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  1. Any time now.....

    PM sent.
  2. Would Only One Knebworth Show Have Been Better?

    It's close enough...call it the 1979 British Isles Tour if you like. I'd prefer to book them in Edinburgh over Glasgow, and if that meant a smaller venue so be it.
  3. FORUM MAINTENANCE - UPGRADE (Sept. 1, 2015)

    Thank you, Sam, for the best board on the web by far.
  4. Any time now.....

    That would be where YOUR thoughts and fantasies are focused, apparently.
  5. The Rest in Peace Thread

    The Rest in Peace Thread...people are just dying to get mentioned here.
  6. Would Only One Knebworth Show Have Been Better?

    With the benefit of hindsight, yes I would have done things differently. Knebworth would have been one date and the culmination of a short UK tour. Led Zeppelin's 1979 Summer UK Tour: Cardiff, Jul 10 > Dublin, Jul 20 > Edinburgh, Jul 30 > Knebworth, Aug 4
  7. The Rest in Peace Thread

    RIP Jerry Lewis. It was disgraceful the way the Muscular Dystrophy Association shoved him out of the telethons years ago. No one did more for those kids than Jerry Lewis!
  8. Random Thoughts v.3

    Hypothetically speaking, if I found Natalie Holloway alive and well...I'd be tempted to keep her.
  9. Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience http://www.theagencygroup.com/artist.aspx?ArtistID=6042 Led Zeppelin exploded onto the music scene in 1968, forever changing the course of Rock music. This magical blend of blues laden guitar, soaring vocals and complex steady driving rhythm brought a sound and energy that still resonates today. While Led Zeppelin recorded and released 8 albums that all sat at the top of the charts, it was their live music experience where the band truly found its form. Light and shade, loose and tight, extended improvisational excursions all wrapped in a mystic air enthralled the millions of fans lucky enough to see them live. December 10, 2007 the remaining members of Led Zeppelin performed their first full-length show since the passing of John Bonham in 1980. Behind the kit, joining Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones on stage was appropriately Jason Bonham. This event was originally intended as a one off affair in honour of Ahmet Etegun, the founder and former president of Atlantic Records, who had passed away December 14, 2006. Concert proceeds went to the Ahmet Ertegun Education Fund, which provides scholarships for students in the USA, UK and Turkey. Led Zeppelin’s O2 Arena concert was the most highly anticipated show in music history. It is estimated that demand for tickets reached 20 million, while only 18,000 tickets were available. Contests were held around the world as rabid fans vied to secure much sought after tickets. The show was a smashing success and talk soon turned to the possibility of a reunion tour. Indeed the idea was given more than passing consideration. In the end the band decided that the O2 show was the final Led Zeppelin show of their careers. No one understands the underlying elements that made Led Zeppelin great better than Jason Bonham. The son of the late Led Zeppelin drumming legend John “Bonzo” Bonham, he has experienced the band from both sides of the kit. From the early days at Knebworth, culminating at their epic O2 arena farewell, Jason lived the Led Zeppelin Experience. Renowned Australian journalist Richie Yorke, who was part of the inner circles of Led Zeppelin and those of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, brought Jason’s interest in sharing his Led Zeppelin Experience to Annerin Productions, producers of “The Pink Floyd Experience” and “Rain, A Tribute to the Beatles”. It was after seeing the Rain show that Jason decided to put together a similar show for Led Zeppelin, with himself playing drums. Using hand picked session players to fill the roles of the original members, like Rain, Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin Experience will perform the band’s material with heavy usage of video to assist in tell the history of Led Zeppelin. The show will carry you from the early days as the band discovered and shared their magical chemistry with LA scenesters at the Whiskey. Multiple set changes take you through Zeppelin’s meteoric climb as you are transported to Madison Square Garden in 1973, Earls Court Arena in 1975, The Knebworth Festival in 1979 and closing with the OZ arena show where Jason joined the band for their final farewell performance. State of the art sound, multi-media video presentation and period specific drum kits - the same ones used by John Bonham… Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin Experience pays tribute to his legendary father performing 30 shows in North America in the coming year to commemorate the 30th anniversary of John Bonham’s passing. Feel the power that was the greatest rock band in history.
  10. Any time now.....

