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    A studio would also be a logical place to listen to recordings. Say, live Zeppelin recordings from the 70’s that will be released in 2018 maybe? Just sayin’...
  2. Ten Years Gone

    You got that right, Jimmy had the ol’ Fast fingers working on that solo, even more impressive considering he’d had quite a live layoff going into that show and it was the first song out of the box!
  3. Coincidentally or not, this is really the only REM album I ever really liked.
  4. I’m a New Jersey-born guy and I love Bruce but he is out of his mind here. Zeppelin “not doing anything new?” The E Street Band sounds like a Detroit bar band from the early 60’s, that’s not a put down either but it’s true. They brought nothing new to the sound of rock and roll, and I like them! Meanwhile in 75 when Bruce made this comment Zeppelin was playing stuff like Kashmir in concert for the first time, how’s that for something new? I can only assume Bruce’s comment was a combination of youthful bravado and AsburyPark cocaine.. 😉
  5. John Paul Jones @ the unveiling of The Adoration Trilogy

    Hard to tell but doesn’t that guy standing in front of Jones in the last picture look a lot like Chris Farlowe?
  6. Plant on Stern - 10/17/17?

    OMG, and I thought Zeppelin fans on Zeppelin forums were overly negative about Zeppelin! Every single poster on that forum hates Howard! I hope Stern never reads it, much in the same way I hope Jimmy doesn't read Zep forums or YouTube comments!
  7. Plant on Stern - 10/17/17?

    Guess what? It happened! Unfortunately only got to hear the first 15 minutes or so, will catch the rest later. Howard spent the first 15 minutes of the show geeking out over Zeppelin, say what you will but the guy is a fan. The interview portion I heard was respectful, thorough, and fun. Can’t wait to hear the rest on my way home from work..
  8. Kids React to Led Zeppelin

    That one kid needs to be grounded. 😁
  9. AM Radio by Everclear: "I got a guitar on Christmas day I dreamed that Jimmy Page would come to Santa Monica and teach me to play..."
  10. I loved the Band of Joy stuff. The SSS stuff since then? Not so much. To each his own.
  11. The Rest in Peace Thread

    What a great interview, thanks for posting. Strange bedfellows indeed!
  12. The Rest in Peace Thread

    Always loved Glen's voice and his songs when I was a kid. It wasn't until I was an adult asking a guitar teacher how to play Wichita Lineman that I got turned on to what an incredible guitarist he was. And on top of that he seemed like a real gent too. RIP Glen, we could use more like him.
  13. Bill Curbishley: Fired by Page, later let Plant go...

    Agree to disagree. As long as they are making money off the music of LED Zeppelin, and he was the producer of that music, he should get a larger share IMO. He put more into it back then and he still does today for that matter.
  14. Bill Curbishley: Fired by Page, later let Plant go...

    To be fair, Jimmy was entitled to a little larger cut than the others as Producer, what's wrong with that? You can't say this guy is one of the great producers in rock history (he is), and hold the opinion that he shouldn't get a little larger cut for that role now, can you? A producer can make or break a band and his value in that role to Zep is well documented.