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  1. Agreed. I’ll probably just get the blu ray for the 5.1 mix this go round. R😎
  2. Yes, indeed. I think we’ll see the two of them interact again. Good (on camera) chemistry and interaction considering Robert meeting Dan for the first time for this sit down conversation based interview. R😎
  3. reids


    Yes and there’s another thread / link on the forum with Dave Lewis speaking about it as well. R😎
  4. Interesting stuff from Dan & responses from Robert, as it wasn’t the same cookie cutter questions. Rather and his team put time & thought into preparing this sit down conversation based interview. Thx for sharing. I’ve been trying to get AXS tv in area for years. Looking forward to seeing RP share his Carry Fire Tour in June. R😎
  5. reids

    Myles Kennedy

    Picked up his cd with 3 demo bonus tracks (Best Buy exclusive version) and He’s coming to Atlanta (City Winery) in May. R😎
  6. reids


    This year marks the 25th Anniversary of CP, so we’ll see if / when they give Warner UK the green light for the remaster to take place (hopefully soon) with bonus materials (5+ tracks and video footage). I believe this year and next year will be very expensive years for Led Zeppelin and related projects (collectors/fans alike). R😎
  7. reids

    Zeppelin in St..Louis, 1977

    It was more fun and more of a level playing field getting tickets back then versus the scams these ticket companies have their hands in w/ “reseller” (scalper) business nowadays. Dont even get me started about the surcharge, ticket, processing and miscellaneous fees. R😎
  8. reids

    Lawsuit over Stairway to Heaven

    Hopefully, the judges will throw it out of court and Led Zeppelin can finally move on with “Stairway To Heaven”. They should actually sue the person(s) who brought up this silly case for damages and their legal fees/ wasting their time. R😎
  9. reids


    Heres the interview from earlier today. At 13:00 DC talks about John & Jason Bonham. At 27:30 He discusses JP (from my requested call). R😎
  10. reids

    Led Zeppelin Survey For My College Project Please Help

  11. Maybe they’re saving their pennies / shillings for the 50th Anniversary related promotional materials. R😎
  12. reids


    I called Sirius XM (Volume) Channel 106 (Eddie Trunk) this afternoon as Eddie had his live interview w/ David Coverdale today around 2:45 - 3:15pm EST (replays tonight). I requested for Eddie to ask David about any chance of a Coverdale Page II project album and / or a CP remaster/reissue w/ bonus tracks/ dvd Bonus footage. David said he actually is interested in both and that both he and Jimmy actually last December spoke about their interest in a reissue w/ Bonus materials. He said Warner UK (record label) came to both of them at a holiday party / gathering late last year regarding interest in a remaster / reissue w/ Bonus of CP. David also said there are 5 or so unreleased tracks and a bunch of video footage to use in the future. He mentioned to Jimmy that he should do what Santana did w/ Supernatural album (assembling a variety of singers / guest musicians) and he’d be interested in contributing a few vocals as he’s currently got 5 or 6 projects in the works (including the new Whitesnake album, which has been delayed due to his recent illness , editing of several other projects, touring w/ Whitesnake this year, reviewing material for deluxe Anniversary reissues for Slide It In (this year) & Slip of the Tongue - next year ). The complete interview will re-air tonight as well as on Eddie’s Pod Cast soon. R😎
  13. reids

    The Rest in Peace Thread

    RIP Nokie. I met him after a guitar player awards show at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, TN at Muriel Anderson’s Night of Guitar in 2004. James Burton (Elvis’ TCB Band guitarist after Scottie Moore), Peter Frampton & Adrian Belew were also honored that evening. Nokie performed some great Ventures songs. He will be missed. R😎
  14. reids

    How about an acoustic reunion?

    An acoustic show for their 50th, JP’s 75th next January or something else might be the only way RP will do another one-off. We’ll see. R😎
  15. reids

    One of the more obscure Zep items out there..

