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  1. 2017 NFL Thread

    Are you an ostrich? NFL player protests have become THE story of this season. Even so, I'm not here to beat a dead horse. I said what I had to say, and I had every right to say it. One last thing, for those who think this will just blow over, you couldn't be more wrong. I am right and I will be proven right. The bottom line is this is NOT going to make the NFL more popular.
  2. 2017 NFL Thread

    Let me educate you, IpMan, and in so doing many others. The First Amendment does not nor has it ever protected the free speech rights of employees under contract to an employer. For example, a Wal Mart greeter cannot pontificate to customers about social injustice without facing possible negative consequences. Similarly, the minority of NFL players (about 200 out 1,800 total) who have chosen to disrespect the anthem, the flag and the nation on the playing field are not exercising their First Amendment rights, they are bringing discredit upon themselves and their employer, the NFL. The NFL accepted several million dollars to have the anthem played prior to each game, and furthermore NFL'S OWN RULE BOOK prohibits these demonstrative displays during the anthem. It states in clear and unambiguous terms what is expected of the players. However, the NFL has failed to enforce their own policy. If all this was not bad enough, were seeing "protest gestures" on the field of play during the games, for example after a tackle is made. Enough is enough. The audacity of millionaire players and billionaire owners in publicly-financed stadiums continuing to denigrate this great country on every given Sunday is unacceptable. To continue to support the NFL is to continue to eat where you know they spit in your food.
  3. 2017 NFL Thread

    You can fuck off. I'm not the one disrespecting the flag on the field, as has been going on for quite some time now. The PRESIDENT merely called them out for their bullshit. I predict the lowest television ratings for a season and a Super Bowl in league history. Bet!
  4. 2017 NFL Thread

    NFL BOYCOTT in full effect NOW. A total withdrawal of all commercial and social relations with this league. No NFL tv packages, no ticket purchases, no merchandise and so forth. Additionally, I call upon sponsors to sever their ties. Ideally, this will culminate with a change to NFL policy to bar the owners, coaches and players from further politicizing the American national anthem on the field OR the lowest rated Super Bowl in history.

    I still favor my idea of Celebrating 50 Years: An Evening in Conversation With Led Zeppelin. Put them on the road together for a couple of weeks...New York...LA...Tokyo...Paris...London. Could throw in a sixth location to be determined by vote. Essentially a final opportunity to commune with their fans without the pressure of actually performing music in a live setting or having to promote a release. I'll cover these events with Michelle Malkin, and share a room with her to help keep band expense's down.
  6. Atlanta 1973 soundcheck photos

    Thanks for the confirmation. I remember a lively discussion thread here about this, wherein the direction of the sunlight in relation to the position of the venue at that time of day was used to support these being Atlanta.
  7. Random Thoughts v.3

    Mops and buckets are often unsanitary.
  8. Is Jimmy Page done making music?

    With the benefit of hindsight it can be argued they should have been more aggressive about documenting their performances on film. However, they made what they felt were the right decisions at the time and no amount of bickering will make any difference now.
  9. Robert Plant to headline 2018 Byron Bay Bluesfest

    It's nearly October...if he were touring the states this year it would have been announced already, as the UK tour rules out December.
  10. Zeppelin Mysteries Hosted by Steve A. Jones

    I've learned a photo of Robert with Bernard Lansky was published in a book about the clothier (at 5:03 in video below). It seems to have been taken at their store at the Peabody Hotel circa 2007-08 when he was spending a lot time in Tennessee working with Alison Krauss. The book was published in 2010.
  11. Rolling Stone Up For Sale and Any Bidders?

    They're living proof that any publication is only as good as it's writers.
  12. Random Thoughts v.3

    The proper response is "If so, she'll be making even more now. You're fired". He doesn't represent youth. If he did, he wouldn't be dressed like a Beverly Hills hairdresser.
  13. Random Thoughts v.3

    Not to mention its another commercial emasculating a young white boy.
  14. Rolling Stone Up For Sale and Any Bidders?

    Haven't bought an issue since they used their front cover to showcase the Boston Marathon bomber as if he were a rock star. If I were to buy the whole company it would be only to liquidate all of its assets to ensure it goes out of business forever.

    ...not to mention Musicland was located in the basement of the Arabella Hotel...