grey...
  9. My daughter playing the ukulele
  10. walk
  11. Tues, Wed and Thu - I do enjoy my water!
  12. New York next
  13. Dude that is awesome - I have started to bicycle all over the place to shave a few ounces off me
  14. This is a summer song that drives right into who I am - suffice to say on my honeymoon back in the summer of 2000 I was actually roaming around in the desert of Arizona and this song was played often. I actually remember laying out in the sand on my back with just my sandals on. I also remember being some place between Arizona and California where the roads was basically empty and just seemed to go on forever: