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  1. No it does not, this is just a re-re-release with the addition of a BD Audio disc that has video of the four songs that were extras on the last re-re-release. A huge con imo..
  2. JTM

    What's the weather like where you are?

    Maybe, except for all those poisonous snakes and spiders. Anyway back to the weather, big grey clouds, looks like rain is coming yet when I got up at seven AM to take the missus to work it was gloriously sunny..
  3. JTM


    Phew, that was a relief. Fairly average game, the win deserved, just about. Three points, that's what's important..
  4. JTM

    What's the weather like where you are?

    I wouldn't sit outside with half a dozen braziers in the English winter.
  5. JTM


    Good grief ! Germany lose one nil to Mexico, who'd a funk it..
  6. JTM


    France were garbage, Can't agree with the VAR decision, the Aussie guy touched the ball leaving an element of doubt, but hey, I'm not the ref..
  7. JTM

    What are you watching on TV now?

    More Footy, France v Australia, it's half time and France have been shite Australia not much better..
  8. JTM


    Indeed, best so far. Oh Man that free kick for his third goal, I just knew it was going in, he did that sort of thing a lot when he Played for Man UTD, spectacular goal..
  9. JTM


    Three extremely dull games so far, Russia/Saudi Arabia, Egypt/Uruguay, Morocco/Iran. Now the fourth game Spain/Portugal (on now) this is more like it, good game up to now...
  10. JTM

    World Cup 2018 (Russia) Contest

    That could change once the group stages are over, everything is an unknown until the tournament is underway. All my current choices are based on past form (and a little national pride) so at the moment the prediction for Russia still stands, home advantage has been a factor in the past.
  11. JTM

    What's your Desktop Wallpaper?

    We knew what you meant, so easy to do when letters sre next to eavh otjer.
  12. JTM

    Random Thoughts v.3

    Too much information, take a shower, change your jockeys.
  13. JTM

    World Cup 2018 (Russia) Contest