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  1. See link below:
  2. Google 418 93 for number significance.
  3. I think you are on about a C7 open chord. It's near the end and follws the F# riff. I think the riff plays 3 times and then go to the C7. Hope this helps Curt
  4. One of the highlights for me on Monday was meeting Robbie Blunt in the queue for tickets. He was a real gentlman and I was amazed when he told me he'd had to go through official channels to get a ticket. It's seems such a injustice when 'celebriites' appeared to waltz in at will. It's strange but I can't remember seeing the same 'celebrities' at Kidderminstrer Town Hall to see Planty, or the Wulfrun in Wolverhampton on JPJ's Zooma tour. I wonder what the band think of all the media and celebrity disease. Zeppelin in Hello - who'd of thunk it??