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    “He actually cares about the band’s legacy and doesn’t want to do it a disservice, that’s why he’s not reformed the band.” But as we can see from history, he did more than contemplate; he actually assembled JP, JPJ and various drummers (Tony Thompson, Phil Collins, Mike Borodin, etc) to reform / rehearse “the band” (that’s the same point I made earlier). When those attempts failed, due to whatever reasons (impatience, Car accidents, etc) he then focused on his solo career and hasn’t looked back. He NOW states he doesn’t want to do it a disservice (as he’s approaching 70). History will show us he did want to regroup w/ Led Zeppelin and attempted on multiple occasions (only for it to not come to fruition). Hope that clarifies things. R😎

    Yet RP tried to reform Led Zeppelin on several occasions (January ‘86 rehearsals in Bath (Peter Gabriel’s studio) with JP, JPJ & Tony Thompson (RIP; ex-Chic/Powerstation drummer) as RP was quoted as saying they had some promising new material a la “Husker Du” but JP had pedal difficulties/ Thompson involved in car accident (scrapping that attempt) and then again in early 1990s with JP, JPJ & Faith No More / Ozzy drummer Mike Bordin (per Robert's request), but things didn’t come to fruition. Then, RP & JP got together after Coverdale/Page a few years later for the successful Page & Plant Concert tours of 1995/96 & 1998/1999 (Walking Into Everywhere Tour). RP did an about face from partnering w/ JP (other than “My Buckets Got a Whole In Ir” (Memphis / Sun Studios recording session) at the end of the 90s early 2000s to continue his solo career and hasn’t looked back since (other than per Ahmet’s wife’s request for the O2 Tribute concert). RP definitely wanted to continue with and attempted to work with JP, JPJ & another drummer. His success with Raising Sand 12 years ago and multiple incarnations of Shape Shifting bands of Joy are the stew of what he’s interested in to this day. Doubtful at their age now of the 3 surviving members of Led Zeppelin ever doing anything Live (be it a song for their 50th Anniversary), but they’ve always been a band of mystery, so we’ll see. R😎
  3. I wish they’d release a Coda II w/: Swan Song (Instrumental), Fire, Instrumental piano & flamenco piece (featuring JPJ & JP), etc for their 50th. R😎
  4. Master List of All Soundboard recordings

    Maybe Grant didn’t want them released per request of the band ??? Robert’s voice issues in late 72??? Not sure. R😎
  5. Word association

  6. Led Zeppelin and the Monkees

    Another Monkees & Led Zeppelin connection is that Peter Tork (post Monkees) was a writer/producer for WKRP (tv series in the late 70s/early 80s). On one episode of season 1, swan song recording group, Detective member & actor, Michael Des Barres (Pamela Des Barres’ husband) played Dog in a fictional punk band, Scum of The Earth. R😎
  7. Led Zeppelin and the Monkees

    Jimmy (Yardbirds era) w/ Peter & Mickey from Monkees. R😎
  8. Yes, indeed. Thx. 😎🎸👍 My top choices are probably The Tabernacle or Chastain Amphitheater. R😀
  9. Plant 18 Tour

    Thx Sam. R😎
  10. Atlanta 😀🎸👍 thanks Sam. For Atlanta Venue my guess would be either The Tabernacle, Chastain Ampitheater, Center Stage, Verizon Wireless, Philips Arena or The Buckhead Theater (formerly Roxy), as The Fox Theater has Hamilton (play) and The Variety Plsyhouse has Royal Blood and Dead & Co at Lakewood. R😎
  11. Jason Bonham Asked to Change Band Name to "LZ Evening"

    Yep. Could be very possible for legal purposes to bring JBLZE overseas, in addition to above mentioned initial reasons. We’ll. See. R😎
  12. Jason Bonham Asked to Change Band Name to "LZ Evening"

    Maybe there’ll be several other bands this year reuniting to help with Led Zeppelin’s 50th Anniversary celebration: Dread Zeppelin Experience Kingdom Come Experience Jimi Hendrix Experience* (w/ replacement members) Pink Floyd Laser Experience We’ll see. R😁
  13. Robert Plant US tour 2018

    Cool. Have fun. I think she only appeared once (maybe BBC show) to sing it with Robert late last year. R😎
  14. Jason Bonham Asked to Change Band Name to "LZ Evening"

    Agreed. Maybe one or more of the three surviving members was indirectly trying to bring an end to that Led Zeppelin Experience or has some other plans to use that name for something else (maybe including Jason w/ 3 surviving members for their 50th Anniversary celebration), so it’s not “Led Zeppelin” but “Led Zeppelin Experience”. We’ll see. R😎
  15. Maybe a limited edition cd w/ digital code will be available as well as another option after record store day for those completists who previously purchased the box sets or deluxe cd versions. R😎
  16. Jason Bonham Asked to Change Band Name to "LZ Evening"

    Led Zeppelin Experience sounds like some laser light show synced to the music of Led Zeppelin and/or some exhibition to celebrate their 50th in September. Just a thought. R😎
  17. A blue Bird (over the mountain) , a bee and a butterfly next to each sigil except Jimmy’s. Even the Zeppelin got one (a screw). R😎

    That’d be cool, too! R😀

    http://ledzepnews.com/2018/02/23/jason-bonham-said-changed-name-band-led-zeppelin-plans-use-name-led-zeppelin-experience/ Maybe the 3 surviving members have pre-recorded live video montage 68-80 with John Bonham in theaters / Internet which they’ll release for the 50th in September. We’ll see. R😎

    They’ll have something out Live in September for their 50th Anniversary. R😎
  21. Plant 18 Tour

    I wish they’d do a “calling to You” medley with “Carry Fire” Live. That’d be something to light things up, since they do have a violinist touring with the group. R😎

    http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/robert-plant-on-led-zeppelins-50th-anniversary-there-will-be-a-celebration-im-sure-somewhere Yep. Robert said no album or anything like that so anyone saying they went into a recording studio in late December must have their hopes up for not. The only other reason for going into a studio is to hear mixes / re-mastering of Live material. Can’t wait to hear what’s coming this year. R😎
  23. Thx. I’ve been friends with Eric for over 30 years. Saw him first in the early 80s as Eric Johnson and The Avenue (Billy Maddox - drums (RIP) and Kyle Brock - bass). My older brothers band opened for him on his Ah via Musicom tour in 91. Can’t wait to see Tommy and Kyle again as it’s been 13 or so years since they’ve toured with Eric. Yes, indeed. Arielle is great. Met her last year on Eric’s last tour. R😎🎸👍

    Exactly. If someone is wanting to hear Led Zeppelin music live, Go see JBLZE (they’re on tour with Foreigner and Whitesnake) or a tribute act like Led zepagain. R😎