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  1. Disgraceful again. One of our favourite cities ruined. Murderous low life scum.
  2. Vardy will be in the squad. He may not make the first team. All depends on form
  3. Don't, don't ever reply to this Jerry. It's a scam. It won't screw you up anyway. If you at all unsure use the phone (or e mail) and ask your provider about it.
  4. Tip top Esther thanks. We had a week off last week and we ate and drank and smoked well into the evening, every evening, and you can only get enough of a good thing before the word " normal" comes into the equation. Don't worry my diva friend "normal" service will be resumed Friday
  5. Thai Red Curry Pork and Rice for dinner this evening. No wine or green as we are having a dry week
  6. According to my boys book of dullards, Phil sits quite nicely at the top.
  7. I feel nauseous. And how much does that heart attack on a plate cost?
  8. Looks like you are in the dosh Rick? Business as usual at the top end. Man United looked very good yesterday. I am delighted at the signings Jose has done this summer. Still a bit weak at the back but if he gets a solid defender then I think we will be hard to beat this season. Sorry to correct you again man but it is HuDDersfield
  9. Could be even more unreal if Man City lose at Brighton. Oh by the way Rick it's ARE not is. Huddersfield top of the Premier League !!! Enjoy it lads
  10. Curry evening this evening. I have on the table: Duck spring rolls to start with a sweet Chilli dip Chicken Korma. Rich and creamy and have added a few green chillies for a spicy hit. Dry Coconut Lamb. A wonderful rich lamb dish Chapattis and Nan breads to mop up. Coconut Ice Cream and fresh Raspberries There will be a New Zealand Sauvignion Blanc for Mrs CP and a Rioja for me.
  11. No worries when it comes to Huddersfield? Looks like 3 points in the bag and what about Chelsea? Oh dear down to 9 men and in complete chaos. Looking forward to Man U tomorrow. I'll have to record as I'm playing golf in the afternoon.
  12. Delicious as ever Est. Guinea Fowl is a fav of ours. Bit of a cross between a Turkey and a Chicken. Noisy blighters too. They make excellent alarm birds. Breakkie this damp, grey morning is a dippy egg and soldiers. OJ
  13. Black Uhuru were one of the acts I remember from Glastonbury in 1982. They were magnificent. Not seen the Super Cup but Ronaldo spent most of the time on the bench. Premier league starts this weekend. We can look at the possibles at the end of the week?
  14. Same tour i saw them on. I hope they were better than they were in Leeds?? Black Uhuru on the bill? I think it was George thorougood and Joe Jackson and J Geils Band. The stones were dull, dull and we left before they finished
  15. Sums up the Germans. England, although having the best league in the world, are pants in tournements