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  1. apantherfrommd

    What show or live song are you listening to now?

    The 2018 Wendy Box looked so tempting. I was waiting for a recommendation on this. Thank you very much, Autumn Moon for the comparison between two of the sources on Wendy and the Eat A Peach.
  2. apantherfrommd

    Jimmy Page confirms 2018 release(s)

    8 hours ago, paplbojo said: I am in shock that there are so many people complaining about this. What the hell is going on here? If Page releases live shows that have been professionally remastered, and I don't give a crap what shows they are, be it Tempe, I'd be ecstatic. Few real fans it seems. Just be happy and excited. Too much time on your hands? Top three I hope get streamed, any show from: Back to the clubs tour 1971 Copenhagen 1979 UK winter tour 1971 Question 4members and Ipman: Is there anything we haven't heard? 1971 Or 1972, I would pay Megamoola to hear whether it be live-streamed, bootlegged, unreleased or not, but the 1975 stuff is all we usually get. New release hoopla = 1975. I love Physical Graffiti. But when you are welcomed to dinner once a year and it's the same dish... This is the 50th Anniversary after all. Anniversary between Led Zeppelin and the fans of Led Zeppelin. 50 is a HUGE number for fans!
  3. apantherfrommd

    Phrases that make your blood boil.

    I had to go back to the place on Thursday. I think it was "a bit" better. "Hey Becky, Here's Pappy". At least it's more of a name, ya know? Sometimes, you're identified by what you do, I guess, and they've only seen you a few times. Thing is, Now my blood boils (or I cringe) when I hear the words "Hey Becky...!"
  4. apantherfrommd

    The Sleep Topic (or the Topic of Sleep)

    I can ask for 45 of the blue footballs anytime I want, so ... I hate to waste my old ones. Maybe a trip to NY wouldn't be out of the question. It's not fair that I'm following the process for once. Now they have me on two things, since I've been aggreeing to be a willing participant. Watch this. Notice 46 to 55 second mark. They want me to take this in addition to Clonzepam at night. I woke up the next morning with a Monster Energy Drink on my counter top and my car key on my kitchen counter, so I slept drove, and slept shopped. I had posted here. This was a while ago. I had food in the trash, so I slept ate. But on top of that, I'm still allowed to ask for as many blue meanies as I want. Oh, and there's a big dent in the back of my car. Beats me! I don't remember any of it all! The shopping, driving, or eating. If I make my way to NY, the dime's on me 77. I can make you a necklace of blue. I hope you have better luck than me. I'll just go to the pharmacy to make them happy. They're nice people that mean well. I'll sleep when my body says, DUDE. You're exhausted.
  5. apantherfrommd

    Random Thoughts v.3

    People get stuck and stunned when panicked. Others simply have nowhere or means to go anywhere, but by foot. I was glad go back home tbh. Nothing could be finer... New Bern got hit very hard. But yup, some with the means were flat out stewpid.
  6. apantherfrommd

    What show or live song are you listening to now?

    I appreciate that. Eat A Peach release is what I was listening to before I gave it to a co-worker. I always enjoy testing a copy of that one out. Until yesterday, I had never heard the Eat A Peach (formally Godfather?) release. Thank you, Strider.
  7. apantherfrommd

    What show or live song are you listening to now?

    Blueberry Hill. So many masters and versions. Which is the best for sound - clarity and thickness?
  8. apantherfrommd

    Imagine There's No Countries

    Nah. He's just sticking to the topic. If he sees the world inclusively, I can respect that. Hey, I'd gladly stand by IpMan in his wishes for world peace. But I'm very glad we do have borders. And we need to fortify ours more than ever. The timing's all wrong, IpMan. For instance: Jan 2018 - Trudeau 'Canada welcomes refugees who have been rejected from the US.' (probably in an effort of pride for himself and to shame 45) May 2018 - TORONTO (Reuters) - May 1, 2018 Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his ministers faced questions in parliament on Tuesday a day after Reuters reported that Canada wants the legal authority to turn back thousands of asylum seekers crossing the border illegally. It's not the right time for no countries/ no borders. Maybe someday... But ALL countries would need to want to do it. And they don't. Each country that wants this needs to get it together as a country first. Indivisible and strong. Until then, it's a dream. A good one to strive toward. You may say I'm a dreamer. But I'm not the only one · I hope some day you'll join us. And the world will be as one - John Lennon Olivia busted him over the head with a lamp while George lay bleeding with a knife wound praying. George was my favorite. I worked with Ringo's housekeeper. He was a nice guy. A germaphobe and a dancer that could do some awesome flips.
  9. apantherfrommd

    Imagine There's No Countries

    And so... in this single world government, are you willing to pledge your allegiance to the leader of the free world at this current time? "You can have it if you want it" ~ John Lennon Lennon's ideas were correct, but for heaven on earth. You have said it yourself IpMan. People have to be held accountable for their 'lack of transparency.' Do you really want to be ruled under a governing body of elite liars unchecked? What the globe does are imply us all in the world as a family, but borders simplify us here as a part of one great American family, saluting one flag, standing together in unison, pledging allegiance to one Nation. Indivisible. Do those words resonate? It's not about US vs THEM. It's about US. Before you can be in unison without borders, don't you think, you need to get it together first at home? If you can't even do that, then don't even go bigger, because you'll have bigger problems. MUCH And you'll be overwhelmed, broadsided, and not know what hit you when your home is overrun with killers that took advantage of your (not you personally) well-wishes and naivety.
  10. apantherfrommd

    Random Thoughts v.3

    He frequently is wrong, just never admits it. Ms. Osaka is Japanese and also as black as 44. This should have been called a mixed match. Serena claiming sexism was wrong. She had a female opponent. And Serena has been no stranger to abusing female judges or opponents. Plenty of men have been thrown out of games and given warnings. Usually though, it has been during the part of the game where it was their first offense. Not a game point. And for her to claim women rights is a farce. Good post, Jonesy
  11. apantherfrommd

    Never Forget

    Saudi Swamp purging earlier - Oct-Nov 2017. Deal struck. Arrests made. Tentacles are ww Working together against the beast. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2017_Saudi_Arabian_purge All joking aside. They funded crimes, as you said, and might I add people. Cimes/People - The two words you can almost use synonymously. 9/11 is a day I deal with on my own each year.
  12. apantherfrommd

    What's the weather like where you are?

    I received correspondence today. FEMA I hope you're not in trouble when all is said and done.
  13. apantherfrommd

    This Day in Music

    Marmalade: Dean Ford - I enjoyed the transition to "Reflections Of My Life" recently. Great job. I'm glad Dean Ford is still alive.
  14. apantherfrommd

    Random Thoughts v.3

    +1 Ms. Osaka was a gracious winner.
  15. apantherfrommd

    The Rest in Peace Thread

    Oh no. Rest in peace, Bill.