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feather in the wind

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  1. i too just found out about hem couple days ago. i like it. they formed in 2012. hope they put more tunes out.
  2. maybe this:
  3. ^it's a shame Joe B. won't be involved. i'm not a fan of Glen H. at all.
  4. ya, i think it's about time Jason stopped riding his dad's coat tails and get onto something new. he's milking this to no end. yes, my 2 cents, deal with it.
  5. ya, overlay any 2 nicklecrap songs and they sound the same. not a fan myself.
  6. nothing missed. he promised hope, lots of hope. nothing happened.
  7. the beginning of that taurus crap sounds more like Jim Croce's "time in a bottle"
  8. cool idea, i hope someone has the photo to post
  9. such a let down after the promises of something new.
  10. ^ i lost all hope. i'll deal with it, therapy tomorrow.
  11. at least R.P. is out there doing stuff, making music, not remastering soundtracks and crap.
  12. NOTHING will happen, just all fucking talk from the master of deception. get the fuck out there Jimmy! follow R.P.'s lead
  13. hasn't all choices available yet. does but shipping to canada is $25 for the 3 cd set i'll wait until has every choice available.
  14. kudos to Jimmy for sharing the company of a younger woman. i have NO problem with that whatsoever
  15. from what i read, yes, the two disowned the recording.