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  1. If I got married again, yes that would be nice.
  2. Nope.
  3. peace brother....
  4. Whatever he has hidden in his jeans, will quite possibly remain there.
  5. He was very keen on painting, perhaps in his spare time he still does, he had a gift for painting,so who knowns.
  6. I remember being in Cwm Einion, and I met with a group of hippies, they were just on the side of the road, dancing to Led Zeppelin, kind I came across them, one of their favourite song was Stairway to Heaven, I said, oh yes you my people have come to the right place, and as we played out the words of Stairway to Heaven in that beautiful valley each line of every lyric to that song relates to the beautiful place, how do you know this, I said oh someone very - very special told me, and with that I bid them peace and went on my way.
  7. Robert Plant, is a member of the Owain Glyndwr Society. Owain was the welsh Prince of Wales in the 14th century,who captured,Harlech Castle, and Aberystwyth, it is known Robert Plant was fascinated by him. In September 2004, in The Church of our Lady and St Peter and Vincula Church, in the village of Pennal, nr Machynlleth Robert unveiled a Bronze Statue, in honour of Owain Glyndwr. Owain Glyndwr,loved magic, and legends, and Battles, and Castles. No one to this day knew what happened to him, some say he just walked into the mists, on his estate in Seachet,nr Oswestry, Powys and was never seen again, I think this great Prince played a great influence in many of the lyrics surrounding Led Zeppelin.
  9. Funny you should say that, I have heard of that before, some girls were discussing from work the very same subject,just the other day, I could not really join in, because at the time, I was up a step ladder.
  10. I do re call he had gone so thin, but yes he was always cheerful, that photograph, of him I admit I have not seen that one before, he did look bad,today of course he looks really great,healthy.
  11. It is an exceptionally good letter, and to be honest, and understand this is only my view,but if he had not been touring with Miss whatsher name, there would definately be a tour, maybe if he does not feel to tired after that is over, then Led Zeppelin will tour, I really hope so,it will be a hugh success>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  12. A lot of his jewelery is Celtic, welsh designs, it is very beautiful, and well in my opinion jeans are just that jeans. end of !!!!!!!
  13. I don t know much about his jeans, but his jewellery yes, now that s another story.