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  1. 2017 NFL "potted plant" Memorial Pool

    You're not the bad guy. Thank you and Merry Christmas to you.
  2. The Birthday Thread

    You are the best Ever and Eva and Eva and Eva. Rock On Forever, Kiwi! You Rock, Big time. I am honoured to know you. In my world, you rule forever and eva and eva Happy Birthday!
  3. The Birthday Thread

    May you never know death and live forever in paradise. ROCK ON!!
  4. 2017 NFL "potted plant" Memorial Pool

    No, I was not wishing to create trouble. Those were your words, Sean. And you are not always right. You are wrong in this case as well. If you wish to bring me into it Sean, fine. I haven't posted "Here". So I haven't brought me here, until you did, Sean. Thank you!! I am NOT manipulating Rick. I would rather call him by his screen name. "Ledzeppelin 77" After all, he did see the band in person. Let's give some respect to him. Ok? 77, did I brainwash you? No? Yet you do not respect screen names. To you, no longer am I Andy. You are trying to create some conflict. Sorry, but I don't subscribe to that point of view. I am on Sam's website, not yours. Ya know, I have tried to talk with you, personally about this. I don't care to bring you on to things personally. Yet, you do to me. Weird. I thought better of U. No. I was creating honesty. Check the Ip-address. I would bet it is the same as Walter's. If I am wrong, let Sam state as much. I haven't been booted Sean, unless of course you aren't playing fair. I chose not to play, nor post. I would suggest giving Rick 3 picks from the same address he posts from as well, to be fair. (As well as everyone else.) Let them have 3 hands each to choose and let it be retro to be fair to everyone. Let each participant, have 2 other hands to be all wins - no losses to now. By the way, who won last year? A member of the forum? Or a friend of yours? I dunno. I didn't play last year due to the NFL becoming political. I have no dog in the hunt, therefore nothing to lose. The only care I have is the name of the thread, if you wish to be fair. I knew and respected Brett. I like '77 too. I think Rick ('77) has a brain. Sue me. Rick ('77) Go rob Fort Knox *Beep Beep Beep*. Strider, I don't think he robbed it. Thank you for bringing me up to a thread I haven't even posted in. Classy! I wish the best of luck to all (including those playing as 3.) It's sad that you brought me into a thread I didn't wish to partake. Potted Plant (Brett) (May she rest in peace) wouldn't approve. I speak to her family. We shouldn't drag this out. But YOU brought me into this thread.
  5. The Rest in Peace Thread

    Hey Ipman. How's it going?! The best I hope. Thank you.
  6. Random Thoughts v.3

    Yes. My best to Mrs. Walter too.
  7. Random Thoughts v.3

    I'm sorry for your misfortune. I hope you can find strength in yourself and others to handle the situation. Best. A-
  8. What Made You Happy today?

    Making it through surgery made me happy. That anesthesia really puts you to sleep fast. It's great to see you, geekfreak!
  9. The Rest in Peace Thread

    Murderer or not, I guess it is a legitimate question to ask if being in the country illegally is a crime? Yes it is, or it wouldn't be illegal. Is enforcing a crime against someone being here illegally "fascist" or "upholding the law for protection for citizens of the country"? A young lady taking a walk with her dad would still be alive.
  10. What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    Crazy. Thank you, greengrass.
  11. The Rest in Peace Thread

    So sad. After shot Kate said "Daddy help me". I feel bad for her dad who couldn't do anything. She died in her dad's arms. Of course I'm very sad for her mom too. She had just changed her Facebook page to say "If it feels good to your soul, just do it." R.I.P. Kate Steinle +1.
  12. What Are You Doing Today?

    Potato Chip Man driving drunk again? Doesn't surprise me.
  13. Post A Picture Of Yourself!

    Never too late to rock what ya got. I had the same situation. It's a big world, my friend. Remembering the pain is painful. Try something new - No pain. What have you got to lose? ň People on the board are just people on a board. Your instinct is better. I think Jonesy would agree - You got the killer blue eyes going for ya, Man. You have got nothing to lose.
  14. The Birthday Thread

    Zoso! I'm so sorry I missed your B-Day. Many wishes for much happiness this year to come. Ahh, so much to enjoy this year to come. I hope the year ahead is a happy one. Happy birthday to the King! You Rock! Also, a very Happy Birthday to Ipman. If you don't like what I sent you, I'll have to... I guess kick yer ass? Sorry to use that form of language in the free world. I hope you rock on for ages, in this Land of Confusion. I know the one with Reagan is better, but it's a new B-Day. Enjoy and Rock On IpMan! Check your Inbox. Happy Birthday, again.
  15. Post A Picture Of Yourself!

    He's got the killer blue eyes going for him. Great pic. Not a frickin' wrinkle! I would agree with the shave Jonesy suggested, Or get creative. One last "Hurrah"! Could do a slick back on the sides. Maybe a shave down in the mids. Some women go for "the balding look" rather than the whole "give-up-and-go". Trust me. Some women think that "soft spot" in the middle is sexy as hell. Yeah they do! The sprig on your upper-right. Why not get creative? Dye it blue. But keep it shortenz. That's a good pic, Samo! The beard - 100% of awesome. Don't change a thing on the beard. I'm surprised the ladies ain't hittin' ya down.