    If you say so, snowflakes.
  11. Random Thoughts v.3

    Oh, you ain't seen nothing yet.
  12. Would you or anyone else be drawing comparisons between this crap and Led Zeppelin were it not for Robert Plant on vocals? I highly doubt it. So you really want to know why I don't like it? Simply because I find it's fucking BORING! Honestly, it's like he's been singing to the same drum loop for more than ten years now.
  13. Any time now.....

    I do it in a way that's quite clever and often funny. Now go back to your dictionary and look up sycophant.
  14. Any time now.....

    Here it is, the official video.
  15. Pretty much. I wish him the best but with regard to the music he records and performs with this lineup I truly couldn't care less.
  16. Random Thoughts v.3

    The Great Pyramids of Egypt must be destroyed immediately. They were built by slaves and as such don't reflect favorably on modern day Egypt.
  17. Any time now.....

    It sounds like outtakes that weren't good enough to make the last album. I'm glad he's still touring, but I won't be there.
  18. Boring and repetitive indeed. Robert Plant may as well have performed to a drum loop for the last ten years.
  19. Jimmy Page WNEW 1977 Interview

    Yes, he did. There isn't much to say really. It was a day off on tour and Page found his way to the studio. I have another interview Muni did with Page in 1988, to promote the release of Outrider.
  20. Last Ever Photograph of Bonzo

    Knebworth Festival REHEARSALS at Bray Studios in late June/Early July 1979.
  21. Jimmy Page WNEW 1977 Interview

