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  1. Binge Watching favorites (TV)

    "Vietnam" I enjoy watching history shows, but some of this footage still jars my earliest memories of watching television and life itself. Dad jumping up during dinner to slam off the tv because of dead bodies....neighbors going off to fight....watching the draft. Very interesting to see the war told from the side of the North Vietnamese. Also quite a trip watching people like Morley Safer and Dan Rather as young men covering the events of this war in the field. Knowing so many who fought, I bet they still struggle to watch this stuff 50 years later. Ken Burns rocks !
  2. 2017 NFL Thread

    ^^ Are those your political thoughts on the NFL thread Steve ?.....or just branching out your non-credited 'cut & paste' activities to other subject matter ? Kickers don't get much praise, but how about Prater ? 14 for 14 from 50 + yards is an amazing stat ! Most kickers can't even perform that steady on extra points. He drills the ball on a line, which is why he doesn't kick off....no hang time. Lions' Eric Ebron is the most over-rated tight end in the league. Whatever you do, don't hit him in the hands ! I hope our GM is smart enough not to open the vaults for that guy. Week 3 and I'm sick of the Packers already. I never had a doubt they were going to come back and win that game.
  3. 2017 NFL Thread

    I'm having a hard time accepting the logic behind the new 10 second run-off rule. We didn't receive a penalty....there was no injury.....the play was called a touchdown, and we had no input on the review. The referees chose to stop the clock and review. Why should there be a run-off that would penalize anybody ? Is it because we didn't have a timeout left ? That really doesn't make total logic either. Just seems like a very ant-climactic way to end what was a great NFL game. Didn't like the play-calling during that sequence either. Stafford should have rolled out at least once to see if he could find a lane to score if no one was open. Strange week in the NFL, that's for sure. I'll be lucky to break .500 in the pool.
  4. 2017 NFL Thread

    Brain fart.....or maybe an omen of the NFL's next goofy move ? As far as announcers, tired of Al Michaels too. He should have retired 5 years ago. Ramblin' Randy Moss should be given a drug test, or maybe some Ritalin. No long car rides with that guy !
  5. Random Thoughts v.3

    With all the concerns over de-regulation of everything these days, why isn't there more bitching about the monopoly known as 'cable tv' ? What a croc ! You control a wire coming into my house so that gives you control over my tv AND my computer connections for 30 years at price increases 300% the rate of inflation ? What a scam !
  6. 2017 NFL Thread

    I think Carson Palmer is about done. He can't throw an NFL out anymore. The Lions played a couple lousy offenses the last two weeks that made our defense shine. Real receivers and a mobile quarterback in the pocket will be a true test. 3 teams in L.A. when they previously couldn't handle one, and lots of empty seats. I only have one opinion on that....I like the Rams helmets with white horns better. I know most people disagree, but I like games in England. Makes me feel like a West coast fan when I watch a game at 9:30am. Who decided that Sean McDonough should be allowed to broadcast any NFL game, let alone MNF ?......has anyone seen his missing chin ? Seriously....I'd have the surgery. Tough to look at and he bores me to tears. And going the other way, I think Chris Spielman is a fine announcer for any football game....collegiate or pro. I find it hard to believe that New England will repeat with Kyle Van Noy playing a whole year starting at linebacker....but trading for Bademosi was a brilliant move on their part.
  7. 2017 NFL "potted plant" Memorial Pool

    San Fran Baltimore Denver Carolina Pittsburgh Atlanta Indy Minnesota New England Miami Philly Seattle Green Bay Grocery Baggers Kansas City Washington Dallas
  8. Colorado and Washington legalize Marijuana

