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  1. Random Thoughts v.3

    That Ted Nugent guy....isn't he the same character that accidently discharged a firearm in his house almost killing his infant son in his living room ? The same guy once married to a girl named Shemane who 'accidently' tried to bring a gun on a domestic flight ? Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's the guy. You know, the one who avoided the draft by crapping his pants, yet brags about personally shooting over 2 dozen grizzly bears ? Same guy who wanted to marry a 17 year old in his 30's but couldn't, so he adopted her....I'm pretty sure that's him. Not to be confused with another Ted Nugent from Texas who spews anti-Semitic rants, wrote a song called "Jail-Bait", and threatened to kill a President. Oh wait, same guy ? I'm going to go out on a limb here....Is there any chance he's the same moron I paid to see in concert as a teenager who wore a loin cloth and left his guitar on feedback for over 10 minutes blowing out everyone's hearing in the place while he took a stage break and wore ear protection ? Oh wait, same asshole ? You're kidding, right ? No way ! What are the odds ?

  3. Winter Olympics in South Korea 2018

    Just came back from some morning skiing. Shaun White is amazing. You could not know a thing about snow boarding, and just by watching it's obvious he's miles past the competition. Just the way he always tucks his body when he twists and turns sets him apart from the rest. It's like watching the technique of an Olympic diver. Really enjoying the Canadian coverage. They stay with events, they show you more variety, more countries featured, AND there's lots of curling. Lot less conjured-up drama too.
  4. What's the weather like where you are?

    That's on the agenda eventually. My brother has a nice place on the beach in Fort Myers, and he bugs me to come down all the time. I have a bucket list item to cross off down there....see a NASA night rocket launch ! There's currently a method to my retirement travel though. I've got a paid-off truck with 160,000 miles on it. Once it bites the dust I switch to a lease and take to the air instead of road trips. All in due time.
  5. What's the weather like where you are?

    It's 24 degrees out and we've got some freezing rain, little bitty stinging rain, side-ways rain, road and window sticking rain,....in short, it's just seriously fucked up outside.
  6. Motivational and Inspirational Quotes

    "Perhaps the truth depends on a walk around the Lake" Wallace Stevens
  7. What's the weather like where you are?

    The February snow machine is running strong. 8" yesterday, "2 - "3 today, and more tomorrow. Caused me to go snow skiing for the first time in a decade, and it was a blast.
  8. The Rest in Peace Thread

    This one hurt. I consider "Cloud Nine" to be one of the greatest singles ever. It has everything, including a perfect mix. Ruffin could have never pulled off that vocal performance as Edwards did. The yin-yang with Kendrick's falsetto is perfect on that record. Greg Reeves was a whole 13 years old when he laid down that bass line. You'd swear it was James Jamerson. Edwards' singing on "Ball of Confusion" is nothing more than the roots of Rap..."rap on Brother...rap on !" "Papa Was a Rolling Stone" was a personal song for Edwards...."dealing in death and stealing in the name of the Lord". The first 1:56 of intro to "Papa" is just simply awesome. Lots of old-time fans didn't like the Psychedelic era of the Tempts. That's how "Just My Imagination" came to be. It was an intended throwback featuring Kendricks instead of Edwards singing lead. I loved it all though. The Tempts, Marvin Gaye, Edwin Starr...etc. They were the only reason to listen to AM radio, as Motown was still singles oriented and rarely got airplay on FM. RIP Dennis.
  9. ^ ^ I don't see why not. Your player and receiver are both capable as long as you have the speaker set-up, which I'm sure you do. If you play any blue-ray disc in your library, and the audio options of that disc show separate 5.1, DTS, and PC Stereo, your receiver should display the corresponding audio icon while it's being played. It's my understanding that DTS is 96khz/ 24 bit. I've got a Samsung blue-ray player that works fine, but every time I load a disc it automatically switched to pcm stereo. I always have to change the settings on the disc menu before playing.
  10. Led Zeppelin Clothing and Whatnot.

