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  1. Any time now.....

    PM sent.
  2. Would Only One Knebworth Show Have Been Better?

    It's close enough...call it the 1979 British Isles Tour if you like. I'd prefer to book them in Edinburgh over Glasgow, and if that meant a smaller venue so be it.
  3. FORUM MAINTENANCE - UPGRADE (Sept. 1, 2015)

    Thank you, Sam, for the best board on the web by far.
  4. Any time now.....

    That would be where YOUR thoughts and fantasies are focused, apparently.
  5. Would Only One Knebworth Show Have Been Better?

    With the benefit of hindsight, yes I would have done things differently. Knebworth would have been one date and the culmination of a short UK tour. Led Zeppelin's 1979 Summer UK Tour: Cardiff, Jul 10 > Dublin, Jul 20 > Edinburgh, Jul 30 > Knebworth, Aug 4
  6. The Rest in Peace Thread

    RIP Jerry Lewis. It was disgraceful the way the Muscular Dystrophy Association shoved him out of the telethons years ago. No one did more for those kids than Jerry Lewis!
  7. Random Thoughts v.3

    Hypothetically speaking, if I found Natalie Holloway alive and well...I'd be tempted to keep her.
  8. Any time now.....

    If you say so, snowflakes.
  9. Random Thoughts v.3

    Oh, you ain't seen nothing yet.
  10. Would you or anyone else be drawing comparisons between this crap and Led Zeppelin were it not for Robert Plant on vocals? I highly doubt it. So you really want to know why I don't like it? Simply because I find it's fucking BORING! Honestly, it's like he's been singing to the same drum loop for more than ten years now.
  11. Any time now.....

    I do it in a way that's quite clever and often funny. Now go back to your dictionary and look up sycophant.
  12. Any time now.....

    Here it is, the official video.
  13. Pretty much. I wish him the best but with regard to the music he records and performs with this lineup I truly couldn't care less.
  14. Random Thoughts v.3

    The Great Pyramids of Egypt must be destroyed immediately. They were built by slaves and as such don't reflect favorably on modern day Egypt.
  15. Any time now.....

    It sounds like outtakes that weren't good enough to make the last album. I'm glad he's still touring, but I won't be there.