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  1. Enjoyed watching Robert Plant and his latest incarnation of the sensational Space shifters this morning in BBC6 Live. Here’s the link: https://www.bbc.co.uk/6music Very cool stuff So, he did interview + Set List 6/10/17: WIAWSNB (w/ when the levee breaks lyrics) Turn it up The (Brian) May queen 😀(new) The new world (new) Misty Mountain Hop Carry Fire (new) (incredible -wow) In the light Rainbow (Containing lines from Sea of Love) Bones of Saints (new) Satan, Your Kingdom Come Down (w/ lyrics from In My Time of Dying) Whole Lotta Love *bonus : The Lemon Song (not aired) R😎

    Rock: Rock N’ Roll / Immigrant Song / WLL Blues: WIAWSNB / BIGLY / SIBLY / Lemon Song / Tea For One / You Shook Me Ballad: Thank You / I’m Gonna Crawl / That’s The Way / All My Love Pop Rock: Dancing Days / GTBT / HHWCID / LIving LIving Maid / D’yer M’aker / HOTH Eastern / World Mix: Kashmir / In The Light / Friends / Four Sticks Roots / Americana: Going To California / That’s The Way / The Battle of Evermore Country: Tangerine / Hot Dog / Down By The Seaside Jazz: How Many More Times / D & C Alternative / Punk: Immigrant Song / Communication Breakdown / Wearing & Tearing R & B / Soul / Funk: Trampled Under Foot / Carouselambra / The Crunge Gospel: Your Time Is Gonna Come / No Quarter Instrumental: Black Mountain Side / Moby Dick / Bron - Yr- Aur Honky Tonk / Rockabilly: Candy Store Rock / Darlene / South Bound Suarez Classical: (composition / arrangements) The Rain Song / Stairway To Heaven R😎
  3. It should be a debate between Jimmy and Robbie Williams considering their feud regarding Robbie trying to disrupt their neighborhood by remodeling / shaking foundation of his house. R😎
  4. Robert Plant US tour 2018

    It might be some Silicon Valley tech startup company CEO , some billionaire daughter's sweet sixteen birthday or some major corporation(s) (like an ENRON ; remember them????) buying them up in one swoop beforehand for an office party, which is why they're gone beforehand ???? I have my theories and they're all NOT good at all for the true fans. R😳
  5. Robert Plant US tour 2018

    Having worked in the media, one can write / call, etc (BBB, State Attorneys General for each state, local & national news media: radio, tv stations, internet) as November sweeps are approaching. They're always looking for human interest & investigative reporting stories. As a fan of Robert Plant, Led Zeppelin and many other classic rock bands, something has to be done about these unfair business practices relating to Concert ticket sales. Some are saying they are doing some work but it hasn't been enough or quick enough to make an impact to swing things back to being a level playing field for the true fans. The same thing has been going on in sporting tickets as well. We can make a difference if we don't buy the tickets at the resale prices (from scalpers / brokers) and / or if we don't play their game. They'll have to change. R😎
  6. Robert Plant US tour 2018

    Something is seriously wrong (wirefraud???, ticket sellers websites hacked???, super secret fan clubs??? , credit card companies in collusion with execs buying the floor and reselling / flipping them on bub snubb ????) when most of the floor tickets are gone before presales start. A federal investigation needs to be done. R😳
  7. These "special" presales are nothing but a sponsored cash grab for credit card companies and the brokers / scalpers are making even more money at the fans expense. When The tickets on the main floor at the start of the presales are all but gone, there's something seriously wrong. We've Jumped through Enough hurdles to attempt to get decent tickets in the same zip code to the front of the stage with little to Nothing to show for it. Glad at least a couple of you got some tickets. We just want a level playing field. On a side note: What they need to do at venues is enforce a no video w/ cell phone policy for ticket holders on the floor, so those the fake fans (you know the type: man bunned , skinny jeaned, trendy beard wearing " alt-Americana" ) who hold their cameras up to take selfies and talk during the entire concert need to be escorted to the back or out of the Building. R😔
  8. Robert Plant US tour 2018

