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  1. football

    Not sure as I don't bet on anything. Oddly enough my Brother in law works in a betting shop !
  2. The Rest in Peace Thread

    I remember many a stoned time watching "The Disorderly Orderly". Funny I also feel the pain of someone describing an injury
  3. Would Only One Knebworth Show Have Been Better?

    It was from the 4th like most of the DVD and yes a bit of editing. If you watch the (unofficial) DVD from that show you will see smoke on the stage after Plant sings: "All will be revealed". I had an audience tape of the show years ago and you can clearly hear the crowd whooping and cheering as the bombs went off. Of course I may be wrong as it was 38 years ago but I am sure I am not
  4. football

    Do you actually follow the game Rick or is it something to bet your hard eared spondoolicks on? I find it hard to understand what your figures actually mean
  5. The Rest in Peace Thread

    Yes indeed 2 great legends of Entertainment gone this week Brucie and Jerry
  6. Would Only One Knebworth Show Have Been Better?

    Like all shows with bootlegs you really had to be there to get what the sound was like. It was a warm still august evening. No wind to swirl the sound I remember the guitar sound on Nobody's Fault But Mine - it really hit you in the stomach. The Whole Lotta Love new version. The flash bombs in Kashmir ( not in Achilles like on the DVD). A great day and Todd as well!
  7. BON APPÉTIT! What Are You Eating?

    A rolled loin of Lamb with Dauphinoise Potatoes and heritage carrots for dinner this evening. I have a Portuguese Red and Mrs CP has a New Zealand Sauvignion Blanc
  8. Would Only One Knebworth Show Have Been Better?

    I recall at the time the announcement on "The Old Grey Whistle Test" was big news. The band last played a show in the UK on 25th May 1975. 4 Years. I was at the first show and it was fantastic. I was too young for Earls Court so for me the excitement was beyond imagination. I was 17 years old when the band hit the stage. You will have to look at how quickly the tickets went as to why they did 2 shows. Only do one and it could have meant loads of fans miss out. In hindsight they could have done one show and a short tour. The state of the music in the UK was tricky. Punk and new wave were almost at an end and becoming dull and predictable and the the New Wave of British Heavy Metal was paving the way for new heavy bands to come through. Iron Maiden, Def Leppard to name but 2. Rock and in particular Heavy rock was still very big business in the UK at the time. The only bands regularly selling out venues were heavy bands. Peter Grant was hedging his bets that the band could sellout both - they didn't. A lot of people lost money. The band were ridiculed and got bad press for the first show - wrongly in my opinion. Once they announced 2 shows there was no way back
  9. football

    Oh the bitterness of the City fan? Chuck, asked junior how many trophies the blue side of the City won last season?
  10. Random Thoughts v.3

    Sun actually has to come out first .
  11. What's the weather like where you are?

    The only way that will happen here is if I put my hand on the wood burner which, surprise surprise, will be lit this evening
  12. Random Thoughts v.3

    Has it fuck
  13. The Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday to you Esther. xx