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  1. Upon trying to watch the interview a second time (and not being able to make it), I have to admit, this was Dave's worst 14 minutes ever. It's too clear he's trying to talk to them about Buddy Guy, any other British band they might be tangentially related to, or Elvis to reach for something he might actually be conversant on. I don't expect him to ask Jimmy about his time with Neil Christian and the Crusaders or the differences in Les Paul #1 and #2, but geez, a marginal knowledge would've helped. On the other hand, if it was a basketball player or a Formula One driver, stuff Dave actually has a deep interest in, he could've talked expertly about it all day, and I would be clueless. Maybe to the average radio listener this interview was fine. Most people aren't classic rock aficionados.
  2. That's true. The interview would've been half-baked even if he had just been talking to Poison. I know Dave is a big Bruce Springsteen fan; would he have been that clueless if he got Springsteen on his show? Really surprised this wasn't better done on Dave and the show's part, but at the same time, just happy it exists at all. I wonder how it looked to the average TV viewer?
  3. Several members of Lynyrd Skynyrd were killed in a plane crash. Outside of Ronnie Van Zandt, I don't know what their names were. If I were interviewing the band, I might say, "And then there was the plane crash, where you lost some band members." Should the band or the fans blacken both of my eyes because I don't recite the precise names?
  4. How about if John Krasinski had done the interview?! I bet that would've been the interview everybody was looking for! Krasinski's presence (pardon the pun) impressed me enough in this interview to where I wonder if he could develop into the new Tom Hanks.
  5. On the "drummer died" comment: a few days ago Dave had the singer of Maroon 5 on the show. When the interview was done and they were going to commercial, Dave just said, "He's on The Voice." I don't know if maybe Dave thought it was more important to advertise the name of the show then the guy's name, but I had a feeling Dave blanked out on who he had just been talking to. Another time recently he was interviewing somebody and blanked out on something and the guest had to fill it in for him, and Dave said, "Thanks, I'm having a ...," and pointed at his forehead. Let's keep in mind Dave is about 65 and could be having some problems.
  6. This may be the first time some of you in the rest of the world have seen David Letterman, but believe me, this was in no way representative of his work. Remember, this guy got a Kennedy Center honor the same night as Led Zeppelin, so there must be SOMETHING good about him. His original 1980's TV show is regarded by many Americans of my age as the Led Zeppelin of TV shows. His show set the tone of American TV comedy for the last 30 years. Some people taped the old show every single night and had trunks full of VHS tapes; it was that good. I, myself, started watching him when I was just 11, and know his biography backwards and forwards just like I do Zeppelin. Seeing Jimmy Page and David Letterman, my two biggest heroes, having a chat was surreal and thrilling. All that being said...Dave blew this interview big time. "The drummer" died? Dave, it was JOHN BONHAM! Did they play with other musicians? Page and Jones were session musicians! They played with EVERYBODY! Couldn't Paul Shaffer have prepped Dave for this in the elevator? If it had been Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, or the Stones, would it have felt like such an afterthought? This ain't Kings of Leon, Dave! Well, maybe Dave isn't a big music aficionado, he follows sports more closely, but still great to see all my biggest heroes conversing. Whether Jonesy had fun or not*, I hope they do it again. * Dave has said he loves it when a guest can serve it back to him. The only thing he hates is a guest that doesn't entertain and sits there like a roll of carpet.
  7. What do you call Led Zeppelin's 4th album?

    I call it a good album, but not their best. Ahead of Presence and In Through the Out Door, but behind II, III and Houses; maybe nearly on par but not quite equal with I.
  8. “Shadows Taller Than Our Souls “

    Any book I've ever picked up has just repeated what I read in Hammer of the Gods years ago. The Celebration books and a few others have been the best supplements I've seen, but for a normal book-book Hammer and Richard Cole's book take care of me.
  9. Loch side retreat

    I see it's just a plot of land, no house. Plus, Jimmy sold his Boleskine place a few years ago. And there I was just about to reach for my wallet...
  10. Terry Reid

    With either Marriott or Reid it would've been more of a straight-ahead blues-rock band in the vein of Humble Pie. If you go to Amazon you'll see Terry Reid was quite prolific but he didn't have any huge sellers, I don't think. I saw one of his discs at the used CD store the other day and thought about getting it. Maybe I should.
  11. The Who - Isle of Wight DVD

    Oh, yeah, i definitely have Kilburn `77! Wouldn't be without it! I wasn't sure anything could excite me so much now that I'm nearly 40, but man, was I ever thrilled to see this released! I'm also on a audiophile forum called SteveHoffman.com, and the members over there say that the second version of Isle of Wight is the one to have, even without the two extra songs on the third version. They say the picture and mastering are best on that one. Maybe I'll check it out, although I hate to feel like I'm so easily conned into buying the same videos over again, but...maybe I am.
  12. Robert Plant Gets Electrecuted

    It still looks painful. You would think a TV show would have things like that taken care of.
  13. Song Remains the Same scarce on DVD?

    Good news! The Best Buy in my town got in two copies of TSRTS, the only two copies in metro Atlanta, apparently, and I got one of them! Yes, Mr. Page, if you're reading this, I am a sucker. I've bought the same movie twice (original TSRTS DVD release and this one)!
  14. The Who - Isle of Wight DVD

    I've got the original release of The Who's "Isle of Wight" concert on DVD, but last night I saw the new version on Palladia, and I *think* maybe it sounded better, or could it be the TV? Has anyone else gotten both and what are the differences in the two? Worth buying again?
  15. I enjoy it and am glad that Zep didn't just repeat past formulas (except "In the Evening" makes me think a lot of "In the Light"). The only track I would say is weak is "Carouselaramba."