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  1. The Ice Cream

  2. What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    This is a song I find myself singing in my house a lot lately, I really believe that Liam has come into his own lately:
  3. acdc

    Sitting in airports and on airplanes this past year, I came across this which was one of those "Fuck Me Moments": Question: “Who wrote the lyrics on that song, and the others on ‘Back in Black’? Bon or Brian or both? Angus Young: “Bon wrote a little of the stuff” page 25 Aug 17 1991 Kerrang Magazine Link here: http://acdc-archives.fr/country/u/united kingdom/K0891/K0891.PDF It's interesting to me when Brian is one of, if not THE the most powerful voice in rock & roll as far as the last 40 years go, and yet his musical thoughts and ideas have been silent; I don't understand why not a single lyric written by Brian Johnson has appeared on any AC/DC studio album since Jan 1988. His last lyrics for AC/DC were written in the summer of 1987...decades ago...The last 5 studio albums have not had a single lyric penned by Brian Johnson...
  4. New Orleans

    Anyone have any places to visit or places to eat in New Orleans you recommend? Strider knows America inside out, he must have some thoughts
  5. What's the weather like where you are?

    It's great to be back - the skies are blue and it's a warm 5 outside - love it!
  6. acdc

    Chill is THE MAN!!! I love his stories, he is the best
  7. acdc

    Share with us what you remember? I love hearing stories about Bon
  8. acdc

    This is often played in my car and I thought it was appropriate for today. You can hear the RAW energy emanating from the crowd and the band just goes into overdrive
  9. The Atkins Diet

    Good job - you can do this - I have been walking 20,000 steps a day so I know what it’s like to have a goal to hit. keep updating us!
  10. Meeting forum members in the flesh

    I like it here - Seattle is my kind of city - it’s very working class but in a relaxed low key hippy sort of way. Each time I come here it connects with me like my hometown for some reason. It also has a Canadian quality about the place - the people are very down to earth
  11. Seattle

    Love this city it’s very comfortable but I have been up at 3am every morning - the fucking time zone monkey is on my back
  12. Seattle

    I will indeed, always bring my camera with me
  13. Meeting forum members in the flesh

    This week I'm in Seattle for the full week - if anyone wants to meet up, message me. Hopefully it doesn't rain everyday!
  14. Seattle

    Hey Zep junkies!!! I'm going to be in Seattle for the full week - anyone have good recomendaitons for used record stores, ski shops, and restaurants?
  15. Word association