    Unbelievable how one person can be in 2nd row with person behind them getting tickets in 17th row. Then you get 22nd row. Doesn't that sound odd? Sounds like more shenanigans with Ticketmaster/ Stubhubb and/or ticket brokers during the presales. I think I'm done with going to major concerts (unless there is a real level playing field enforced ; where brokers / scalpers are declared illegal business practices once again). Sounds like they want to take every bit of fun out of the experience. For those of you who got decent tickets enjoy. R😎
  9. I don't think codes are transferable (from city to city). They are unique per person per individual city for one purchase of up to 4 tickets in one transaction. Hope you can get decent floor tickets. It'd be nice if we all (from the forum) could get decent pre-sale tickets. R😎
  10. Hope y'all fared better with getting presale Robert Plant North American tour tickets this morning. This new Ticketmaster system is worse than previous one, as the floor is gone after less than two minutes for the February 11th Charlotte, NC show. I'm not driving 4 hours and paying $184 for two balcony tickets. No way. I'd only pay that much for two floor seats down front (and this is the presale with the special code???). 😳 Hope Robert adds Atlanta or does one more US concert date with Jimmy, JPJ & Jason. Otherwise, I'm done. R😎
  11. Ok. I guess they only have special pre-sale for selected cities then of the 2017 twelve North American tour dates listed. I hope they add Atlanta as I don't want to travel 300 miles to NC to see Robert when he's always toured in Atlanta. Maybe they'll add another leg (but maybe they won't). R😎
  12. Did you pre-register? If so, then you'd receive another page of info relating to Ticketmaster in cooperation with Robert's North American tour ticket sale including policy, 2 to 4 hours prior to presale time / date for the city you selected (4 ticket maximum per person w/ no multiple registrations per address , etc. check your email spam filter ahead of time before sale. Ticketmaster also mentioned not worrying about "brokers" having tickets listed before actual sale as they are not verified seats/tickets for sale (just speculated / most likely by computer algorithms/ bots). I actually used to sell concert tickets, back in the early days of the consumer boom of the internet, so I know how these systems generally work (as an employee and a consumer). Hope that helps. Read all of the Ticketmaster policy and email / directions provided above posts via links and once you register. R😎
  13. What did they think of other bands

    Remember, the (original) Fleetwood Mac was a blues-based band, with different members (Peter Green on guitars ) and playing a very different style of music versus the pop version of the band it morphed into that we all know today with Buckingham & Nicks. R😎
  14. So he'll most likely transition from / or have a medley of "Rock N Roll" into "Bluebirds over the mountain" or vice versa live on the this tour. R😎
  15. "Bluebirds over the mountain" (3rd release from Carry Fire) : R😎
  16. http://view.e.wmg.com/?qs=2346b57d30da773b78e6edc95e1dfacd194c60e0f73fc8ddbca38c77a1d746a863d364aec4cc7a994c127181f86c27c4b22cc9d9dd716fc8b46bda2ae72544361bf8940e8f974ad5 R😎
  17. North America / US tour dates / pre-registration info: See below R😎
  18. Yardbirds '68 out Nov 5th

    Welcome. 24% discount via pop market: CD: https://www.popmarket.com/yardbirds-68/5060521170014?utm_source=WhatCounts&utm_medium=Email&utm_content=09-26-17&utm_campaign=1712392601&promoCode=1712392601 vinyl: Around $40. R😎
  19. Yardbirds '68 out Nov 5th

    New promotional video for Yardbirds '68 R😎

    I really do hope an official / authorized bootleg series is in the works (to cover 68-80 live). *That would be a great way to start a 50th Anniversary celebration next year.* Could you imagine, at least one great performance or best of performances from each of their touring years being compiled, digitally remastered from the best source tapes and released digital, cd & limited edition vinyl with liner notes from the surviving members along with related quotes from John Bonham? R😎
  21. Thanks, Sam. It's great to see new / alternate sources coming forward, as I'm sure we'll see more, being the surviving members are in their late 60s and early 70s as well as senior / active tapers/ fans who were there are now wanting to share their experiences before it's too late. I really do hope an official / authorized bootleg series is in the works (to cover 68-80 live). *That would be a great way to start a 50th Anniversary celebration next year.* R😎

    I just talked with Joe Bonamassa and Kevin Shirley on Sirius XM channel 106 Volume on Eddie Trunk's show this afternoon. I asked Kevin if he had worked on anything with Jimmy Page for their 50th Anniversary next year and he said he hasn't spoken with Jimmy in about the 10 years, since working on several projects with him/ Led Zep. The rebroadcast is on tonight (now til midnight on channel 106 for those of you with Sirius XM) and for those of you that don't have it, it will be later added to Eddie Trunk's podcast soon. R😎

    That would be nice and all, but that would already have to be pre-produced, recorded, mixed and edited and for them to get it out in time for their 50th Anniversary (in a few months). It takes some time to do that stuff, having worked in tv/film industry for 20+ years. Then, there's legal, all three signing off on final edit/ cut & mix (audio) , clearance, rights , distribution deals, etc. Hope they started recording all that a few years back for it to make it out for 2018. If not, then if they started now, it might be out by 2020. I'm sure they have something else planned (to what degree, it's unknown). R😎

    Hope they would release a 50th Anniversary documentary video (DVD/blu -ray) with newly / recently taped interviews of each surviving member (as it's been documented they have recorded quite a few things on video in the past ten years like jason at headley grange (led zep IV album review???), Robert in NYC in front of physical graffiti (tea shop now), Jimmy various interviews (Re-Masters, Chris Cornell, jimmy's book release tour), their O2 press conference, Kennedy Center Honors, letterman & Charlie Rose interviews from 2012, etc) and family members (Jason, Zoe, Pat, Logan, Maureen, etc) , their personal stories / memories as well as interviews from those close to them (Cole, etc). Maybe some music, too, like a bonus cd / digital with "Swan Song", "Fire", "a few live cuts with Bonzo, etc. R😎