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  1. The Song Remains the Same - Theater Marquee photos

    I was in 7th grade in 1980 and I remember shortly after Bonzo passed TSRTS being shown at my local theater at midnight. It was my first midnight show and remember the theater being completely packed. Some dude set off a bottle rocket in the theater, people had brought booze, and they were smoking weed. I also remember the cops had pulled a car over in the parking lot - and distinctly remember watching the cop reach into the car and pull out a bong and putting it on the roof of the car as we pulled into park. My dad must have been thinking - what the hell is this all about! Kudos to dad, cause we continued into to the theater & watched the show. This was in Schaumburg, Illinois and at the theater near woodfield shopping mall.
  2. New 10/9/72 upgrade

    Who's singing back up on this? Bonzo I assume? Also, is this the longest cover version? Six minutes! Wish we had a For What It's Worth as long as this. Sounds like they were really enjoying themselves!
  3. New 10/9/72 upgrade

    Much better than what I first had in the 1980's - i.e. My Brain Hurts. Sounds great!
  4. John Davis is "Mastering" Led Zeppelin

    Remember all the hype about the reissues and companions discs? Some of them were great, but most were pretty underwhelming. I suspect we're in for more of the same and hope I'm really wrong. Time will tell......
  5. John Davis is "Mastering" Led Zeppelin

    what about a show we don't have like Reykjavik 1070 - no way that will ever happen, but that's the show I wish for the most. Can't go wrong with 1970 Zeppelin can you?
  6. Tokyo 10-3-72 8mm Rare Footage

    This is GREAT! I wish they had brought more lights! With Super 8MM being so popular in the 1970's there's got to be TONS more footage out there. Time to look in Granny's attic!
  7. Definitive Blueberry Hill

    Here here! My first Zeppelin and all time fave boot bought in 1985. My first copy had a Genesis track stamped over Moby Dick if I remember correctly. I'll be playing this today for sure!
  8. Who's got one?

    Had one -sold it years a go. I remember paying $50 for it in the late 90's at Tower Records. Sigh....
  9. Yardbirds '68 out Nov 5th

    Ya but don't you get Jimmy's autograph along with it? Whatever's included in this deluxe version 400 pounds is ridiculous!
  10. Explosive Live Tracks

    Celebration Day - NY MSG 1973
  11. Last Ever Photograph of Bonzo

    Oh man! I'd love to hear a tape of this rehearsal!
  12. LZ in Chicago 1969

    These are great! Are there any more photo's beyond the four you shared here? Also love the dude in the Illinois State shirt! Go Red Birds!

  14. LZ 4x Perth '72 soundcheck photos rescanned

    I love the shot of the three of them with Plant's sandals on stage. Plant must have been on the grass when this photo was taken as shown in one of the other photo's.