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  1. That's a good thing. A final category on Wheel Of Fortune the other night was 'Amplified Music.'
  2. Thanks, Charles. I've said it before that I am never hungry on this diet and food is not an obsession as with most other diets I've tried. I go to McDonald's just about every day to meet with friends and have coffee and being around all that unhealthy food doesn't even phase me. Truly amazing.
  3. SLAVE CYLINDER! It works together with the clutch master cylinder to disengage the clutch when the pedal is pressed so that the transmission can be safely shifted. The clutch slave cylinder receives pressure from the master cylinder and extends a rod, which will push against a fork or lever to disengage the clutch. Those evil master cylinders must be removed from every vehicle.
  4. Always a bit anxious before stepping on the scale, but weighed in today at 200.8
  5. Thanks. I hope it works for you and no matter how long it takes I'm shooting for 170 lbs.
  6. I remember it well. CHOKE!!
  7. SF drops further into the abyss.
  8. BEAT L.A.
  9. Went to see 'Dunkirk' today with a friend. Great movie, but the sound system was just too damned loud, including the previews.
  10. Happy that this miserable northwest heat wave is over. The sun was relentless.
  11. That's because they probably won't win it again til the next millennium.
  12. They should extend the season to 324 games. SF might have a chance then. (I know, I can't complain with 3 World Series under their belt.) BEAT THE DODGERS!!!
  13. Weigh in today @ 201.8
  14. Lucky pooch.
  15. He was great in the original 'True Grit.' R.I.P. Glenn.