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  1. badgeholder

    Golf Talk

    I was surprised Dustin Johnson let the lead slip away. I mean, I know the course was brutal but this is a guy who rarely gives up that lead once he's got it, he's very Tiger-like that way. It almost looked like Patrick Reed was gonna win his second major of the year for a minute there. If Dustin had won maybe we'd have gotten another controversial shot of lovely Paulina Gretzky sashaying up the stairs again, right? Haha. Anyway, congrats to Koepka
  2. Yes, agree about the Barney Hoskyns book, that's the best one
  3. badgeholder


    Nice! "carefully annotated"; so they all had a hand in writing captions for the pictures, which is what I was hoping for. Good to see the fellas all together!
  4. badgeholder

    Rare video footage on YouTube 75/77

    I had an 8mm camera growing up, those little reels last about three minutes. If you wanted to film a whole show you'd need a shopping cart full of film!
  5. badgeholder

    Random Thoughts v.3

    File this under "here we go again". I have a friend who's saying he saw Led Zeppelin at the Forum in '71 and CCR OPENED THE SHOW. I tried to tell him he's mistaken, but he just doubled down "Nope, they had an opening act that night" Sigh.
  6. badgeholder

    pick one

    So I was going to give a listen to Baltimore...hmmm, not in my iTunes? Odd, let me get the CD......hmm, can't find it, check my notes...huh. I don't have Baltimore? How did this happen? Ha! So anyway, I found it and grabbed it, will give it a listen! Thanks for the thread, it alerted me to a show I neede
  7. badgeholder

    Redditch to erect a statue of John Bonham in his honour

    Fantastic. This brought a tear to my eye, I gotta say. He so deserves it. YEAH!
  8. badgeholder

    Nitpicking Page 1977

    No mention of Keith Moon on the 23rd?
  9. badgeholder

    John Paul Jones & Alice Cooper photo May 2018

    "No thanks, Alice, I don't want to join the Hollywood Vampires"
  10. badgeholder

    Zep at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame..

    Looks like the bigger ones all have more than four signatures
  11. badgeholder

    Jimmy Page would bite the strings

    Hendrix wasn't pretending, he played with his teeth almost every gig. Not really "biting", more like plucking, but yeah...
  12. badgeholder

    Jimmy Page would bite the strings

    Naw, I'm calling BS on this one. Jimmy never bit his strings. He's not doing it in this photo, either. Michael Brennan takes great photos, that much is true. But he's just starting a rumor here, and I'm not 'biting' !
  13. I'm loving the new remaster, to me it's a big difference from the original, it's almost like hearing it for the first time. The vinyl is flawless, the CD's and the hi-res versions also sound great. Very happy with this. I notice I'm not hearing any drama this time around as far as glitches and skips and problems with the vinyl, etc. No crying to Dr. Rhino. I guess they've taken quality control more seriously this time, and that's a good thing. (I'm sure Sam's happy about that too !)
  14. badgeholder

    VInyl Bootleg questions!

    The '73 one is probably either Seattle (7-17), Bonzo's birthday (5-31) or Three Days After (6-3), those were the early ones from '73
  15. badgeholder

    What headphones do you use?

    Sony MDR 7506. They're about 150 bucks. Always liked this series, glad I could still get 'em, I wore out my old pair