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  1. What Made You Happy today?

    Uber have lost their lisence to operate in London much too the joy of the City's Black Cab drivers. Black Cab drivers spend a fortune training for their jobs, they have to learn the streets of London off by heart, known as learning the Knowledge.. Then when Uber came in with their sat navs, their price undercutting and their drivers many of whom can't even speak proper English, the well trained "Knowledge" Black Cab drivers started to lose work. Personally I would never use an Uber car, I don't care that they are cheaper...If in London I would want to be driven by someone who knows what they are doing not by some sat nav reliant amateur.
  2. The Song Remains the Same - Theater Marquee photos

    Not where I saw it (The Futurist Liverpool) at the first showing on the opening day Nov 10th 76 give or take a day. There must have been no more than twenty people in attendance. I spent almost the whole showing moving from seat to seat trying to find the sweet spot for the Quad surround sound..
  3. The Racing Thread

    Sectacular crash, F1 can be really boring (Monaco). Glad no one got hurt.
  4. Add one , trash one

    Piano Key..
  5. football

    The League Cup was once known as the ''Giant Killers Cup''. I have a vague memory of a player named Don Rogers who I think played for Swindon Town putting in a few in the final against a top side. ( I can't remember who)..
  6. football

    Liverpool have got to sort their defence, they keep playing zone defence instead of man on man marking, added to the fact the contempt Klopp has given to the League Cup by putting out too many young players. Last nights game was so frustrating Liverpool had 77% of the possesion, they should hae won.
  7. Add one , trash one

    Out Doors..
  8. Add one , trash one

    Spit Roast..
  9. Add one , trash one

    Binky Dummy....
  10. Hurricane Irma

    Low life thieving scumbag maggots, cowardly hiding in their face masks and hoodies, so glad some of them got caught.
  11. Add one , trash one

    Loud Music...
  12. The Rest in Peace Thread

    RIP Harry Dean Stanton.
  13. The Rest in Peace Thread

    RIP Grant Hart co founder of Husker Du.
  14. football

    Liverpool have never won the Prem unfortunately . The really good days are long gone. At least they have won Big Ears five times, a feat unequaled by any other British Club, eighteen pre-prem league titles is not to bad either,...