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  1. Bong-Man

    Pontiac Silverdome Footage

    Both are taken from the Silverdome screen.....The Who from December '75, and Bob Seger from '76. Past articles suggest that Peter Grant did not want to provide a screen for the '77 Silverdome show, but stadium management insisted. They knew the venue, and they knew what people expected from seeing past shows. So why do we have these and not Zeppelin ? Because I personally believe the rumors that Grant & Co. barged in the control room and confiscated the tapes. They were made to provide the visuals, and it makes perfect sense that Grant wouldn't want anyone else to have the film except the band itself. They paid for it. Remember....portions of that '75 Who show has appeared on an official release, both audio & video. That's one reason I still hold out a bit of hope that it still exists. I also remember specifically hearing more than once on the radio before the show that it was going to be officially recorded for a future live release. This was also mentioned on the radio after the show, for the benefit of those that didn't or couldn't attend. It just seems strange that we've seen Seattle, we've seen recordings from the two shows above, yet absolutely nothing from the Zeppelin Silverdome show. To me, that leaves only two possibilities....it was destroyed and it no longer exists, or they still have it. I'm going with it's still in their possession. Why destroy tapes of anything when Jimmy claims to this day it was a good and unique performance ? http://www.mlive.com/entertainment/detroit/index.ssf/2014/10/led_zeppelins_jimmy_page_on_po.html
  2. Bong-Man

    James Bond Movies

    My favorite Bond movie will always be "Thunderball". Saw it at the show when I was 7, and the I thought the underwater scenes were just awesome. So much of that was new technology at the time. Also have a thing for "Live and Let Die", because it's just so over-the-top campy and goofy. The opening car scene on the highway with the dart in the side mirror....every car on the road in that scene is either a 73 Impala or Cadillac....like 12 of them ! Was it too much to go to the local used car lot to get some proper ghetto cruisers ? Mr. Big....Jane Seymour....Harlem....New Orleans....voodoo....the song itself....still stupidly delicious to me after all these years, and pretty much the only Roger Moore Bond movie I like, as things just got goofier after that. "You Only Live Twice" is a bummer (I'm turning Japanese....not !), and "Diamonds are Forever" I can watch anytime.
  3. Bong-Man

    2018 MLB season thread

    This is a $20 buck seat at Comerica Park. Not a bad deal at all. A couple years of 100 + losses and they'll probably throw in a coke and a piece of shitty pizza too. Bud Light, Miller Light, and Coors Light.....Come on man, we're not all on a diet !
  4. Bong-Man

    Golf Talk

    Went to yesterday afternoon's Tiger game against the Twins, which gave me some time to watch the U.S. Open late in the day. How humbling ! A 620 yard par 5....a par 4 with a 5.03 average, and pitched greens from hell. I thought Tiger was going to cry after his 2nd double-bogey. Looking forward to the rest of the weekend to see who can humble this course or just plain survive. Been golfing 5 times already this year. Trying my best to develop some kind of short game. Such a humbling sport.
  5. Bong-Man

    The Rest in Peace Thread

    Anthony Bourdain commits suicide. Yikes !.....that one hurts. RIP
  6. Bong-Man

    Random Thoughts v.3

    https://www.freep.com/story/news/local/2018/06/06/craigslist-ad-led-michigan-state-physicist-joseph-hattey-charged-bestiality/674769002/ MSU is on a roll ! A Bassett Hound yet....likes deep-voiced low riders apparently. Yeah, he'll watch your dog for you....cure that crazy barking too. No treats needed....he's got peanut butter and cheez-its too. Somebody better check the science morgue. I can't imagine what might be going on there.
  7. Bong-Man

    Marijuana legalization

    Now that's just being blunt. Enjoy the freedom !
  8. Bong-Man

    2018 MLB season thread

    0'fer 8 with 8 strikeouts.....now that's a rough day. A record-breaking effort at that ! And two of the guys pitching I've never seen or heard of....and I follow the team. Bundy...Is that you ???
  9. Bong-Man


    That's nailing it !
  10. Bong-Man


    Clint guards my laundry.
  11. Bong-Man

    2018 MLB season thread

    The Tigers goosed the Angels last night, in more ways than one.
  12. Bong-Man

    Random Thoughts v.3

    Considering the subject matter and when it was released, I think "Elmer Gantry" might be the most under-rated movie of all-time. One could claim the same about Burt Lancaster's performance, and the book itself. Which reminds me, I'm in need of a new jet.
  13. Bong-Man

    Random Thoughts v.3

    Oh me too ! Your fascination and approach sounds just like a Paul Ryan example from the 2012 campaign trail...."I once knew a man who....(fill in the blank to support your all encompassing angle to the issue)". Another Holiday weekend and the bat-shit crazy drivers are on the loose. "We've all got places to go lady !" What is this new found fascination with swinging out and using two lanes to make a left turn ? You're driving a Fusion, not an 18 wheeler !
  14. Bong-Man

