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  1. Heard When The Levee Beaks and Tea For One as well.
  2. Sam Gamgee

    The crowd at the reunion

    Sorry about mine. Wasn't the light show spectacullar though? And the little tv thing at the start?
  3. Sam Gamgee

    U.S. Vice President 2008

    Hey Tangerine. I'm loving this insight into politics American style. It's all very confusing over here. Obama gets a very good press. John McCain is cast pretty much as an old, crabby, little guy of Scots extraction. I just hope it's not all about race, though. Those lunatic white supremacists being arrested in colorado didn't bode well, did it? But hey, what do we know. And as for who can run, anyone remember Phil Lynnot's introduction for Scott Gorham during Thin Lizzy's touring hey day? "This man could have been the next president of the United States, but he chose to come and play for YOU tonite instead ( cue thunderous applause from audiences from Berlin to Brighton). Phil was black. And cool. And wore nice leather trousers. Go Obama!!!
  4. Sam Gamgee

    U.S. Vice President 2008

    Palin is a name with different connotations over in the Old World. Michael, of that ilk, was a founder member of Monty Python ( he's the main Knight Who Says Ni, expert on shrubberies, coiner of the phrase Ecky Ecky Ftang). Monty Python was a comedy ensemble famous for talking absolute nonsense, making no sense whatsoever and being very difficult to understand (see ecky ecky ftang, above). The GOP are infamous for Nixon, Gerald Ford ( did he really say he liked Led Zeppelin in '76?) Bush Snr , Bush Jnr and Dick Cheney. Plus ca change.
  5. I read Albert Goldman's biography of John Lennon on vacation last week and loved every minute of it's salacious, slanderous and irreverant lenght. He hated Paul, old Albert says. He also says that John spent most of the latter part of the '70's so smacked out that he couldn't get out of bed. Which kind of led me back to one of my favourite debating topics. Namely, yes the '77 Zeppelin tour was a very hit and miss affair, and yes that was as a direct consequence of, amongst other things, Jimmy's out of control smack habit, and yes, he spent the whole of the tour looking like he'd have turned to a pile of ashes in direct sunlight , but, and this is the point, he still got up on stage and did it every night for three hours, coast to coast and North to South. Aleister Crowley, who renovated an Italian Abbey on heroin, would have been proud. And Hank Williams. And Charlie Mingus. Tell that to Pete Docherty and Amy Winehouse. Or John Lennon. Junkies, they ain't what they used to be!
  6. Sam Gamgee

    The crowd at the reunion

    Where me and Mrs Gamgee were, floor, standing, stage right, was utter pandamoneum. EVERYONE sang EVERY lyric to EVERY song from start to finish. Mostly badly. And as for the celeb/corporate lot not appreciating it and nipping out for beers, the sight of Brian May and Juliette Lewis absolutley trancing out to Kashmir wil remain with me till my dying, dying, dying.......cough (dee dee dee de deee, dee, dee, dee, de dee, that's got to be the one , hasn't it......)
  7. Sam Gamgee

    Favourite movie scene?

    The very end of Some Like it Hot, where Jack Lemmon 'fesses up to being a man, tear off his wig only to be told by don Ameche that nobody's perfect.
  8. Sam Gamgee

    Bron Yr Aur

    Evening gents. Evster- the pint awaits, but sadly the Gaffer hung up his wheelbarrow long since. Chef- pipe weed certanly makes Wild Wales even wilder. Not strictly legal here though, we don't have a Gubernator you know. Just don't go telling any women from Wales they have long bottoms, far less fat fannies. You say tomato etc etc etc. Dragon- I'll not encourage Mrs G any more than necessary, I think. She'd have us giving up our (relatively) comfortable lifestyle to run away to the oak trees in a trice. I like it, for my vacations, but I couldn't live there, pipe weed or no pipe weed. Nice to see you have the DNA, that'll be why you like mandolins so much, it's in the blood! Regards from the Celtic Twilight and I hope you'll all be voting for Barack when the time comes. We all like him over here, despite John McCain being a typical, crabby old Scotsman under that 'elitist' exterior.
  9. Sam Gamgee

    Bron Yr Aur

    I've just come back from my annual visit to Wild Wales, where Mrs. Gamgee and I have been going since too long ago to remember. I'd been able to rip onto a cd the soundtrack from a DVD given me of the last Earl's Court show and listening to Robert's rapping during the acoustic set about how the area had inspired them really hit home whilst actually driving through the real life locations. You can really feel it, in the shadow of the door where there were angels all around and Strider walked down the country lanes with his master. Robert , I'm assured, still has a house in the vicinity. No wonder. The Cross Foxes Inn, a mere stones throw from Bron YR Aur, is still deserted and up for sale. An investment oportunity for some of you rich Zeppelinophiles out there. Mrs. Gamgee offers to run it for no wages, on condition she can do the decor. She has big idea about Celtic Art meshing with tastefully rendered versions of the Four Symbols. She'll calm down soon, no doubt, but not until the annual tristesse at leaving the oak trees settles. A magic place, and one you should all try to visit at least once in your Zeppelin obsession.