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    I like Led Zeppelin, baseball, exercising, the Cardinals, the Cowboys, Notre Dame, bass, keyboard, pretty much any stringed instrument.

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  1. loves Led Zeppelin

  2. some people just dont read Zoso 3:16 and the bible (hammer of the gods)
  3. forgot about ray cooper
  4. add me
  5. your a complete jerk knebby is a bigger fan than you

  6. you are a true fan gratitudes form Virginia

  7. "OK - is it just me or was the thread starter talking about the kind of people who appear onstage with all sorts of bands and never really get the credit - like the backing singers or percussionists? I think I must be the one who read it wrong." didnt you say that? lol
  8. I was watching some of the Zep DVD disc 2 I went to the interveiws and promos and then went to promos (othafa and travellin riverside blues) but the menu for promos had this really good song remains the same do you know where it is and when it is thanks.
  9. after good times bad times there is a really awesome solo anyone know the tabs?
  10. is there a meaning to it and i would like a picture
  12. Heaven And Hell - Black Sabbath
  13. Tool