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  1. Rocker Robert Plant promised a VIP reception at Glasgow hotel

    It was a good day. I was on the same flight as Jimmy from London to Glasgow. Went to the TBL gathering in the Solid Rock. After the show at the Hilton Hotel where P&P stayed.
  2. Who is Steven (long beach 1975)

    Steve Weiss. Attorney /Lawyer for Zep
  3. Hi, yes, that is the pic I took.
  4. He was not pleading with policeman not to tow his car. It was not his car and he was not driving...the driver was sat in the car a mere few yards away..why would Jimmy be the one pleading the case and not the actual driver? I was there at the time..... Jimmy had just left the building after the soundcheck and was mobbed by about 70 fans as he walked along. He got a bit nervous and quickened his pace...he saw the policeman who had just walked around the corner into all this...and Jimmy veered towards him. The conversation was more like Jimmy describing the car he was looking for.... I took a photo of this and have already posted it here somewhere ( sorry am no good on the search function) Just a few minutes prior to this we had watched Jimmy do a blistering Stairway to Heaven to an empty arena....great day!
  5. After 3/3/75. . What's next?

    IIRC it was the BPI (British Phonographic Industry) who brought the case against the bootlegger, not Jimmy. Jimmy was summoned to appear.
  6. "Jimmy Page Rules OK! The Golden God Knows it!"

    In England the term "rules" as an adjective was in common use from at least the early 70's. Graffiti everywhere from football fans "Man U rules OK" or in Robert's case "Wolves rule OK" . .
  7. John Paul Jones quote about The Who

    Would be amazed if any member of Zep publicly stated they felt "tame in comparison" to any band when talking about live performances..... . I think the "tame in comparison" quote from John Paul Jones is from a TV interview when asked about Zeppelin offstage behaviour trashing hotels etc ... he laughed and said something along the lines of " why do we get the bad reputation.....the Who used explosives !!"
  8. It was BBC DJ John Peel not John Lennon Robert had the exchange with
  9. Page-Plant-Jones: Solo

    Of the choices listed....has to be Fate of Nations for me..
  10. Agreed. I too pity the fans that think singing well is all about hitting the highest notes all the time.
  11. and as i previously mentioned, Jimmy was not pleading with the constable not to have the car towed away...see the ARMS Concert thread..i posted the pic i took too. you must have missed my post steve...
  12. Page/Plant Music in the 1990s

    Have to disagree....Now and Zen sold far more
  13. Sloppy Jones

    Kashmir was a problem at times for Jonesey. If memory serves I remember an interview when he said he had a handwriitten reminder note taped onto the keyboards for kashmir which said "remember the bridge" or something similar.