    Astronomy - Planets , Stars & Heavenly Bodies

    I find discussions about "Dark Matter" to be quite interesting. If you're telling me that 85% of the Universe is made up of something you have no clue about, that pretty much means you don't have a clue about anything. That includes any current laws of Physics that can't account for it....which is all of them ! Once had a Physics teacher claim that the greatest human discovery of all-time was the electromagnetic spectrum and it's subsequent effect on our daily lives. If Dark Matter is for real, that means there's probably at least a couple similar spectrums we have yet to discover. Until someone can actually identify and quantify Dark Matter, claims that we're currently living in a computer simulation or other such theories/models that seem like total nonsense, are as valid as any other.
  15. Bong-Man

    2018 MLB season thread

    Ha !....I figured I wouldn't have anything to post on a baseball thread for about 5 years. Turns out the Tigers are in the shittiest division in baseball and we're far from its' worst team (so far). We're actually fun to watch ! We might only lose 90 games as opposed to 110. Why the Tigers didn't hire Ron Gardenhire instead of Brad Ausmus when we were still contending is beyond me. He makes good decisions and runs a clean clubhouse. I like !
  16. Just got a couple row J tickets for Neil Young's just announced acoustic tour at The Detroit Fox Theatre on July 3rd. He's only playing 6 shows in 4 cities....Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis and Boston.
  17. Bong-Man

    The Firm Thread

    This thread is for all things related to The Firm....because I checked back pretty far, and we don't really have one.....and they deserve it ! I just got done listening to some Firm shows. I was blown away by how tight this band was by 1986. Jimmy's playing is far better than most people give him credit for. Even the fretless Bass now sounds good ! The lame studio songs like "Cadillac" and "You've Lost That Lovin Feelin" seem to come alive on stage. While listening to some of their shows, I couldn't help but think that Rodgers and Page didn't get enough credit at the time for the chances that were taken with this band. The shadow of Zeppelin and even Bad Co. would loom large over anything either tried at this point of their careers, yet this band really didn't attempt to copy either. That in itself was no small accomplishment. With both having a vast back catalog to rely on, Rodgers and Page relied only on the present. The mid-80's were also not the best time for a new veteran hard rock band to get on the map. In fact, the aging dinosaur cracks from the press began before anyone even heard a tune. I remember finding "Mean Business" in the cut-out bin at the local music store for $1.99...about a year after it's release. I already owned it, but it pissed me off so bad that I bought another two copies on vinyl. So maybe you hate the fretless Bass sound....Jimmy's B Bender.....the lack of improv.....but I think The Firm as a whole is wearing quite well these days. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhImk5QPA8s...feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qS0Nu2NBRpM...feature=related
  18. Bong-Man

    Random Thoughts v.3

    Roman Polanski says, "The Me-Too Movement" is nothing more than 'collective hysteria'. Buffalo girls won't you come out tonight....come out tonight....come out tonight. But only if you're 16 or under.
  19. Bong-Man

    Can we stop with Elvis being “King” of Rock and Roll

    Well Gibby....you did manage to accomplish one thing. At a place where no one can agree on just about any opinion on anything, you managed to pretty much unite everyone against yours. That's no small feat on this board. Touche...and well played !
  20. Bong-Man

    2018 NFL THREAD

    It's even worse than you think. It was a last minute schedule change because of Ed Sheeran playing Ford Field on Saturday night. There were doubts the field could be converted in time. Also goes to show you the lengths the NFL will go to spotlight the teams from Gotham. The Lions have also been scheduled to play Green Bay & Buffalo outside in December. One of the joys of being a bumble-head fan is knowing how the season will play out before it even starts.
  21. Bong-Man

    Can we stop with Elvis being “King” of Rock and Roll

    Turn it up !
  22. Bong-Man

    Can we stop with Elvis being “King” of Rock and Roll

    Dude....You're about as Southern as Coleman Young.
  23. Bong-Man

    Can we stop with Elvis being “King” of Rock and Roll

    I just heard the same misplaced logic when people were arguing about the new lynching memorial. We're talking about over 60 years ago when race was an important factor in every aspect and facet of life in the South. It's not an effort to drive us apart....it's an acknowledgement of historical fact. It's also not a knock on Elvis, but a huge compliment to him.
  24. Bong-Man

    Can we stop with Elvis being “King” of Rock and Roll

    Let's not forget that Elvis had a guitar player in his band named Scotty Moore. A little research into the early influences of Clapton, Beck, Page, and others from a following era might be helpful here. Specifically a song called, "Baby Let's Play House". Since this is a Zeppelin Forum, I shouldn't have to add to that point. But I will ! "The record that made me want to play guitar was 'Baby, Let's Play House,'" Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page recalled in 1977. "There was just so much vitality and energy coming out of it."
  25. Bong-Man

    Can we stop with Elvis being “King” of Rock and Roll

    If you do a little reading on Elvis' early career, you would understand that Sam Phillips was actually looking for someone like Elvis before he even met him. He already understood that it would take a white artist to bring 'black music' to the masses. We're talking about an era where races didn't share schools, drinking fountains, etc.... Elvis was surrounded by gospel music, and that was one of the few bridges between black & white in the South. Memphis was the crossroads of music, and Elvis' talent was a direct reflection and perfect mix of what created Rock & roll in the first place.....the melting together of gospel, blues, & country. The roots of all three were front & center from the day he was born, until the very end of his career.