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  1. Zzzzz, another rehashed ripoff re re re release.  Stolen traders recordings already available for FREE  in all the usual places packaged with pretty pictures for an extortionate cost. Beats me how they keep getting away with it. GBP £622 or USD $798, they can GTF.


  2. 9 hours ago, pluribus said:

    I think the timeline still fits with Van Halen. The Eddie bootleg was released 1984-1985 (according to discogs and bootlegpedia), and the Van Halen quote about Page was  in Guitar World, January 1981 (according to wiki). 

    Van Halen (1) wasn't released until 1978 so who knew EVH in 77. I thought the title was directed at the Eddie at the Garden Tapes.

  3. 10 minutes ago, pluribus said:

    Check the vid above. It’s Jimmy Sakurai.

    Could be, no recording  from Boston 29th May has circulated before. It's either you are right or some wag has put a fake date on the clip. Need to compare with all the other Boston recordings from May, Jan also for good measure.

  4. 9 hours ago, Phonostage said:

    Thanks. Do you know if these edits exist on any non-bootleg material? They’re not like this on the complete BBC sessions release... they don’t have so much talking or clapping. Thanks

    Afaik bootlegs are the only way to hear all the in between song banter, the Japanese broadcast boot has the most of which there are a couple of versions, one in very narrow thin sounding stereo, another in fuller sounding wider stereo. Those boots also have the WIAWSNB false start where Plant is in the wrong key.

  5. 2 hours ago, SteveAJones said:

    Anyone may have written that on the label in the intervening years. I defer to Sam's assessment, however, the only way to know for certain is to hear the content. The content either contains previously unheard Robert Plant banter or it doesn't.

    It won't, bootlegs of the April 71 BBC Paris Theatre performance contain all the banter the OP reports that is on this "so called" acetate. Nothing new, nothing unheard here. .

  6. 6 hours ago, No Quota said:

    Has anyone tried a matrix combining the sources?  

    It works with aud and sb to enhance the overall sound  

    Maybe the aud sources overlapping could do the same?


    There is one, it's known as the three source  "Slumpy Matrix" 

    Source 1 - Blueberry Hill [Genuine Masters] 
    Source 2 - Blueberry Hill [5th source] 
    Source 3 - Blueberry Hill [Rubber Dubber] - patches only 

  7. 9 hours ago, Walter said:

    From being laughed at by the entire world to being the greatest domestic terrorist group to getting kicked out of their parents basement - the MAGAts never disappoint their klan. 



    Anyone here in the UK who had a van like that would be considered to be a bit simple.

  8. It was so much easier pre CD, early seventies I had two versions, a 2 LP TMOQ on red and amber vinyl in stereo and a 2 LP set on black vinyl which was mono (can't temember the label). Now there are six sources the lineage of them is often confused, source numbers sometimes wrong, tweaked for this, tweaked for that. Best thing to do is download them all then make your own desicion as to which is best.

  9. Just got this two disc special edition Blu-ray, it was the very first Horror film I saw age fifteen (I wasn't allowed to watch horror films up until then).  It scared me shitless. It's hard to believe this film was an X certificate, you had to be 18 to see it in the Cinema, it's now a PG.

    Product Description


    Based on M R James' classic tale of terror, 'Casting the Runes', and adapted for the screen by regular Hitchcock collaborator Charles Bennett, Jacques Tourneur's (Cat People, I Walked with a Zombie, Out of the Past) Night of the Demon is considered to be one of the seminal horror films of Twentieth-Century cinema. Released on Blu-ray for the very first time in the UK, the film is presented here in four different versions, and is accompanied by an incredible array of new and archival special features. Also includes a Limited Edition exclusive double-sided poster and 80-page book.



    • Night of the Demon – the original full-length pre-release version (96 mins)
    • Curse of the Demon – the US reissue version (96 mins)
    • 2K BFI restoration presentations at 1.75:1
    • High Definition remaster presentations at 1.66:1
    • Original mono audio
    • Audio commentary with film historian Tony Earnshaw, author of Beating the Devil: The Making of 'Night of the Demon'


    • Night of the Demon – the original UK theatrical cut (82 mins)
    • Curse of the Demon – the original US theatrical cut (82 mins)
    • High Definition remasters at 1.66:1
    • Original mono audio
    • Speak of the Devil: The Making of 'Night of the Demon' (2007, 20 mins): a documentary featuring actor Peggy Cummins and production designer Ken Adam
    • Cloven in Two (2018, 23 mins): a video essay exploring the different versions
    • Hal E Chester at the Manchester Festival of Fantastic Films (1996, 51 mins): a rare archival video interview with the producer
    • Dana Andrews on 'Night of the Demon' (1972, 10 mins): a rare audio interview with the actor conducted by film historian and preservationist Scott MacQueen
    • The Devil’s in the Detail (2018, 36 mins): Christopher Frayling discusses the film and Ken Adam
    • Horrors Unseen (2018, 27 mins): an interview with Chris Fujiwara, author of Jacques Tourneur: The Cinema of Nightfall
    • Sinister Signs (2018, 21 mins): an analysis by Kim Newman, author of Nightmare Movies
    • Under the Spell (2018, 19 mins): a personal appreciation by horror writer Ramsey Campbell
    • The Devil Gets His Due (2018, 23 mins): Scott MacQueen details the film’s release history
    • The Truth of Alchemy (2018, 22 mins): a discussion of M R James by author Roger Clarke
    • The Devil in Music (2018, 11 mins): David Huckvale on composer Clifton Parker
    • A Note of Fear (2018, 10 mins): Scott MacQueen discusses aspects of the film’s score
    • Casting the Runes (1984, 53 mins): an audio recording of Michael Hordern reading M R James’ original story
    • Escape: 'Casting the Runes' (1947, 30 mins): a radio adaptation of the story
    • Super 8 version (7 mins): original cut-down home cinema presentation
    • Isolated music & effects track
    • Original theatrical trailer
    • Image gallery: promotional and production material
    • New and improved English subtitles for the deaf and hard-of-hearing
    • UK premiere on Blu-ray
    • Limited Edition exclusive 80-page book containing a new essay by Kat Ellinger, M R James on ghost stories, extensive writing on the film and its history, archival materials, and film credits
    • Limited Edition double-sided poster
    • Limited Edition box set of 10,000 numbered copies