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  1. SteveAJones

    Led Zeppelin 50th Anniversary

    Two of the three surviving members couldn't care less about the 50th anniversary. Adjust expectations accordingly. 😉
  2. SteveAJones

    The Rest in Peace Thread

    You're missing the larger point I've made here by a mile. He showed disdain for extremism EXCEPT when it was perpetrated by his pal Osama bin Laden and other anti-Saudi royal family dissidents. In other words, this guy was essentially a terrorist mouthpiece using his prominent position with The Washington Post as a bully pulpit. For that reason, he knew if he walked into a Saudi consulate the odds were 50/50 he was going to get whacked. That's why he instructed his fiance to wait outside and told her to call his Turkish media buddy if he didn't return. There's no trolling political or otherwise occurring here. We're merely discussing the newest inductee into The RIP Thread.
  3. SteveAJones

    The Rest in Peace Thread

    I quoted the portion which explains why he "collapsed in tears". Further, to state someone surrendered to hatred and passion is not the same as condemning them for it. In fact, to prove my point it could be said that the men in the Saudi Consulate merely surrendered to hatred and passion. https://www.frontpagemag/com/point/271616/jamal-khashoggi-was-bin-laden-pal-mourned-his-daniel-greenfield
  4. SteveAJones

    The Rest in Peace Thread

    As I recall fifteen were Saudi, regardless it is highly unlikely they acted on behalf of the Saudi government. Bin Laden was also Saudi born but stripped of his citizenship in 1994. The Left wants to have it both ways. They call me an Islamaphobe when I criticize Muslim culture but then shame me for not shedding tears after the barbarians do something barbaric. It is what it is. He had to know it was a suicide mission for him to walk into any Saudi consulate in the Middle East. Between doing that AND wanting to get married -- not too bright! By the way, in 2011 Khashoggi tweeted that he "collapsed in tears" when he heard of the death of 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden, saying bin Laden had been "brave and beautiful in Afghanistan". Now THAT's #sad!
  5. SteveAJones

    Led Zeppelin Photo Mysteries

    Melody Maker Reader's Poll Awards at the Carlton Hotel in London on September 17, 1975 http://www.ledzeppelin.com/image/melody-maker-awards-9-17-75
  6. SteveAJones

    The Rest in Peace Thread

    It is what it is. A leftist stone thrower from the Washington Post forgot the way the real stone throwers do business back in the old neighborhood. Aside from that, he's not a U.S. citizen, the American press only covers this story as an excuse to glorify a fellow journalist.
  7. SteveAJones


    I don't specifically recall Robert saying that, but there are Neal Preston shots of Page with a bottle of Jack Daniels on The Starship and backstage in Indianapolis on 1/25/75. Michael Brennan and Charles Auringer both got photos of Page clutching a bottle of Jack Daniels backstage in Detroit on 1/31/75. One of the Auringer shots was published in the April 1975 issue of Creem, but that would not have been on newsstands until circa Feb/Mar 1975. Anyway, it's clear he was drinking a fair amount of Jack during that week.
  8. SteveAJones

    Random Thoughts v.3

  9. SteveAJones

    Available at Newstands (Nearly) Everywhere

    Mojo (December 2018) (UK)
  10. SteveAJones

    Random Thoughts v.3

    Much like this one.
  11. SteveAJones

    Greta Van Fleet

    It's brought to you by the same people -- Team Rock/Classic Rock -- who falsely advertised Jimmy Page as a co-headliner with Jeff Beck for an awards show in Tokyo. After blowing God knows how much cash on this self-congratulatory bash, Team Rock conveniently dissolved and sold Classic Rock magazine back to its original owners, Future PLC. Screw Classic Rock magazine!
  12. SteveAJones

    Items you can't convince yourself to buy

    Ok, world I am begging you. Can we give the Led Zeppelin forum a break from any more Greta Van Fleet shit? Perhaps keep it self-contained to the Greta Van Fleet thread.
  13. SteveAJones

    Random Thoughts v.3

    This is the inevitable arc of all band-specific forums: there simply becomes not that much left to say or discuss. To their credit, the fact Led Zeppelin even had a discussion forum nearly 40 YEARS after disbanding was/is remarkable in and of itself.
  14. SteveAJones

    Random Thoughts v.3

    You're joking, right?
  15. SteveAJones

    Led Zeppelin Photo Mysteries

    Well, again it's occasionally been said that it is but I think we've just proven that it isn't. There's a shot of him onstage in the white dragon suit smoking a cigarette (1977).