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  1. Bong-Man

    Grande Ballroom Detroit '69

    Great shots....Thanks !
  2. Bong-Man

    Jimmy Page photo shoot at Abbey Road Studios

    Lol.....So you mean that's not the Masonic symbol superimposed on that upper amp ? Okay....no tour or album. Just some more beloved live harmonizer over-dubs heading our way.
  3. Bong-Man

    Jimmy Page photo shoot at Abbey Road Studios

    That's either the ghost of Alister Crowley in the window on Jimmy's right, or Sitting Bull and a dream catcher ? My imagination can't decide. Pic must have been taken through a studio window...crazy shadows.
  4. Bong-Man

    Colorado and Washington legalize Marijuana

    https://www.cbsnews.com/news/massachusetts-recreational-marijuana-sales-begin-mayor-ceremonial-first-customer/ The first legal sale of recreational marijuana East of the Mississippi in the United States. Way to show leadership Mr. Mayor !
  5. Bong-Man

    2018 NFL THREAD

    I'm sure I've watched a finer NFL game in the last 50 years, but I'd be hard-pressed to tell you when. Just wow ! In the end Mahomes proved he was the rookie, but what a performance ! I don't think the NFL will have to worry much about their playoff ratings this year.
  6. Bong-Man

    Jimmy Page photo shoot at Abbey Road Studios

    I like the whole thing. It's a classic Zeppelin style tease meant to appease, and just for our benefit. Could mean a lot of things, but it surely wasn't just a photo shoot. No logical reason to drag everything there just to shoot some pics. Lol...That would cost money. My Zep instincts ? Overdub work on an old studio recording, as opposed to anything live. All will be revealed.
  7. Bong-Man

    2018 NFL Pick 'Em Pool

    Seattle Atlanta Jacksonville Carolina Indy New Orleans Giants Washington Baltimore Arizona L.A. Chargers Chicago L.A. Rams
  8. Bong-Man

    Random Thoughts v.3

    Because nothing says "I love you" more than a raw kangaroo meat jacket. I might buy that just to see the look on her face. https://www.gamiss.com/hoodies-11571/product1382454/?lkid=108808&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI8oqm_cTH3gIVAdzACh0uPAOoEAEYASAAEgKwafD_BwE
  9. Bong-Man

    2018 NFL THREAD

    My last Lion post of the year....lol, even I forgot the Tampa Bay angle. Go Saints !
  10. Bong-Man

    Binge Watching favorites (TV)

    A Simpsons Mega Marathon Burned out on politics and the news. Since I've only ever seen a hand-full of episodes, this should last me a couple years.
  11. Bong-Man

    2018 NFL Pick 'Em Pool

    Pittsburgh Chicago New Orleans Atlanta New England Jacksonville Kansas City NY Jets Tampa Bay LA Chargers Green Bay LA Rams Philly San Fran
  12. Bong-Man

    Colorado and Washington legalize Marijuana

    https://www.detroitnews.com/story/news/local/michigan/2018/11/07/group-vows-continued-legislative-legal-fight-against-proposal-1-marijuana/1919268002/ Yes, because the only reason this passed is because the people were ill-informed, misled, and you were outspent. Perhaps one of your biggest donors, the makers of fentanyl, didn't donate enough to your cause. In spite of an overwhelming voice from the people themselves, you of course know what's better for all of us. https://news.vice.com/en_us/article/j5veyx/heres-who-bankrolls-the-fight-against-marijuana-legalization ^ ^ I was quite pleased at the voting results and the turnout. Also happy that a Democrat was elected Governor, as she has vowed to assist the process as opposed to obstructing. 9 years ago the people of Michigan voted for medical marijuana, and the only thing the Republican Party has accomplished during that time is obstructing the process. They had a chance this Summer to handle the issue themselves legislatively before the election, and still couldn't manage to read the writing on the wall for their own benefit. When Republican candidate for Governor Bill Schuette was asked about this issue during a recent debate, he went off for 10 minutes about the opiate problem, never once mentioning anything related to the actual issue being voted on. I've got a nephew who is fighting a grow operation that was approved a couple miles from his Grand Rapids home. He's worried about how this will affect his children. He tells me this as he's sipping on some wine he made in his own basement. I've learned not to waste my breath. Same with the garbage line they use about how weed has increased in strength. I can buy alcohol from 4% alcohol content to 160 proof vodka....what's the difference ?
  13. Bong-Man

    Colorado and Washington legalize Marijuana

  14. Bong-Man

    Robert Plant's recent set lists

    Here's my thought...People need to understand that Robert has now distanced himself from most of his past solo career even more efficiently than his Zeppelin past, and that's been going on for quite some time.
  15. Bong-Man

    2018 NFL THREAD

    No breakfast game this week ? I was getting used to that West Coast schedule.