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  1. Funny LZ pictures.

    Interesting that they have different issues of Creem. The one with Page on the cover getting their attention (as expected).
  2. 1979: Copenhagen v Knebworth

    I've been arguing with my pals about this very topic for years! Totally agree.
  3. top 5 favorite No Quarters

    I love the version from un-remastered TSRTS as well - and it's a shame that Page dropped the Plantation recognizing "John Paul Jones, piano" from the remastered version.
  4. 9/29/71 Immigrant Song sb release

    I was wondering about permissions and if they are needed/required by the OG artist/writers to go froward? If you don't need permission on US releases, maybe to do for rest of world?
  5. Robert Plant Announces New ‘Carry Fire’ LP, Debuts ‘The May Queen’ Single

    Could this be present tense? Doesn't he live in Wales now?
  6. Favorite Plantations

    Its great to listen to Plant get so confident after the first few tours. You can tell he's a bit nervous (early on) speaking to the crowd. And by 1970 he's easily able to hold 18,000+ in the palm of his hand. The Plantations during the acoustic set of 4 September 1970 are some of my Faves. Someone should put a boot together of just Plant's Plantations!
  7. Just get both of them ; )
  8. Companion discs are rubbish

    Well said! I hope the stuff in 2018 really delivers, but I'm not holding my breath.

    That is freaking hilarious!
  10. LZ II Reel to Reel - The Only Way To Fly?

    Thanks Sam! Very cool advertising indeed! Looks like its from the NME in March 1969 - I'll have to track that issue down!

    Question regarding the photo's of Zeppelin at Bath 1970. I read they took the stage at sunset (I heard that PG unplugged the prior bands equipment to get them off the stage). But all the photo's I've seen of Zeppelin at Bath appear to be taken during the day light. Are there any shots of Zeppelin after the sun went down? I haven't seen any if there are.
  12. I've always been curious about the Zep II Reel to Reel subtitle of "The Only Way To Fly". Was this the working title of Zep II or was there an intention early on to call the LP as "The Only Way To Fly" and they changed their mind to just go with Led Zeppelin II? I have to admit I think "The Only Way To Fly" is a killer title for their second album. Thoughts?
  13. These shirts are very cool indeed. Having an OG would an amazing get, but if I had $2,000 budget I'd invest in reprints of these. There'd def be a market for them. Is there anything on the front of Cole's Japan shirt?
  14. Backstage rehearsal, Japan 72

    Maybe Plant took the photo? ; )
  15. How The West Was Won To Be Reissued With New Remastering Supervised By Jimmy Page

    This isn't a fair assessment. The 2003 release was brick-walled and the drums clipped--maybe that's been attenuated on this release. I'd hope so. But that is not enough of an incentive for me (and others) to buy something that is musically inferior to what came before. +1