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  1. Kashmir Trampled Underfoot Wanton Song The Rain Song When The Levee Breaks Since I’ve Been Loving You Achilles Last Stand For Your Life / Celebration Day (tie) The Ocean Thank You R😎🎸👍
  2. reids

    Gibson files for bankruptcy protection

    Mismanagement, bad investments , wrong decisions in price increases over the years. Fender has got their prices out of hand, too, but they haven’t made the series of mistakes that Gibson has made. R😎
  3. reids

    Jason Bonham Asked to Change Band Name to "LZ Evening"

    Holographic 3D LEGO Anime In 4K
  4. reids

    Led Zeppelin Experience

    Maybe one on wheels from town to town like the Experience Hendrix one a few years back or one stationary. We’ll see. R😎
  5. reids

    Jason Bonham Asked to Change Band Name to "LZ Evening"

    Exactly. R😎
  6. Yep. I refuse to pay anything over retail ($10) for the single. The scalpers / resellers on EBay for $50+ each can stick the vinyl up theirs. R😎
  7. Thx. No. They gave it to me as I inquired about the single. It was behind the counter out of view. I had recently purchased the 5.1 blu ray for HTWWW from them, so they knew I was a Zeppelin buyer. R😎
  8. Excellent. I went to two area local record stores, but they were both sold out of the single, but I did manage to get the display. R😎
  9. reids

    Jimmy, me & Brian May

    Late 90s or Early 2000s? (As Page and May no longer darken their hair). Was this at a charity guitar competition where Page & May were judges back in early 2000s? R😎
  10. reids

    Greta Van Fleet

    I think you’re right, Steve. It sounds like early 70s “Summer Breeze” From Seals & Croft or something borrowed from CSNY / Stephen Stills. R😎
  11. reids

    Greta Van Fleet

    Opera man. I knew he had that Sandler thing going on.😀 R😎
  12. Ha 😀 Guess it was time after 20 years to talk about the much needed overhaul of WIC (aka Most High).If P/P can update/re-release Unledded / No Quarter with a red cover and added tracks (also releasing a dvd, too), then they can surely do the same for WIC. Maybe Jonesy can help JP / RP w/ the production / arrangement? 😁 R😎
  13. That would be perfect to rename it “Most High” , give it an update (overhaul) and make it a cohesive statement. Add in a bonus dvd / blu ray of one of their best 1998 tour dates as a bonus. It could bring a lot more validity to their P&P partnership, while giving us something more. R😎
  14. reids

    Greta Van Fleet

    It reminded me of Adam Sandler or Jack Black (tenacious d) for a minute 🤪, but I do like the band. I wish the singer sang at a lower register and cut down on the hand gestures, though. R😎
  15. Exactly. I’d love to see Page & Plant do a remastering / overhaul on WIC. Maybe call it “Returning To Clarksdale” or something. Its been 20 years. Great live performances from the 1998 Walking Into Everywhere Tour. R😎
  16. I’m surprised RP hasn’t reworked “The Window” (bonus track) into his most recent tour set List with SSS. R😎
  17. Considering Michael Lee (RIP), Charlie Jones, Page & Plant are all credited as songwriters on Clarksdale, I’d have to agree w/ Steve, too. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walking_into_Clarksdale R😎
  18. reids

    Coverdale/Page being remastered/revisited

    You’re Welcome. I knew Eddie would get a response from DC and possibly more info from what we already know was recorded / filmed. My guess: DC will hopefully get together w/ JP sometime later this year or early 2019 to review stuff and sometime in mid to late 2019 we’ll probably see the remastered CP deluxe. R😎😊
  19. reids

    Coverdale/Page being remastered/revisited

    It’s all here : I actually called in to Eddie Trunk’s show to ask him about CP remastering with bonus audio & video. He then asked DC. R😎
  20. I picked up an Album Network: InThe Studio Promo CD from 1990 a while back (Manic Nirvana) R😎
  21. reids


    Alice Cooper from August 21st concert at Chastain (Atlanta, GA) w/ Deep Purple & Edgar Winter. R😎
  22. reids


    Yes, indeed. I’ve had a vhs copy of TSRTS concert (alternate) footage not included in movie while each member and Grant had their fantasy sequences as well as other footage for over 30 years (since 1988 or 89). Hope it’s unseen photos, too! R😎