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  1. SteveAJones

    The Yardbirds

    Great find. I'll pay for archive access this weekend to retrieve the articles. We know they took a plane to the show in Great Falls, MT the day prior, so they must have been flown down to Wichita, KS to make this date.
  2. SteveAJones


    Proximity ran for nine issues in tabloid format from Jan 1, 1980 thru Spring 1983, then resumed in desktop publishing format for 27 issues from Jul 1993 to Spring/Summer 2000. Two special issues were also published, one for the first leg of the 1995 North American tour and one featuring the ten best bootlegs (May 1999). I also have a copy of the printer's proof boards for a 10th tabloid issue in Fall/Winter 1983 that was to have focused on Robert's solo career which was never published.
  3. So you're a voyeur? 😉 ...and now for something completely different, the creepiest American television commercial of all time...
  4. SteveAJones

    2018 NFL THREAD

    Patricia never had them to begin with. The Lions players phoned it in throughout the pre-season. It continued once the season began and they got their asses handed to them at home on a Monday night by a rookie QB and weak team. So I don't see Patricia as a failure, I see him as someone who committed career suicide by taking a Head Coach job with what is arguably the most inept professional football franchise in the world. One thing is for certain, this season ended before it began and now it is only going to become a dumpster fire.
  5. SteveAJones

    Imagine There's No Countries

    Perhaps, and if so very effective. They didn't allow outsiders to rape and pillage among them, and knew which bathroom to use.
  6. SteveAJones

    Imagine There's No Countries

    More like having to look back in the rear-view mirror to see you. I disagree that a one world government would be indicative of progress or evolution. Quite the contrary. Ever heard power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely?
  7. SteveAJones

    Random Thoughts v.3

    You two are so amusing. You must be waiting for Santa already too.
  8. SteveAJones

    Led Zeppelin Photo Mysteries

  9. SteveAJones

    Imagine There's No Countries

    John was often completely full of shit, but I wouldn't say mostly. It's tragic that his life was cut short just as he was on the cusp of a period of renewed creativity that was rooted in new-found inner peace with himself. He was a great person in that to some extent his music impacted the world, and he was murdered for it.
  10. SteveAJones

    Imagine There's No Countries

    If there's a salient point to your post I fail to see it. You seem to be posting stream of consciousness thoughts about "what ifs" and "possibilities". Well, I merely pointed out private property rights are predicated upon laws, that laws are predicated upon jurisdiction, and jurisdiction is predicated upon borders. It's so self-evident it's foolish of you to insist it is a point unproven.
  11. SteveAJones

    Random Thoughts v.3

    Ridiculous, revisionist and wrong. I know the Serena Williams type. She plays all the cards -- race card, mother card, gender card, rights card, religion card, every card but the personal responsibility card. Nice spin though.
  12. SteveAJones

    Remembering contributors on this LZ Forum

    Undoubtedly for analytic, marketing and promotion purposes as opposed to deleting "offensive" posts. I mean I would hope Angela Nguyen has better things to do, and if she doesn't she is always welcome to visit Tokyo. 😎
  13. Absolutely phenomenal. Made-Worn has completely nailed the aura of 1970s era Led Zeppelin with this installation and clothing line.
  14. SteveAJones

    Random Thoughts v.3

    I've seen the cartoon and it isn't racist in the least. My advice to Serena Williams is if you want a better caricature bring a better face. Besides, the way they treated that humble, half-Japanese kid who beat Serena's fat ass is far more offensive to most than that cartoon.