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  1. Yardbirds '68 out Nov 5th

    Hope to receive the Yardbirds cd soon, as I recently checked the site. It now says the release date is 11/17. 😮😳😞 R😎
  2. I got one like that, too!!! R😎🎸👍
  3. Led Zeppelin is stimulating; not M&m R🎃
  4. Doubtful, unless, they come back after Australia and the Far East. 😞 no Atlanta either. R🎃
  5. Jimmy Page New Material?

    I think he’s done with releasing any “new” material. He’s more concerned with preserving the integrity/ audio quality / history of Led Zeppelin, The Yardbirds & his previous studio/collaborative/soundtrack efforts, which is why he did the 9 studio album re-masters / deluxe editions along with re-mastered BBC sessions) & set up his website in the past few years to sell his non-Zeppelin related projects there. If/when any “new” material surfaces, it will probably be well after all Led Zeppelin material (studio/Live), which is deemed appropriate for release, has been exhausted (re-mastered /re-released in all the best possible & latest formats for future generations to enjoy well after he’s gone). Enjoy the upcoming Yardbirds Live release in November. R😎
  6. Absolutely, which makes me believe they let it slip intentionally. R😎🎸
  7. I said the same thing on the boards after watching the BBC6 Live a few weeks ago (title track would work live going into or out of “Calling To You” (with violin). R😎👍
  8. Agree. Hope it’s how the East was Won or something from 1975 to 1980 Live. R😎
  9. Set List & Photos from January 31, 1975: http://www.ledzeppelin.com/show/january-31-1975 Old Forum Page had photos/videos deleted (interesting): R😎
  10. Hopefully something that hasn’t been already officially released. My guess is Earls Court. We’ll see. R😎
  11. Unless it’s a single or an EP possibly for record store day in April, 2018. R😎
  12. http://www.thisismetropolis.com/mastering-engineers/john-davis/ https://mobile.twitter.com/daftfader R😎
  13. Deep thoughts (w/ jack handey) and led wallets 😆👍 R😎
  14. Yep, that was the last great tour with JP playing great. It’s hard to believe that was almost 20 years ago. I met JP/RP in May of 98. Great tour with Lili Hayden opening in the US, too. R😎
  15. So, is Jimmy’s next project going to be a book of wisdom (quotes) or is he working with / producing an all female Chinese Led Zeppelin tribute band? 😆 R😎
  16. Black Country Communion

    Video for “song for my resting place” R😎
  17. Can someone ask Robert (if there is a town hall q&a format today as I won’t be able most likely to listen in live) Question: what can be done moving forward about RP Verified Fan presales with Ticketmaster (aka Stubhub)? Many of us in the US got left out/ excluded from floor seats (as most floor tickets at the start of fan presales were already gone gone gone from Ticketmaster’s site at same time their Stubhub site had inflated prices for floor tickets). I along with many others around, attempted in good faith with (Chase, Amex, Citi) any possible credit card presale options, too with same results. It was a fiasco. There are currently only 12 US/N America 2018 dates. Question: Will any more cities be added? Example: Atlanta, GA or Florida??? And if so, what measures can be taken to ensure an equitable opportunity/ level playing field for purchase? thanks, R😎
  18. Black Country Communion

    Cool 😎 thx 👍 R😎
  19. Exactly. Thx for sharing your experiences. I knew I wasn’t alone here. R😎
  20. Black Country Communion

    There’s a bonus track on the vinyl not on other formats (cd, digital). Enjoy. R😎
  21. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/music/artists/robert-plant-interview-re-form-led-zeppelin-cant-ever-really/ new RP article R😎
  22. FYI: Walmart and Target stores in Atlanta do not carry “Carry Fire” (online only). Best Buy , a mom & pop one off and / or maybe selected Barnes & Noble bookstores are the only retail store with it. Otherwise, Amazon or directly from RP.com . Sad day in US music (retail) history. BTW, each retail listed above had 20 or more of the top 40 rap (crap) and pop ilk. P.S. I worked retail in a record store for years, during High school and college, so to see it come to this makes one think we are truly in the last days of physical media. After that, the cloud (digital space) will own you. Thankful that Robert (understand their customers/ listeners / fans) and company have released their latest project on multiple physical formats. Their record label reps need to get on the ball and stock retail shelves with this great album. We’re probably the last generation to buy physical media. R😳
  23. Thx Sam. Can’t wait til Friday to listen to Robert’s new album. R😎
  24. He’s on Jools Holland (taping today). It’s airs soon on BBC and then BBC America afterwards. I’m sure there’s some footage from today in youtube. until then, here’s the official video of “Bones of Saints”: R😎

    Thankz. They can play any style and make it their own. I think they were the greatest band on the planet in their time. R😎