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  1. whats your top 2 led zep songs?

    When the Levee Breaks and How Many More Times.
  2. Early Led Zeppelin

    What I love about this era of Zep is that the bass and drums breath and are allowed to be cool and dynamic. So its like Zep decided to use each istrument to power a groove, instead of doubling lines where the guitar/bass, double each other for the most part. As much as Plant and Page dircted the band. They would be nothing with out Bonham/JPJones.
  3. So how do you group the era of Led Zeppelin by albums. For me its Led Zep 1 and 2. Then Zep 3/ZoSo/HOTH. Then PG/Presence and then ITTOD and I skip Coda.
  4. Robert Plant rearranging zeppelin classics

    I would like if Plant would splice in 30 classic Zep songs of his choosing so that every show, showcases his re-imaged Zep songs.
  5. Plant's vocals on I'm Gonna Crawl

    I'm Gonna Crawl is one of my Fave tracks off of ITTOD. Great song. Even though I am not a big fan of ITTOD. Its a stand out track and its one of Zep's last big Blues. Like I Can't Quite You Babe in a Waltz style. I should play it as a Wedding song if I get married one Day.
  6. What did they think of other bands

    For Classic Artists. Led Zeppelin and James Brown are tied for me. Love them both equally. Its funny. Both of them are very powerful live. I don't know if one could out rock the other. James Brown's prime where he was most feirce was 1965 to 1975. Zep 1969 to 1976.
  7. When Judas Priest came on the scene. They almost came off like Zep. Then they donned leather and became the band that is the Flagship of Metal. Whats your take on Zep and Judas Priest similarties of differences.
  8. The later albums?

    I love all the albums from Zep 1 to PG. Presence has ALS/FYL/NFBM are the only songs I like. ITTOD has ITE/FITR/C/IGC thats it for me. I feel like ITTOD with the exception of Bonzo. Its like Zep aged overnight. Pages Guitar army sounds thin and does not roar. Robert Plant sounds good but tired. JPJ is good but ever his energy is lower. Notice how rare it is for Zep when they do reunions or in solo shows. They don't do songs from that era.
  9. Its funny that even though I don't listen to much Radio. When I do. I hear Zep songs and it feels like a lot of Zep songs are poular and have more mass appeal, than say Sabbath/Purple songs for example. Basically it seems like Sabbath/Purple Songs don't resonate beyond the popular hits from them. Except for some songs off of Presence and ITTOD/Coda. You can drop me into any part of a Zeppelin songs and I will know it.
  10. RIVAL SONS, from Los Angeles

    To my ears. This is how Rival Sons shore up album rise. Before the Fire-B/Pressure and TIme-A/EP-A/Head Down-A+/Great Western Valkyrie-A++/Hollow Bones-B. They are a really great band and emulae Zeps live improve Groove.
  11. Just speculating. After flirting with different styles. Do you think that Robert will return to his Zeppelin roots on his next album. It seems like he has been really trying to get away from any type of songs that bring to mind his Zeppelin roots. Esspeically his last couple of albums. For some reason that I have yet to articulate well. I think that Page is going to stay closer to his Zeppelin roots for his new album when it comes out. What do you all think?
  12. Top 5 bands of all time

    Rival Sons/Led Zeppelin/James Brown's JB's/AC/DC,The Rolling Stones.
  13. RIVAL SONS, from Los Angeles

    I am on the Rival Sons Facebook page. These guys are the real deal and they have a lot of great songs. Its one thing for one or two songs to hit big and have filler. Its another thing for at least 90% of the songs I hear from Rival Sons to really hit the spot. Everyone tries to link them to Zep, but for me. Its the Songwriting craft that both bands have in common more than anything else. Rival Sons to me have a better edit button on their songs and stretch out live. The added thing they have that Zep don't is that Rival Sons can reference Zeps era. Where Zep could only really look to the blues and 50's rock and roll/some english folklore as well. Rival Sons are in the Studio as we speak, as of this post. The album will be produced by Dave Cobb and we should see a Jan/Feb release,because they give themselves at least a month to cook with songs. They also start the Deep Purple tour in Nov. I am also sure Rival Sons want some time with thier families before they do basically do Deep Purple/Black Sabbath back to back.
  14. RIVAL SONS, from Los Angeles

    My Fave band. Really great guys and I have met 4 of them so far. They are the Zeppelin of their generation.
  15. RIVAL SONS, from Los Angeles

    These guys are great live and I have met some of them in person at their concerts, when they do meet and greets. Everyone should check them out.