    Good catch. I went with the date provided by the uploader/site, but having had a chance to check my notes I can confirm the correct date is the rainy afternoon of June 9, 1977.
  22. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Austin-Metropolitan-pre-owned-by-Phil-Collins-Robert-Plant-/182714372898#viTabs_0 A UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY TO BID FOR THIS SPECIAL, APPRECIATING INVESTMENT. AN ICONIC CLASSIC CAR WITH HIGH PROFILE PROVENANCE, GUARANTEED TO TURN HEADS WHERE EVER IT GOES You are bidding for the 1958 Austin Metropolitan previously owned by Phil Collins and briefly by Robert Plant, including Phil Collins signed Reg document, Robert Plant's Gift Card, and Photo of Phil with car, also photos previous to restoration . I would be happy for any bidder to inspect the car before bidding, it can be seen in Herne Bay, Kent by appointment, you can email me through Ebay. THE PHOTOS ON THIS ADD ARE COPYRIGHT PROTECTED, MISUSE WILL RESULT IN PROSECUTION HISTORY OF MY OWNERSHIP OF THE CAR I purchased the car in1991, the car was offered to me by the Metropolitan Owners Club secretary as he had been contacted by Phil Collins to sell the car, so he registered the car to secure it, so he is the previous owner to me in the Reg document, although only a short time. I was informed that he decided he would not keep the car and offered it to me, we agreed a sale. I collected the car from Phil Collins home in, Billinghurst, Sussex, I have a photo loading the car on the trailer, with the car came a photo of Phil with the car, his signed registration document (log book),and the wedding gift card warning Phil not to "take corners too fast" hand written by Robert Plant. The car was purchased by Robert Plant in 1984 to present as a gift to celebrate the wedding of Phil Collins and Jill Tavelman in August 1984. Robert Plant did not register the car, it was presented to congratulate them on their Wedding an Anglo - American Colaberation. The card is hand written, signed and is included in the sale. Phil Collins used the car until it had clutch problems, approx 1989, it was then stored in his barn. With the car comes the last M.O.T before it was put into store. I transported the car to a restoration garage in Bulphan, Essex to be examined and to estimate restoration costs. It was reported back that the car needed fairly minor work to repair some rot on bodywork (there are some Pic’s of the car stripped down) some welding to inner wings, doors etc, on completion it had a new paint job, but it came with a very good report mechanicaly. The steering was very good with little or no play, suspension was good, electrics good, engine very good, gearbox good, brakes needed replacing, master and slave cylinders, also clutch master and slave cylinder change. My friend called me over to show me evidence that car was in better mechanical condition than we first thought, in fact he was convinced the millage shown on the clock 29,422 could be accurate, although we had no proof other than it’s condition and a valid M.O.T. At some time in it’s previous life it has had a gearbox change to a four speed floor change box, we think it could be a Riley gearbox, I believe this was a common modification as the original column change could be trouble, it does make the car easier to drive and livelier in performance, also the radiator has been changed, it’s a Ford rad we believe, it works well no overheating. The car was returned to me with fresh M.O.T at 29,422mls ready to be cosmetically finished i.e. interior, chrome, carpets engine bay, new water pump etc, at this time as I already had another Met, so the finishing went on hold and put into dry storage, I completed the chroming which also went into storage. Like so many projects it all became out of sight out of mind and went on for many years with nothing happening! Until I retired and had more time to finish the car. CONDITION AT TIME OF SALE The car is very good and drives very well considering its age and narrow wheel base, cross ply tyres, drum brakes etc. BODYWORK The general body work is very good but not concourse, considering this paintwork was done 25 years ago and has not been touched since, however there are a few small bubbles on top back of front wings, also nearside top of boot rear, all I can report is that these small areas are minor and hardly noticeable and have not changed in many years. There has been some welding on offside inner wing in boot to repair small hole, in a non structural area. Underneath has not been undersealed I decided to leave it on show, as there is some light surface rust as expected, floor and chassis are all sound with no rot. ENGINE & GEARBOX Engine is good, not too noisy, no smoke, starts well, idles well, plenty of pull uphills, gear change good, fairly quiet, clutch good, back axel good, all we have done is change plugs, points, water pump, otherwise it’s as it was, all runs well, drops odd spot of oil as they always did even when new. INTERIOR The interior was restored by me and I think it’s a fair job, I made door cards, kick panels, carpets, upholstery was a professional job, dashboard is good as it was black, not been repainted, as original, radio works, cigarette lighter works, glove box locks, heater works, wipers/washers all work, the roof lining has been replaced, not great but clean and tidy, and that was done by a professional ! SUSPENSION, STEERING, BRAKES AND TYRES All good, one of the weakest parts of the Metropolitan was the worm and peg steering giving the car an American feel, I’m happy to report the the steering is in very good condition with no signs of wear, really positive. Suspension is good, shocks work well, no problems. Brakes are all drum, they work well, but do need to be regularly used, or cylinders can cease over winter if not used, but work well, also hand brake good. The tyres are OK but they are old so I would recommend a new set, the white walls are inserts. ELECTRICS All work, indicator lights are not amber, they flash the side light at front, brake light at rear, this is as original so they are allowed! tell the officer when he pull’s you up! Radio is as original valve, takes a while to warm up, only plays rock n’ roll or Phil Collins music (joke). It’s had a retro fit aireal as original. All lights work, horns work sometimes, indicators work. SUMMARY This car is taxed, insured, it's M.O.T exempt ,and is stored in a heated garage, used for the occasional car show in the Kent area. There are no seat belts, as original! I would like to clarify that it has not had a full restoration, and is not concours, although it is in excellent sound condition. At this time the clock reads 29,718 miles, I do not know if this mileage is genuine, but I and people that have worked on the car have not altered this reading,(see M.O.T.'s) and the opinion of the experts that have inspected the car say it's probably correct. I'm happy to answer any questions on Ebay email, if you should require and extra more detailed photographs, please email me via Ebay, if you would like to inspect the car it is available by appointment. Thank you for looking at my auction. Thanks and Happy Bidding. S. McGee
  23. Random Thoughts v.3

    It's a phishing scam.
  24. Jimmy Page WNEW 1977 Interview

    Yes, I have the complete interview, recorded June 9, 1977, during which an exhausted Jimmy fell asleep on the floor (according to Scott Muni). Go this link and scroll down, you'll find it: http://www.nyradioarchive.com/wnewfm.html Edited to add: Uploader/site says recorded June 7, 1977 which is incorrect.
  25. Last Ever Photograph of Bonzo

    On February 16, 1978 the criminal cases against Bonham, Grant, Bindon and Cole were heard…all incurred suspended sentences and fines. The civil suit sought two million in monetary compensation, but Bonham returning to America (or not) would have had no bearing on it.