    Too cool 😎👍 thanks for sharing. R😀
  16. reids


    Robert does have a sense of humor. Welcome To The forum, JustJill. Looking forward to seeing what more they have up their sleeves for their 50th Anniversary. R😎
  17. reids


    Hello??? The incorrect information you gave earlier was that RP was not interested (ever) in reforming Led Zeppelin: “What a load of old tosh. He actually cares about the band’s legacy and doesn’t want to do it a disservice, that’s why he’s not reformed the band.” Yet, He did request JP &JPJ to join him in rehearsals & he’s reformed the band (notice the same tense??? “He’s not”, which is short for he has not. Has not being past tense ) on several occasions post 1980. Dates and History provided and proven (January ‘86 (W/ Tony Thompson), 1990 (rehearsals w/ Mike Bordin), The O2 Concert of 2007 with Led Zeppelin’s “Celebration Day” including Jason, etc). You want to keep this going and keep Trolling me??? You’ve had multiple opportunities to let it go, apologize, ask for clarification in a civil manner yet you’ve had run-ins with me & 3 other members recently (SAJ, luvlz2, JustJill) on the forum (including a brand new member the past few days on this thread; great first impression), which makes you & your “abrasive personality” confrontational. Please simply move on. I’ve attempted to continue with Led Zeppelin’s 50th Anniversary thread / to stay or return to topic, but you keep trying to stir up negativity / debate when the facts are proven on the forum (whatever thread you go on). Stop the harassment now. R
  18. reids

    Your first Led Zeppelin album

    My older brothers already had all their albums (on vinyl as each were originally released), so I made cassettes from them until I bought their catalog on cd around 1986/87 starting with Presence & Physical Graffiti. R😎
  19. reids


    Here and now “facts” you reported were based on incorrect information. I was simply replying w/ facts based on actual history relating to RP initiating Led Zeppelin’s rehearsals w/JP, JPJ, etc. This history is important as it brings us all the way to their 50th Anniversary year, which we celebrate a significant milestone. “Been dazed and confused for so long it’s not true...” Moving forward (after 17 existing pages, we know it’s all speculation of what is to be released until Sam, one of the surviving members or Atlantic Records announces more (in addition to the book, live cd(s)). Can’t wait to see what the surviving members of Led Zeppelin do for their 50th Anniversary. R😎
  20. Probably. They performed together at the Ronnie Lane ARMS concerts in early 80s and knew each other from 60s on. R😎
  21. reids


    “He actually cares about the band’s legacy and doesn’t want to do it a disservice, that’s why he’s not reformed the band.” But as we can see from history, he did more than contemplate; he actually assembled JP, JPJ and various drummers (Tony Thompson, Phil Collins, Mike Borodin, etc) to reform / rehearse “the band” (that’s the same point I made earlier). When those attempts failed, due to whatever reasons (impatience, Car accidents, etc) he then focused on his solo career and hasn’t looked back. He NOW states he doesn’t want to do it a disservice (as he’s approaching 70). History will show us he did want to regroup w/ Led Zeppelin and attempted on multiple occasions (only for it to not come to fruition). Hope that clarifies things. R😎
  22. reids


    Yet RP tried to reform Led Zeppelin on several occasions (January ‘86 rehearsals in Bath (Peter Gabriel’s studio) with JP, JPJ & Tony Thompson (RIP; ex-Chic/Powerstation drummer) as RP was quoted as saying they had some promising new material a la “Husker Du” but JP had pedal difficulties/ Thompson involved in car accident (scrapping that attempt) and then again in early 1990s with JP, JPJ & Faith No More / Ozzy drummer Mike Bordin (per Robert's request), but things didn’t come to fruition. Then, RP & JP got together after Coverdale/Page a few years later for the successful Page & Plant Concert tours of 1995/96 & 1998/1999 (Walking Into Everywhere Tour). RP did an about face from partnering w/ JP (other than “My Buckets Got a Whole In Ir” (Memphis / Sun Studios recording session) at the end of the 90s early 2000s to continue his solo career and hasn’t looked back since (other than per Ahmet’s wife’s request for the O2 Tribute concert). RP definitely wanted to continue with and attempted to work with JP, JPJ & another drummer. His success with Raising Sand 12 years ago and multiple incarnations of Shape Shifting bands of Joy are the stew of what he’s interested in to this day. Doubtful at their age now of the 3 surviving members of Led Zeppelin ever doing anything Live (be it a song for their 50th Anniversary), but they’ve always been a band of mystery, so we’ll see. R😎
  23. I wish they’d release a Coda II w/: Swan Song (Instrumental), Fire, Instrumental piano & flamenco piece (featuring JPJ & JP), etc for their 50th. R😎
  24. reids

    Master List of All Soundboard recordings

    Maybe Grant didn’t want them released per request of the band ??? Robert’s voice issues in late 72??? Not sure. R😎