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  1. JTM

    Post A Picture Of Yourself!

    Hookers, dearie me How sad.
  2. JTM

    Joe Walsh

    Nah, the Eagles are more soft/country rock, middle of the road or aor even.
  3. JTM

    Random Thoughts v.3

    Really old, George V must have died about eighty years ago, thinking SAJ is on wind up..
  4. JTM

    Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience (Tour)

    I downloaded a JBLZE recording from last November (Sands Event Centre Bethlehem PA), only just got round to playing it. Have to say the Jap Page imitator is shit hot, the guy on the vocals isn't too bad either.
  5. No, no, no just no. I wouldn't have worn those when I was in my twenties, mind you nobody wore shorts in those days maybe one in a thousand wore cut off denims..
  6. JTM

    Random Thoughts v.3

    Come on admit it Steve, you're a secret royalist 😉.
  7. JTM

    Random Thoughts v.3

    Think what you like, I'm finished with this.
  8. JTM

    Random Thoughts v.3

    You don't know what you are talking about. We have a fantastic health care system. My son for example he is type 1 diabetic he gets free insulin, he was recently extremely ill, he now needs a kidney transplant and is on the list for a double Kidney and Pancreas transplant that will be free too, so while he is waiting for that he is on Kidney Dialysys three times a week also free.
  9. JTM

    Random Thoughts v.3

    I know what happened, the story was on the local news everyday for months. There was no hope of recovery, continuing care was pointless. It was not the state that removed Alfie's care it was the opinion of health care experts. If it had been my child I would have asked for the care to have been removed months ago. This may sound harsh but there is no point in trying to give life to a "cabbage".
  10. JTM

    Random Thoughts v.3

    Sorry but you are wrong, the NHS did all they could for Alfie Evans. Continuing Alfie's care was futile he had a degenerative brain disease, his brain had wasted to almost nothing. Sadly the decision to remove palliative care was the right one.
  11. The producers of "Homeland" definitely didn't. President Elizabeth Keane has been "resigned" to make way for someone more Orange Man like for season eight. Anyway conspiracies, that Tower demolition....
  12. JTM

    What Are You Reading?

    Dispatches, a great read, borrowed that one from a friend in about 1976/77.
  13. JTM

    Random Thoughts v.3

    Yanny for me.
  14. JTM

    Random Thoughts v.3

    Profitable it may be but it has a downside. Where I live not so many years ago every house was owner occupied, then a small number were bought up by a few people who put them up for rent. The house next door being one of them and a couple of others nearby. Some of the people whom have rent/ed them have been a nightmare, the woman that currently rents next door to me being one of them. I have tried my best to be polite and courteous to her but she is just a horrible nasty piece of work, she should not be living here, no way could she afford the deposit for a mortgage to live here. Landlords should be more selective in who they rent to instead of letting to people that belong on a council estate. Rental properties just lower the tone of the neighbourhood.
  15. JTM

    Led Zeppelin Mashup

    A glorious mess, love it thank you..
  16. You could give him a knock at the Town House, just hope that Ross doesn't answer the door. Seriously though, you're right it's a pipe dream..
  17. JTM

    Random Thoughts v.3

    You could buy a house/apartment. Owning your own property is the best thing you could ever do.
  18. JTM

    Bootleg Unlicensed T Shirts

    I'd say so what, nobody has to buy them. So long as the T itself is of good quality who cares if the motif is pirate..
  19. JTM

    Random Thoughts v.3

    Another thing that niggled me, when Unread Content replaced New Content, after pressing the back button the thread just read was no longer there. The next upgrade gave an option of checking the "Everything" option in "Read Status" which does go back to where you were, but why, I just want to go back to where I was without that extra tiny little bit of effort. If something works why change it...
  20. JTM

    Random Thoughts v.3

    Not my carrier, I only have a problem with loading Unread Content, the other sub forums load just fine. This is a recent problem, it's annoying because it's how I view this site.
  21. JTM

    Stairway To Heaven Tattoo (HELP)

    Shouldn't you be speaking to tattoo artist, they are after all the experts.
  22. JTM

    Random Thoughts v.3

    It's still very slow for me, but I have a solution, two browsers open so I can go back and forth while one or the other is loading.
  23. JTM

    The First Shredder

    "Shredding" is a relatively recent term "late 80s/early 90s ?", the first guitar player to be a so called shredder would be iirc Yngie Malsteem (however his name is spelt). Tuneless noise if you ask me, just a horrible style, nothing clever about it at all..
  24. JTM

    Random Thoughts v.3

    Things to do whilst waiting for "Unread Content" to load. Make a cup of tea. Roll a joint. Walk up the village and back to get a newspaper, packet of skins, bag of sugar etc. Wash the car. Mow the lawn(s).
  25. JTM


    Tonight's the night, can Liverpool hang on to their three goal advantage when they face Roma in the second leg of the Champions League semi final. It would be a tragedy if Roma do to Liverpool what they did to Barca in the QF. An early goal from the Reds should surely seal a place in the final, the road to #6 is on. But this is Football and anything can happen. Like the cliché says "Football, it's a funny old game [innit]".....