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  1. JTM


    Good grief ! Germany lose one nil to Mexico, who'd a funk it..
  2. JTM


    France were garbage, Can't agree with the VAR decision, the Aussie guy touched the ball leaving an element of doubt, but hey, I'm not the ref..
  3. JTM

    What are you watching on TV now?

    More Footy, France v Australia, it's half time and France have been shite Australia not much better..
  4. JTM


    Indeed, best so far. Oh Man that free kick for his third goal, I just knew it was going in, he did that sort of thing a lot when he Played for Man UTD, spectacular goal..
  5. JTM


    Three extremely dull games so far, Russia/Saudi Arabia, Egypt/Uruguay, Morocco/Iran. Now the fourth game Spain/Portugal (on now) this is more like it, good game up to now...
  6. JTM

    World Cup 2018 (Russia) Contest

    That could change once the group stages are over, everything is an unknown until the tournament is underway. All my current choices are based on past form (and a little national pride) so at the moment the prediction for Russia still stands, home advantage has been a factor in the past.
  7. JTM

    What's your Desktop Wallpaper?

    We knew what you meant, so easy to do when letters sre next to eavh otjer.
  8. JTM

    Random Thoughts v.3

    Too much information, take a shower, change your jockeys.
  9. JTM

    World Cup 2018 (Russia) Contest

  10. JTM


    I'm gambling Argentina get knocked out at the group stages. Part of me still cannot forgive Maradona and his cheat handball goal in the 86 finals even though admittedly Argentina did have a truly great team that year.
  11. JTM

    Is Jimmy Page done making music?

    JP watching "Friends" reruns !..I'd bet he's never even seen it. As for Jim's creative well it appears to have long dried up..
  12. JTM

    World Cup 2018 (Russia) Contest

    Group A Russia - Egypt. Group B Portugal - Spain. Group C France - Denmark. Group D Iceland - Croatia. Group E Brazil - Switzerland. Group F Germany - Sweden. Group G England - Belgium. Group H Poland - Colombia.
  13. No need to apologise, a little bit of banter rarely hurts anyone I'm not easily offended. I think it's great you have a passion for collecting T's, you have the money, it's yours you can spend it how you like. So if it makes you feel good carry on doing what makes you feel happy.
  14. That would be a pisser, we've all got other things to spend money on at xmas. I want it/whatever now so I can get all my music purchase out of the way before I have to start thinking about what I'll be buying for other people (wife, kids, relatives etc). At least with a now purchase I can warn others what not to buy me so I don't end up with more duplicates. I've never got this released in time for the xmas market nonsense, why the saturation so late in the year...
  15. JTM


    Winner, winner, winner, nice one Rick...
  16. JTM

    Best song off Houses of the Holy

    I've ticked all the boxes, love this album. Not the first I bought but the first I bought on release day..
  17. Who is ABBA, don't you mean ABBA "are" to release new music..
  18. No offence taken but I really did, because I did not want to look like a stupid fucking idiot. I was almost sixty at the time, I've also stopped wearing band T's as well (though I'm keeping those), the only motif T's I wear today are my ten or so different LEVIS T's..
  19. I bought a Breaking Bad Heisenberg sweat shirt and Los Pollos T a couple of years or so ago, could not bring myself to wear them, threw them in the bin (trash).
  20. JTM

    Jimmy Page Cigarettes

    Benson & Hedges Gold, John Player Specials, Players Number 6 King size, who knows. Defo Brit fags because fags from elsewhere are/were crap imo, Marlboro, Gaulloise(?) etc...
  21. I had a fifteen mile work drive that by the time I retired took me about twenty five mins, in the late seventies I could do it in twelve mins. (on two wheels).
  22. Man that’s not close for me, I baulk at having to drive anywhere that takes over half an hour. I hate driving, I see it as a necessary inconvenience. A one time visit will be enough for me.
  23. I will, I get camera location alerts on my sat nav. Trouble is these days there are the sneaky average speed cameras that measure between two points, really have to watch out for those.
  24. Not picking on you but I don't get the love for Wearing and Tearing imo it's crap..