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  1. Jimmy Page confirms 2018 release(s)

    Finally, someone spells it right! Thank you tmtomh. Do you all see that? There's NO SUCH THING as "should of" okay? okay. Carry on...
  2. Well, we know that after they saw Vanilla Fudge, Bonzo wanted an identical kit to Carmine's. So maybe these are two different, but very similar, kits, rather than them sharing one...But maybe not! hmm. Great photos BTW
  3. In an article about the venue it said that after a final Grateful Dead show the place was torn down in 1971. So...? Still there? Sort of?
  4. There's the Hendrix one where they do Day Tripper and Noel Redding is singing. The bootleggers were hyping it as "Jimi and John Lennon!"
  5. I will get this for sure, if they don't sell out. Any version of Friends is fine by me! Glad they're finally doing a record store day thing. We all know how much Jimmy loves to shop for records, so this is cool
  6. Jimmy Page confirms 2018 release(s)

    with Black Dog on the B side perhaps? hmmm......
  7. The Evolution Of The Drum Set

    That was excellent, thanks for sharing. Is it me or did he actually forget to mention Buddy Rich?
  8. What's the Next Concert You're Attending?

    I was at that Halloween show too! Cracked me up when "Tina Belcher" won best costume. Remember the B/W video they were showing, was it the Germs? Yeah that was a great show
  9. What's the Next Concert You're Attending?

    I was there as well! Wasn't that cool when they went into Goodbye Yellow Brick Road? Royal Blood were awesome too
  10. Moby Dick was one of the tracks released way back when, along with the other two, just on a different release than Studio Daze. I think it was on "One More Daze". Not sure it was complete, either.
  11. What show or live song are you listening to now?

    Well...this sent me scurrying over to you tube. Found it! Thanks for the tip!
  12. LZ II Reel to Reel - The Only Way To Fly?

    Wow, never heard about this before
  13. 9/29/71 Immigrant Song sb release

    All I know is Japan exists in good quality! Oh my! Bring it on!
  14. The Rest in Peace Thread

    He was a great guy, had the privilege of knowing him. He played with Bob Dylan, Kenny Rogers, Johnny Rivers, then became a successful actor in many movies and tv shows. Did a TON of charity work. RIP Mickey Jones
  15. Well what are you waiting for? Get to duckwalkin'!
  16. Backstage rehearsal, Japan 72

    SAJ or Sam can probably fill you in, IIRC this wasn't backstage, it was at a music store or something. (or restaurant?) I can imagine the thought balloons (ug, this bass sucks,ug this guitar, ug this kit sucks, lol) Wonder where Robert's at? Blowing harp off camera maybe?
  17. Random Newspaper Articles

    Bonzo writes a story, cool!
  18. great pics! and you're right, duckman,about no recording mics ( D'oh!)
  19. This is like the greatest live album of all time. I, for one, welcome the new remaster, and can't wait to hear it on vinyl. Can't believe all these negative comments, but I guess I'm not surprised. Some people just love to nitpick, and focus on what isn't there instead of what is there.
  20. Jason Bonham photo from 1967

    Bonzo with a 'fro? Could it be? whoa
  21. Jimmy Page confirms 2018 release(s)

    Yeah, the 9-28 Black Dog does sound very good. It's the 9-29 recording that was botched, with the drums and vocals going on one track, etc. Right?
  22. 1980 Tour Over Europe Multi Tracks

    I've mentioned it before, but, IMO the key is not the kick mics but the overheads. Big condenser mics, that's how Jimmy rolls when recording. Like in this photo from Earls Court. I think the two mics on the kick in '80 was just for better sound out front, much like they do in the studio, one for the attack the other for the ambient boom. I don't think there are any multis from the '80 tour myself
  23. Best Stairway

    Just wondering what some of your favorite versions of Stairway to Heaven might be. Currently listening to Mobile, Alabama '73, it's a good one...Toronto '71 is another one I like..