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  1. Robert Plant - Pre-Zep History

    Tues., May 28th, 1968 - Southampton - Concorde flyer: "Remember their last appearance - Robert Plant and the Band of Joy"
  2. Robert Plant Live: Derbyshire

    Bearded Theory's Spring Gathering Catton Hall, Derbyshire ROBERT PLANT and his band the Sensational Space Shifters will close Saturdays proceedings in style. Fronting Led Zeppelin, Robert performed in the biggest selling rock band of all time selling 250 million records and amassing 8 number 1 albums. Performing as a solo artist he has had 11 top ten albums with the most recent being in 2017. Robert Plants winter 2017 tour sold out in minutes which culminated in a critically acclaimed performance at the Royal Albert Hall in December. http://beardedtheory.co.uk/blog/events/saturday-headliner-announced/
  3. until
    Robert Plant and the Sensational Space Shifters Grönan Live - Sveriges längsta festival https://www.gronalund.com/
  4. LZ III Back Cover Photo

    yes, the original photos are included in the Led Zeppelin III Super Deluxe Box Set book.
  5. Physical Graffiti hd download code

    Please contact customer service at: redemptions@wmgecom.com
  6. ‘Robert Plant & The Sensational Space Shifters Live At David Lynch’s Festival Of Disruption’ Set For DVD Debut By Tim Peacock | January 9, 2018 Legendary Led Zeppelin vocalist Robert Plant has been performing live with The Sensational Space Shifters since 2012 and their much-acclaimed set at David Lynch’s inaugural Festival Of Disruption in Los Angeles in October 2016 is to be released on DVD & Digital Video through Eagle Rock Entertainment on 9 February 2018. Available to own for the first time, Robert Plant & The Sensational Space Shifters Live At David Lynch’s Festival Of Disruption is a remarkable visual record of the band’s performance at LA’s Ace Hotel Theatre during one of the city’s most hotly-anticipated cultural events, raising money for the David Lynch Foundation, which aims to help children forced to grow up in an oppressive climate of poverty, violence and fear. Performing with The Sensational Space Shifters, Robert Plant continues to shift the musical goalposts, blurring the lines between rock, blues, folk & world music and finding new life in exotic beats and African rhythms. The band’s live performances have attracted widespread critical praise, with The Telegraph saying: “On record, the chemistry between them is hypnotic, but live it really catches fire.” The band’s Festival Of Disruption setlist includes a new take on beloved Led Zeppelin classics, with stripped down versions of ‘Black Dog’ and ‘Whole Lotta Love’ meeting with a rapturous response from the packed theatre audience, with whom Plant enjoys a genuine rapport. Also included are ‘Babe, I’m Gonna Leave You’ and ‘Going to California’, alongside solo standouts ‘Turn It Up’, ‘The Enchanter/Rainbow’ and ‘Little Maggie’. This is a rare opportunity for fans to witness the legendary frontman as they've never seen or heard him before.This David Lynch curated event aims to feature artists with ‘knowledge and mystery’, undoubtedly Robert Plant has an abundance of both. Robert Plant & The Sensational Space Shifters Live At David Lynch’s Festival Of Disruption will be released on 9 February. Robert Plant & The Sensational Space Shifters Live At David Lynch’s Festival Of Disruption DVD: ‘Poor Howard’ ‘Turn It Up’ ‘Black Dog’ Medley: ‘The Enchanter’/’Rainbow’ ‘Babe I’m Gonna Leave You’ ‘Little Maggie’ Medley: ‘Hoochie Coochie Man’/’Whole Lotta Love’/ ‘Mona’ ‘Going To Cailfornia’ Bonus Features: David Lynch on Creativity David Lynch on Meditation David Lynch on Music. https://www.udiscovermusic.com/news/robert-plant-space-shifters-dvd/ --------------------------------------------------- Proceeds from the sale of this DVD will benefit the David Lynch Foundation: https://www.davidlynchfoundation.org.uk/ https://festivalofdisruption.com/
  7. Random Newspaper Articles

    Denver 1977 - Tentative concert date cancelled as Bill Graham was unavailable, filming Apocalypse Now. (Chronicle, 7-20-77)
  8. Detroit, MI Cobo Hall -June 6,1972

