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  1. World War II

    *Since this site has declared war on politics, religion, etc; I start this thread on the basis of 'History' and not necessarily politics.* This is my disclaimer.* If this site declares war on history, then freedom of speech is truly dead here. World War II was a Godless war. No leaders of power claimed a religion. FDR a Freemason, Hitler an occultist at best. The Japanese worshipped their Emperor Hirohito. And we know he was not a deity. In this thread, I'd like to present history to start off. I have not seen a thread on World War II yet. Perhaps the search function is not working for me properly. If so, I apologize. December 7th, 1941 is "a day that will live in infamy." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lK8gYGg0dkE

    Oh wow! Hey 'Ipman'. How's it goin? Seeing gramps up in a tree is kind of creepie. Interesting video. Thank you. Rock on. *Edit to ask* Mid-80's videos here? Dear God letter and one with L. Nimoy w/ The Bangles? It's all good. Jules! Hi. Difficult question to wrap a mind around. Easy to ask. Let's run with the notion of a Creator of this or all universes. I would doubt if it would need to urinate or drink water. Creations would be mere exhales of visions into existences to It. It would not need to succumb to death. I bet It would think It's smarter than us too! I think if we based our laws (human laws) (gravity, procreation, death, etc) to support the existence or non-existence of the Creator, then we would be guilty of creating the very organization of "religion". Why would something or an entity be subject to those concepts or laws It created within a universe It created for whatever purpose intended? There are just things we don't have the mental capacity to grasp. Like so many others, I believe in other entities that are on this rock. We're not the oldest beings here. We inherited this world as a gift, IMHO. I wish you a wonderful week.

    Wow! Very appreciated, Strider. I just learned something from their intro on the video. I never knew this was the first song on Houses Of The Holy that had a song title. Merci.
  4. Marijuana legalization

    That's fantastic, 'EaglesOfOneNest'! Thank you. It kind of also discounts MJ as being the gateway drug.

    DNA manipulation (Seed mingling) would cause cessation to any purity of those from a native born origin. Pity animals got mixed too. Better a Wordman than a Birdman.

    Are you out of your Vulcan mind?
  7. Random Thoughts v.3

    Great choice! You must be as mad as a bag of frogs. Happy New, New-er and New-est Year, Geekfreak.
  8. 2017 NFL "potted plant" Memorial Pool

    Got my own life, my lady, and I check out this forum once or twice a month. I reply if I'm addressed. Have a great 2018. Stay healthy, Chuck.

    I agree with Badge. But I have reservations. There is another for best performance. If you would like a classic best No Q... This would be the first known live recorded No Quarter. Enjoy
  10. 2017 NFL Thread

    There was some team waaay back and their name began with Ra. No not the Rams. I forget who they were. Wildcard team. On the road each week. Some quarterback named Jim. You're right. Momentum should never be underestimated. That team won the Super Bowl that year. I remember some dude named Howie Long.
  11. Song Name Game

  12. what are you listening to right NOW!?

    Ross! That is one of my favourite songs. I've never seen this video. I hope you and your good family enjoy 2018! I would have never guessed you liked anything by TJ. Rock On, Ross.
  13. Post A Picture Of Yourself!

    It's good to put a person behind the name. Awesome-Wicked art! Would you mind talking about the one on your right shoulder? I'm curious. It looks like a symbol. Happy New Year Bozoso73! I hope you enjoy 2018.
  14. Post A Picture Of Yourself!

    I hope you had a Merry Christmas, Strider! Where was this taken. It loos like the Death Star above you.
  15. 2017 NFL Thread

    Man! Congratulations to In the playoffs all records are 0-0! Anyone's game.
  16. 2017 NFL "potted plant" Memorial Pool

