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  1. Make me laugh!

    This is the essence of why I'm such a fan of commercials. Its like a little miniature movie with the absolute perfect choice of soundtrack!
  2. Add one , trash one

    Mathematical certainty.
  3. Photography

    Nice work. I'll venture a guess that much of the damage was on the leg?
  4. Photography

    Took it in one afternoon, promised it the next evening, but ended up meeting the following day. But it was completed over an initial 24 hour period, between working my regular job and sleeping, lol.
  5. Photography

    I'm guessing maybe early to mid 50s, but the customer didn't mention, and I didn't ask.
  6. Photography

    Photo restoration I did this week.
  7. Make me laugh!

  8. Make me laugh!

    This wild-ass little dog we have trips me out daily!
  9. Meeting forum members in the flesh

    I know, right? LOL We met at the Them Crooked Vultures show in Atlanta - great show. Back in the days before nice smartphone pics, some kind of slider phone I had. I'm even uglier now, if you can believe it, LOL.
  10. I've Been Going to the...MOOOOvies

    Yes! My wife and I went Sunday, and it was so powerful. Denzell can usually be counted on to deliver. Awesome movie.
  11. FORUM MAINTENANCE - UPGRADE (Sept. 1, 2015)

    Sam - Forum looks great, but one issue is the size of the YouTube embeds. They're so large, they seem to take forever to load a page in threads that are video-embed-heavy, like the Favorite Movie Scene thread. Almost couldn't get back off the page as it took so long to load the numerous video embeds. Don't know if display size has an effect, but something makes those threads REALLY laggy. Maybe if the display size was reduced it would help speed up loading. Or not - I'm certainly no expert. Just reporting what I've observed, LOL. Thanks!
  12. I've Been Going to the...MOOOOvies

    OK, so I heard about this movie as a quirky, offbeat comedy. The description referred to it as a dark comedy. Let's just say it's very heavy on the dark, with bits of comedy throughout. Seriously, this was an incredibly depressing movie laced with cringe-inducing, uncomfortable situations. When you think of the most uncomfortable scenes you can imagine with guys like Zach Galifianakis or Ben Stiller, and multiply it exponentially, you'll have a glimpse of what this movie is like. At a number of points I wanted to abandon it, but the farther I went, the more I figured I needed to see where this was going. And it was a little difficult to follow the progression of the movie, how the dog ended up in the various situations. The ending was so shocking that it forced laughter out of me while simultaneously making me feel guilty for laughing. So if you like bizarre stories with more than a little black - and I mean very black - humor, this is it. EDITED FOR HUMOROUS ANECDOTE: The movie opens with a close-up of the wiener dog filling the entire screen. Watching on my brother's 60" 4K curved screen, the detail was amazing. So amazing, in fact, that his Siberian Husky began trying to sniff the wiener dog's butt on the TV, following it as it moved. It was LOL-worthy.
  13. Westworld on HBO

    Very astute, I have no problems with that summary. The theory I'm beginning to believe is that Maeve's revolt is Ford's new narrative. I read it in a \W/ group on Facebook, and it's sounding very plausible the more I re-watch this last episode. Of course, I created a Maeve meme from episode 9.
  14. Westworld on HBO

    I can say beyond a certainty. after watching last night's Episode 9, I have never been so happy to have taken up watching a TV show. This is the absolute coolest, most intellectually stimulating show I've ever seen. The acting is incredible - the cast all seem to realize how awesome it is. It literally feels like watching a 10-part movie. <<< SPOILER ALERT >>> Thandie Newton as Maeve is sofa king badass. This scene last night made my head asplode. FREEZE ALL MOTOR FUNCTIONS. MOST BADASS. LINE. EVER. I fuckin' died.
  15. The Rest in Peace Thread

    Thank you so much. It's been a blur, but we're making it.