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    Something like The Rolling Stones Exhibitionism would be more likely. Of course, if a certain photographer is brought in and given creative control it ends up as a glorified photo exhibition.
  2. Random Thoughts v.3

    It means if you're seeking lively debate on contentious social issues I'm your Huckleberry, but it needs to be done off board.

    The Rain Song: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Rain_Song Presence: It was recorded quickly and just turned out that way. It was completed the day before Thanksgiving 1975 and was nearly titled Thanksgiving. Houses of the Holy: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Houses_of_the_Holy_(song) Post-Live Aid rehearsals: Ten days of rehearsals in January 1986 near Bath (almost certainly Corsham Studios). Drummer Tony Thompson was injured in a vehicle accident the second night. They carried on with drum machine and drum roadies. Plant commented a few years later he preferred to be in a band where he called the shots, finding he didn't enjoy waiting for Jimmy to mess about with his effects pedals and what not. It was changed to Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Evening about a month or so ago. All of the promo materials to support the summer tour announcement at that time reflected the name change.
  4. Random Thoughts v.3

    No, there isn't but there are other forums one can visit to discuss non-Led Zeppelin related issues. Edit: Just send me a private message if you want someone to beat the goofy out of your ass.
  5. Twenty three scenes of Friends? What are you referring to? Where was Peter Grant's office located? Well, he actually had two while managing Led Zeppelin. The first was the RAK Management office that Mickie Most set up and shared with him at 155 Oxford Street in London. It's not far from where Led Zeppelin's first rehearsal was held. Later, Peter established the Swan Song Records office at 484 Kings Road in Fulham. The entrance to use is the center doorway of the building, then walk up stairwell to the third and fourth floors. Neither office is featured in The Song Remains The Same. The scene of Peter on the phone was filmed at his home, Horselunges Manor, located in the Sussex village of Hellingly. There is a public footpath you can walk that will take you to the moat, and from there it's only about 50 yards to the drawbridge.
  6. Random Thoughts v.3

    Sam has briefly allowed those inevitable discussions despite the forum guidelines. I don't think the concern here is to draw the line on what is a political/religious post as much as it is to draw the line on posts that fuel/perpetuate online arguments.
  7. ^^^ Outstanding! So we now have confirmation it was Vanilla Fudge that initiated the cancellation, citing weather concerns.
  8. Random Thoughts v.3

    It's a completely non-nude feature. She's pushed out six kids so I suppose it's just as well.
  9. Random Thoughts v.3

    Bitch, please. You're the biggest offender here.
  10. Plant 18 Tour

    I'm simply suggesting that the something missing is a charismatic band performing better original songs of their own.
  11. Winter Olympics in South Korea 2018

    The Olympic Gold Medal for Women's Hockey was decided using the shootout format, which I found ridiculous.
  12. Plant 18 Tour

    *A charismatic band performing better original songs of their own.
  13. The Rest in Peace Thread

    Are you stupid or something? It isn't his age that is relevant, it's his stature. I'd like to think that even a tree-hugging, Citizen of the World, Big Government loving commie leftist such as yourself can respect the fact that Billy Graham was America's Pastor.
  14. Random Newspaper Articles

    Assuming at face value this was published as stated -- on July 20, 1977 -- the "tentative date" would be Tue, July 26, 1977. I'm going to assume this date would have been announced on or around July 14, 1977 when the Day on the Green shows were announced. Initially, I had thought a week to ten days notice to do a Denver show was too short, but that's about how far in advance the Oakland concerts were announced. http://www.ledzeppelin.com/event/july-14-1977

    ...but nothing. This is meaningless. He's great on his own merits but he's not a member of Led Zeppelin, nor will he ever be.