    Detroit 1972, after-show. RP in Freddie King t-shirt which he wore for the encores:
  9. Random Newspaper Articles

    Miami Herald 5-29-77
  10. The Song Remains the Same - Upcoming screenings

    Here in Toronto, the weekly screening at The Roxy was quite the scene:
  11. The Song Remains The Same is still occasionally screened in independent theaters around the world. Here's a few upcoming events: -------------------------------- Théâtre Outremont Montréal, Québec Wednesday, January 3 at 9:30 PM Thursday, January 4 at 9:30 PM http://www.theatreoutremont.ca/en/event/led-zeppelin-the-song-remains-the-same/ --------------------------------------------------------------- Alhambra - Keswick (UK) Alhambra Cinema Fri, 5th Jan Time: 20:00 https://www.keswickalhambra.co.uk/cinema-listings/led-zeppelin-the-song-remains-the-same/alhambra-keswick-1 --------------------------------------------------------------- Palace Theatre Movie Series: The Song Remains The Same Monday, March 5, 2018 @ 7pm The Palace Theatre Albany, Albany, NY https://www1.ticketmaster.com/palace-theatre-movie-series-the-song-albany-new-york-03-05-2018/event/00005344C72F39D9?artistid=2423309&majorcatid=10005&minorcatid=59 ---------------------------------------------------------------
  12. Random Newspaper Articles

  13. Random Newspaper Articles

    TIME / Nov. 1970 Roots and Raw Feeling The juggernaut roll of the Big Beat, the slash of the old blues strain, the euphoria of yeh-yeh-yeh are all fading. With the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper (1967), rock crossed the line into self-consciousness, sophistication and experimentation. The result has been an exciting diversity of sounds produced by eclectic rock musicians. But a problem remains: How can this evolution go on without depleting the primitive power that first gave the music its momentum? Among the best strategies is the one used by England's Led Zeppelin, which recently dislodged the Beatles as England's most popular rock group (TIME, Sept. 28). The Zeppelin's aim is to explore all the styles and techniques in today's rock spectrum without ever losing a heavy core of raw feeling. A supergroup consisting of ex-Yard-bird Jimmy Page and three other young veterans of the British rock scene, Led Zeppelin was launched in 1968 in what Lead Vocalist Robert Plant calls a "smash-bang-wallop" fashion. After a week's tour of Scandinavia, the group knocked out its first ragged LP in 15 hours. The group's spontaneity and free-floating blues improvisations struck a responsive chord among the young, and the LP became a million-dollar seller in the U.S. A far cry from that first hectic session, the group's third album, Led Zeppelin III (Atlantic), now No. 1 on the Billboard charts, was put together during the first six months of this year. The care and leisure show. Gallows Pole shows the clear influence of San Francisco's Creedence Clearwater Revival, and its monosyllabic, root-heavy style is powerful. One of the two best tracks is That's The Way, whose rich harmonies are a perfect match for the somewhat surreal lyrics about adolescent alienation. The other is Since I've Been Loving You, a superb slow-blues song that has more togetherness than a revival meeting. Kind of Stamp. Led Zeppelin's four members were born to the ashes of World War II, restless or disaffected in school, stirred to life in the 1950s by Elvis Presley and the early rock 'n' rollers. Bass Guitarist John Paul Jones, 24, is the son of a big-band pianist from the swing era. Plant, 22, son of a civil engineer, spent most of his formative years scouring blues-record shops. Drummer John Bonham, 22, son of a carpenter, got his first set of drums at age seven. Page, the eldest at 25, is the son of an industrial personnel manager. "When I first heard rock," he recalls, "and realized that it was not just Guy Mitchell and Pat Boone, but that something was really going on there, then I knew it was for me." Many groups do not last two years. One reason for Led Zeppelin's survival is that its fans can expect virtually anything from them. "Somewhere along the line, though," says Plant, "we hope there's a kind of stamp that identifies it as us."
  14. Whats up with Keith Richards on LZ?

    First comment on LZ in November 1969, Ritchie Yorke interview:
  15. Led Zeppelin are pleased to announce that Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and John Paul Jones are collaborating with Reel Art Press to publish the official illustrated book celebrating 50 years since the formation of the group. Coming 2018. For updates please visit reelartpress.com