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  1. Both were considered the fifth member of The Beatles/Led Zeppelin. Which band went to greater fortune between the two. Could we play with History. If GM hooked up with Zep I wonder how they would sound. What about PG managing Zep. I know both GM and PG did different things with their groups.
  2. McSeven

    Consoling Plant.

    Within the world of Zep. Its must of been a sorespot, because we the fans know that Page/JPJ were not at the funeral. Thats why on the Zep Facebook post that I am talking about. Some of the posters know. That means in some conversations with Plant. Plant must have expressed agitation towards Page/JPJ for not coming. Otherwise a lot of us would not know.
  3. McSeven

    Consoling Plant.

    So to cap this all off. When they were off gigs. Its not like Zep was calling each other to hang out all the time. JPJ/Page would travel and do whatever. Bonzo and Plant were more closer socially and if something happened. They would know about it right away. Some of the stories just make JPJ/Page not going to the funeral, seem cold. Now in todays world. No excuse. With Twitter and all the social contact one has at their disposal, Anyone can contact anyone. So due to Plant getting the funeral arrangements together fast and to the point. The other 2 members of Zep did not have time to react or Plant did not invite them.
  4. McSeven

    Consoling Plant.

    I just can't imagine what the hardship it is to attend the funeral. I guess we all have to come to a conclusion that just because they have a kick ass band, does not mean that they are super buddies all the time. I could see if it was a Nephew/niece that passed. They were rich at that point. Its not like it would have been some major trek for Page/JPJ to attend, given that they all lived in the UK. Unless the funeral was super quick and both of them could not attend on short notice.
  5. McSeven

    Consoling Plant.

    I am on a Zep Facebook group, and its been stated that JPJ and Page did not attend Plant's son Karac's funeral Does anyone know the reason why. One poster said that Page was on vacation. I find it hard to believe that JPJ and Page would not attend, unless there was some major reason not blocking them. Even if Page was on Vacation. He is rich enough to leave where he is from and attend and tun go back. I just find this hard to swallow. Anyone care to shed light on this if possible.
  6. When the Levee Breaks, its got everything. Harmonica/Bass/Guitar/Vocals/Drums/Keys. Its that or Whole Lotta Love. The question for me is what each band does well. If this was Aerosmith-Sweet Emotion. Heart-Magic Man. AC/DC-Sin City. Van Halen-Jamie's Crying. Journey-Wheel in the Sky. Hendrix-Manic Depression. The Doors-Riders of the Storm.
  7. McSeven

    A Band of Brothers or Business Partners

    I just don't get why Jimmy would skip the funeral. We don't really know the dynamics at that time of the band. Other than Presence was the album around them the time of Karac's passing.
  8. For me. Certain riff passages are very Zep. I feel like when Robert sings I've been Flying lyrics in Kashmir. Thats very Zep. Meaning no other band could really do that. The end seimi Solo break down with the slide towards the end of When the Levee breaks is Zep as well. The end Scat by Robert at the end of Ramble On as well. The end of live DC and WLL on the Song Remains the Same live album is very Zeppelin as well.
  9. McSeven

    Your first Led Zeppelin album

    Its hard to say. I guess I heard Rock and Roll from ZoSo. So that must have been my first Zep Album, and then I went from Zep 1 to PG. P and ITTOD are ok and I cherry pick the songs.
  10. McSeven

    LZ songs just you don't like...

    For me. My Zep songs that I am not into. Thank You, Candy Store Rock., Hots for No Where, put it this way. I am not into most of the song on Presence/ITTOD.
  11. McSeven

    Why Zep Were Never Truly Recreated

    Rival Sons are in my trinity of bands that were badass. RS have that similar swagger of Zep, except that RS have a better edit button on their music. I follow and have met some of the Rival Sons. Although I was not a big fan of their last album. They are the real deal. Are they like Zep. Yes and no. They take the improv element of Zep on their live shows.
  12. McSeven

    Early Led Zeppelin

    You should check our Rival Sons if you like that open space of Zep. Or Earthless.
  13. I am on a Zep Facebook group. One of the members was asked about if Zep will do any sort of get together for the reunion. A bunch of things were said. One lady said that Zep can't basically stand each other. It made me sad. She basically said they are business partners not a band of brothers. What do you think. I am not expecting Robert/Jimmy/JPJ to be constantly talking to each other all the time, but a couple of times a year to check in on each other. I have seen rumours on line that Jimmy did not go to Robert's Son Karacs funeral. We don't know the reason why. Jimmy could have had something where he could not attend due to being far away. We don't know the dynamic of his schedual over that. I don't know if JPJ went. I know that Bonzo was there. Things happen. I found out that my friends father in law passed a yr and half from when it happened. I was not told of his passing and he was great to me. I did not go. I did send a card to my friends wife after. Anyways. Do you feel that Zep were more business partners or brothers. Other bands I feel the business thing. Like Yes/Genisis, AC/DC, Bon Jovi.
  14. McSeven

    whats your top 2 led zep songs?

    When the Levee Breaks and How Many More Times.
  15. McSeven

    Early Led Zeppelin

    What I love about this era of Zep is that the bass and drums breath and are allowed to be cool and dynamic. So its like Zep decided to use each istrument to power a groove, instead of doubling lines where the guitar/bass, double each other for the most part. As much as Plant and Page dircted the band. They would be nothing with out Bonham/JPJones.