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  1. Current music recommendations

    i would like to recommend my band, Landskap https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2SqZ4eGeeY&t=71s
  2. BBC sessions deluxe out September 16!!!!

    theres always spotify if you have it, better quality than Amazon's mp3
  3. Meeting forum members in the flesh

    sorry, i just use any opportunity to brag about it!
  4. Meeting forum members in the flesh

  5. Recording Software Advice

    as above GarageBand, it should be pre installed on your MAC
  6. Led Zeppelin Bootlegs

    HMV are selling live shows now? https://www.hmvdigital.com/releases/5031200
  7. Drum practice

    KC was the shit! if you have spotify, you can find backing tracks with or without drums for bands and standard tunes ive been drumming for about 25 years and i've still loads to learn, best thing is to work on time keeping, counting in your head and different time signatures you don't always need a kit, tapping thighs is a low cost low noise solution

    new album, just released! http://landskap.bandcamp.com/
  9. Lawsuit over Stairway to Heaven

    yeah, there is the ongoing argument that they just ripped everything off, but when you look at the back catalogue, its total zep or a reworking (thankful they jury mustn't use the non credit issues in the current case )
  10. Lawsuit over Stairway to Heaven

    the same descending notes can be found in While my guitar gently weeps! its all bollocks! Achilles last standGoing to CaliforniaSince I've been loving youBlack dogKashmirRamble onImmigrant songCommunication breakdownFour sticksCustard pieIn the lightHeartbreakerThat's the waySong remains the sameNo quarterUnoriginal?! Case dismissed

    it was a cheeky sell my band Landskap are opening, if you're into that kinda thing

    Metal Brew is back & it’s bringing you a line up to be proud of! We aspire to bring back the awesome Metal times – the sun, the fun, the booze & the riffs! Headliner this year--DIAMOND HEAD / VENOM Family friendly https://www.facebook.com/metalbrew/ https://www.facebook.com/events/530169787155430/