    No. Hang on a sec. You wished me years ago not to pm you, when you had mistakenly stated I cryptically posted about you. I have honored your wishes. I do have a life. In my recovery, I have made sure the children in the orphanage up the street had toys for Christmas. Orphans rule. Hey, it's not their fault. This is how I wish to spend my recovery time. I don't want any "atta-boy" on my back. I love children. As for getting a grip, you didn't get a joke by a member of a competitive member of this pool. You "alerted" your wife that you were being "attacked"! Maybe that is partially my fault. Maybe that is from our past as well as present experiences. I am truly sorry for any issues that have caused you serious mental health issues. Maybe it has made you paranoid to where you had thought that Rick's joke was serious. So I apologize to Rick as well for all that he has gone through on my account. I will be the scape goat for all and anything that Walter and Strider wish. Strider, did you really have to say that I got the boot off a thread I never subscribed to in the past 2 years? C'mon. Why threaten Rick? He's a good guy? So are you. I am not a prideful person. I love fun too much. Walter, I hope you and your wonderful family enjoy a wonderful peaceful comfortable 2018 and life ahead, full of fun, peace, but most of all, the best of good health to all of your family. I mean that sincerely. I agree with Strider that life is too short. Waaay too short, isn't it? Look! I wish to get this out, as to not take away from whomever wins this contest this year. My issue was that the name of this thread be changed. Perhaps next year - The NFL 2018 Pool? I dunno. Your choice. I have and do keep in contact with the survivors of potted plant. She would be proud of Dem Saints. Dem Who Dats. But would not wish to be associated with above and foremost anything taking away from the flag. She served her country. Potted Plant served her time in the Middle East - in Kuwait. She was working on a lawsuit. Blackwater - Fallujah incidents. She loved her country and flag. These SJW kneelers in the NFL - would not be something she nor her family would wish her name be attributed. In her time of dying, she did NOT play roll to victim. I saw her when she was last on here in June, less then a month before she died. I will share this one time a private message from Brett. I never could quite get a handle on what is meant by "social justice." I agree that in most all circumstances, it is redistribution of income or "wealth." The false premise that this is based upon, as best as I can determine, is that equal opportunity is not enough. Equal outcomes is the agenda. Totally disregarding the reality that people are not equal. Equality under the law is not the same as equality in human society. Getting down to where the rubber meets the road, there will always be those who are ahead of us (individually) and those who will be behind us. People were not designed to be "equal." In order to achieve "equality" the heavy hand of the government has to step in and curtail liberty so that all can be "equal." It is a false and frustrating construct that historically has failed time and again. Peace to everyone! Happy New Year!
  17. The Rest in Peace Thread

    Dang! Morale of the story - If you are guilty of a crime don't start bucking when being arrested. Go peacefully.
  18. 2017 NFL "potted plant" Memorial Pool

    You're not the bad guy. Thank you and Merry Christmas to you.
  19. The Birthday Thread

    You are the best Ever and Eva and Eva and Eva. Rock On Forever, Kiwi! You Rock, Big time. I am honoured to know you. In my world, you rule forever and eva and eva Happy Birthday!
  20. The Birthday Thread

    May you never know death and live forever in paradise. ROCK ON!!
  21. 2017 NFL "potted plant" Memorial Pool

    No, I was not wishing to create trouble. Those were your words, Sean. And you are not always right. You are wrong in this case as well. If you wish to bring me into it Sean, fine. I haven't posted "Here". So I haven't brought me here, until you did, Sean. Thank you!! I am NOT manipulating Rick. I would rather call him by his screen name. "Ledzeppelin 77" After all, he did see the band in person. Let's give some respect to him. Ok? 77, did I brainwash you? No? Yet you do not respect screen names. To you, no longer am I Andy. You are trying to create some conflict. Sorry, but I don't subscribe to that point of view. I am on Sam's website, not yours. Ya know, I have tried to talk with you, personally about this. I don't care to bring you on to things personally. Yet, you do to me. Weird. I thought better of U. No. I was creating honesty. Check the Ip-address. I would bet it is the same as Walter's. If I am wrong, let Sam state as much. I haven't been booted Sean, unless of course you aren't playing fair. I chose not to play, nor post. I would suggest giving Rick 3 picks from the same address he posts from as well, to be fair. (As well as everyone else.) Let them have 3 hands each to choose and let it be retro to be fair to everyone. Let each participant, have 2 other hands to be all wins - no losses to now. By the way, who won last year? A member of the forum? Or a friend of yours? I dunno. I didn't play last year due to the NFL becoming political. I have no dog in the hunt, therefore nothing to lose. The only care I have is the name of the thread, if you wish to be fair. I knew and respected Brett. I like '77 too. I think Rick ('77) has a brain. Sue me. Rick ('77) Go rob Fort Knox *Beep Beep Beep*. Strider, I don't think he robbed it. Thank you for bringing me up to a thread I haven't even posted in. Classy! I wish the best of luck to all (including those playing as 3.) It's sad that you brought me into a thread I didn't wish to partake. Potted Plant (Brett) (May she rest in peace) wouldn't approve. I speak to her family. We shouldn't drag this out. But YOU brought me into this thread.
  22. The Rest in Peace Thread

    Hey Ipman. How's it going?! The best I hope. Thank you.
  23. Random Thoughts v.3

    Yes. My best to Mrs. Walter too.
  24. Random Thoughts v.3

    I'm sorry for your misfortune. I hope you can find strength in yourself and others to handle the situation. Best. A-
  25. What Made You Happy today?

    Making it through surgery made me happy. That anesthesia really puts you to sleep fast. It's great to see you, geekfreak!