    The same as their dogs.....with their nose. It's really not much different than alcohol. If you're stopped or involved in a traffic incident, and they smell or see weed visible in your car, you'll receive the proper scrutiny. Not much different than open alcohol in a vehicle, or if they smell it on your breath. Carrying marijuana in your vehicle isn't much different than alcohol either. An unopened package that is away from access to the driver is treated the same. As for edibles and other means of using cannabis, that's going to depend a lot on how you handle yourself. I had a discussion in a bar with some locals in Oregon. Their town had 4 dispensaries with a population of approx. 15,000 people. They had never heard of anyone in their town being busted for driving under the influence when evidence of weed wasn't present in the vehicle. As one cop stated in the local paper, "In some areas of town I've got 5 meth houses per square mile here....you think I'm worried about a tourist walking the beach with a joint ?" Here's something to ponder....according to recent studies, 33% of American adults are on some form of opiate on a daily basis. Has there been a road test developed to determine when or if their driving under the influence of those drugs ? How often do you hear that issue discussed by law enforcement ?....or by Jeff Sessions ? Driving under the influence of anything that impairs your ability to handle a motor vehicle is wrong, and you deserve to be treated accordingly by law enforcement if you're caught. I was guilty of taking a gram of Washington weed into Oregon with me on last year's trip. That's actually a federal offense. However since the packaging was removed, I don't know how anyone would have been able to determine that fact, especially considering it's perfectly legal to grow your own in both States. Couldn't see throwing it away simply because I crossed the Columbia river. Amazingly, it burned, was just as tasty, and I got the same buzz in both States. "If driving under the influence of alcohol is illegal, why are all those parking spaces allowed at the bar ?"
  9. Colorado and Washington legalize Marijuana

    Lol....No. That's what the moon rock (Kaviar) was packaged in. It's like an old 35 mm plastic film container with a flip-lid. Check out this place..... It was in the middle of nowhere ! I left that morning thinking I should stop and buy a gram somewhere so I could be supplied until I hit the border. I drove 200 miles that day thru many small towns and only saw one dispensary, and it wasn't opened yet. I was heading to Alamosa and was hoping they had one in town. Next thing I knew I could see the tell-tale ugly green sign from 1/4 mile away as I drove thru the desert. Still amazes me. I think the opium epidemic is helping the legal weed cause big-time. The one thing about opiate pain relievers is they ultimately cure nothing. If a cancer patient or veteran for example, can get relief from weed as opposed to an opiate, that's a good thing. Less side-effects, and they won't have to take another drug to help them poop ! (I still shake my head every time I see the commercials) Also, as opposed to my visit two years ago to Colorado, there are many more hotels/motels now that accept weed use. At two I was told without asking where the outside smoking area was for both cigarettes and weed. They're following the money.
  10. Colorado and Washington legalize Marijuana

    It's all good and it's all over-priced. However I always ask for the best. At the last dispensary I visited I got to stand inside because there was only one budtender on duty. I bought a gram for $16 bucks. The guy in front of me bought 10 grams of cheaper stuff at only $5 bucks a gram.....a blue-light special...lol. I have no idea how good it was, or how it compared to the primo I purchased. I'm sure if I lived there I'd be going his route, and save the primo for special occasions. I refer to it as '3 hit trick weed'. You smoke more and you'll make like a cat on a couch...not that there's anything wrong with that.
  11. Add one , trash one

    normal noises
  12. 2017 NFL Thread

    I went to last week's game against the Cardinals. One game doesn't make a season, but I was reluctantly impressed. We made 2nd half adjustments and came out and kicked their ass. Very unlion-like. I think some of the pundits have under-estimated our youth that stepped up at the end of last year. We actually have some young depth at various positions. However now that I praised them, you'd probably all be smart to take the Giants.
  13. 2017 Major League Baseball thread....

    Well the timing may have worked, but that wasn't intentional. The bases were loaded and the catcher was a replacement. Hicks the catcher didn't turn around, but I don't think he knew the umpire was hit. He went to the mound to get the signals straight with the pitcher. Of course I will acknowledge that could all be a cover story. Not really Ausmus' style though. Nice to see Justin Verlander justifying Houston's move. Can't ask for more than a couple wins including a 1 - 0 one hit performance. I mentioned many years ago here that his arm and smooth delivery would let him pitch to 40. He may be 34, but there's not many guys around that can still crank their 110th pitch at 99 mph. I'm sure Kate helps the cause. Go Houston !
  14. 2017 NFL "potted plant" Memorial Pool

    Cinci Baltimore Carolina Arizona Jacksonville Kansas City New England Pittsburgh Tampa Bay Oakland L.A. Chargers Dallas L.A. Rams Seattle Atlanta Detroit
  15. Post A Picture Of Yourself!

    Once a decade....