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  1. - Would Bonham approve?

    Of course he would.
  2. Peter Grant's Ferrari Dino

    Up for auction http://www.eastbourneherald.co.uk/news/ferrari-owned-by-led-zep-manager-to-be-auctioned-this-week-1-7565953 I would be more than happy to pay the original 1973 purchase price for it if it doesn't sell.
  3. Wolverhampton Wanderer

    Its true and well documented.
  4. Happy Knebworth Day

    Thanks. The years have flown by but I always remember the anniversary and always bore the kids by making sure I remind them where I was all those years ago.
  5. Lawsuit over Stairway to Heaven

    Good article in The Guardian newspaper: http://www.theguardian.com/music/2016/may/09/led-zeppelin-music-plagiarism-lawsuits-samples-chords-lyrics
  6. RIP Prince

    Not only was he one of the most influential artists of our time he was also a sublime guitar player. Take a look at these if you have not seen them before: and this
  7. Coventry 9.12.71

    Does anyone know if any recordings exist of the Locarno Coventry gig.
  8. Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience (Tour)

    Be interesting to know why this project has always been confined to gigs the US and a few in Canada ? It would certainly be popular in the UK and Europe. I wonder if there is some agreement that Jason will only do this venture in N.America?
  9. Robert Cameo Appearance

    Robert makes an appearance on the latest episode of Sky TV comedy series Stella>
  10. John Bonham Memorial Fund

    Hmm! Not sure its quite the done thing to pay for a statue of one of your own family members. Comes across as a bit of a North Korean Kim dynasty type thing that.
  11. Yes I can see that is certainly how it appears. I just think he seems to enjoy the variety of what he does. Bluegrass one week, electronic improv the next, opera and blues the next, etc, etc. And at this stage of his career if that is what he enjoys then who can blame him. I get the impression he is 'happy with his lot' and does exactly what he wants to do. TCV was only ever going to be a side project for them all with Grohl and Homme having their own bands. They have all said they would like to do more together as and when their schedules allow so I can see that being a possibility in the future. I hope so.
  12. To say that JPJ has dabbled here and there aimlessly is I think a disservice to his hugely creative and prolific body of work over the last 30 plus years.
  13. John Bonham Memorial Fund

    Don't think there is anything fishy going on. It is just not that easy to raise that amount of money for something like this and bronze statues and their upkeep are not cheap. From what I know these are genuine local fans who want to do this. The fund has had the blessing of Pat and Zoe and Deborah performed a gig in support of it. As for being a tourist attraction that is going to generate money for the town I think any effect would be minimal. I can't see hordes of people coming to Redditch just to see this. And although Redditch is a lovely town it is hardly the shopping and restaurant mecca of the UK.
  14. Robert Plant 1968/1969 Laney Amplifier

    Robert and Lyndon Laney are very old friends. He played in The Band of Joy for a while.
  15. Boleskine

    BBC news report here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-highlands-islands-35171061 It is still burning according to latest reports.