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    Thanks 🙂
  3. zepscoda

    What are you watching on TV now?

    Sharp Objects
  4. zepscoda

    Robert Plant June2018 tour

    Just in !!!! Texas gigs: September 25th in Irving, September 27th in Lubbock and September 29th with an Austin City Limits taping at the Moody Theater.
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  6. OMG... I was just going to post this same thing !!! My wife watches this show and said, " you know, they play a lot of zeppelin in this"... so ofcourse I'll start watching it too. http://www.ghostcultmag.com/hbo-new-sharp-objects-mini-series-led-zeppelin-steve-miller/ HBO’s new Southern Gothic psychological thriller and mini-series event Sharp Objects features an incredible, eclectic soundtrack featuring intense instrumentals, indie music artists, and rock legends like Led Zeppelinand Steve Miller. From Sylvian Esso and The Acid’s lucid ethereal obtuse sounds, to lead character Camille Preaker (played by Golden Globe winner Amy Adams) and her broken iPod Classic Zeppelin playlist on repeat of Led Zepplin II and Led Zeppelin III classics such as ‘I Can’t Quit You Baby’, ‘Thank You’, and ‘What Is And Should Never Be’ among others, the music has almost acted as an extra character in the show. Suspensful, incredibly filmed, well-written, and a great performance from Adams in the lead role, the show has been amazing so far in the two episodes that have aired. Check out this Spotify playlist for the show, hopefully, a portend of a release similar to other HBO shows like Game Of Thrones and Westworld.
  7. zepscoda

    Motivational and Inspirational Quotes

    Cool... I just clicked on and followed your page. Looking forward to reading it. Thanks!
  8. zepscoda

    My Television shows.

    Yes Fargo, all 3 seasons, are greatness. Each episode is like it's own Coen Brothers movie. Season 2 was my favorite!
  9. zepscoda

    World Cup 2018 (Russia) Contest

    Congrats to France & ledzed66 ! Rick, thanks for running the contest!!
  10. zepscoda

    World Cup 2018 (Russia) Contest

    France 2- 1 Croatia England 2-3 Belgium
  11. zepscoda

    The Rest in Peace Thread

    On this day in 1973 we lost the great Lon Chaney Jr
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    Goooooooaaaalllll England!
  13. zepscoda

    World Cup 2018 (Russia) Contest

    Let's go England!!