    ^ ^ Eye thank you ! That Silverdome shirt is mine.
  11. Led Zeppelin Clothing and Whatnot.

    Seems like as good a thread as any to ask a couple questions.... Has anyone ever ordered any clothing like t-shirts/sweatshirts from this official site ? Wondering if a large is truly a large, quality, and shrinkage rate....etc. Has anyone ever unsealed the t-shirt that came with the deluxe edition of TSRTS ?
  12. Tom Petty Died of drug overdose

    Tom Petty's family and every news agency used the word "accidental". Kipper chose to delete that word simply for his own forum shit-stirring purposes, even though it's used in the very link he posted. So any speculation on who arose from the forum dead ? Del ? Spats ? .....and get that dead salty-ass fish off my bagel !
  13. Funerals & the Culture of Death

    I had the unfortunate experience of burying an Aunt and an Uncle in the last two weeks. Please spare the condolences....because I feel the need to be a little flippant about this process. When I was in my late 20's I went to three weddings in three weeks....and I haven't felt the same about weddings since. I'm feeling the same emotions now about funerals. They Did a Good Job ! A good job of what ? Making a dead guy look dead ? If I had to hear one more person make this comment, I was going to lose it. Dude's dead....there's no degrees to looking dead. No one looks good dead....that's because you're dead ! Close the lid. I don't want to remember the way you look when you're dead. People in their 80's are putting obituaries in the paper with pictures of when they were in their 20's.....they don't want you to remember them dead either. My ex-wife's family would take pictures of their relatives laying in the casket. I should have known I had made a serious mistake right at that point. For $8,000 dollars, they ought to be filling you with pneumatic controls so the dude can wave at everyone admiring the carcass. ....kind of like a Disney World thing. Look.....Uncle Harry's still drinking ! The Casket Auntie had an expensive one. Not sure what they paid, but it was the rolls-royce of caskets. Fancy scroll work on the side...nice satin interior....looked like mahogany to me. Meanwhile, Uncle had a pine box that looked like a Sauter furniture kit. It even had those cheap plastic screw covers. It weighed a lot less too. (Trust me...I helped carry both) What does this economic disparity mean ?.....absolutely nothing as far as I can tell, because both boxes will be leeching before the snow flies. You probably think that's a sick thought. What am I supposed to think when you're standing at the gravesite, and there's signs on every water spigot....."DON'T DRINK THE WATER !". I wouldn't dare, but there's a landscaper at that cemetary somewhere drinking it right out of the hose....I know it ! The Funeral Home Staff Strange folk. Notice how it's always a family operation ? What's with that ? I've got some theories.....maybe organ stealing ? I mean, how would you know ? Those people are probably shipping gall-bladders to Haiti thru the black market. The gov't can't even watch our food supply....who's watching the morticians ? By the way....do they have Mortician conventions ? That scene must totally rock ! What's that smell....is that your new cologne, "Essance of Death" ? Did you ever think that maybe morticians and funeral home directors are using the same make-up as their clients ? Sure looks like it. How come you never meet Mrs. Mortician ? What's she do all day long ? The Wake One had alcohol....one didn't. I enjoyed myself much more at the one that served alcohol. If there's ever a time that you should have a drink, it's when a funeral is over. The person you just buried would want you to have one....they would have one if they could. If funerals are truly for the living, give me a drink !!
  14. Funerals & the Culture of Death

    Nothing has changed the funeral business more in recent times than the Great Recession. Someone's lucky to leave $15,000 in their whole estate, let alone that much to pay for an old-fashioned funeral & wake. Cremation and some type of memorial service seems to have become the norm.
  15. Colorado and Washington legalize Marijuana

    28 States now have medical marijuana. 7 States now have legal recreational weed. Veteran groups are one of the strongest advocates of medicinal weed for problems related to PTSD. All of Canada goes legal on July 1st. Yet our gov't can't seem to manage moving marijuana off the schedule 1 drug list so some proper research can be done. You can call that a lot of things my friends, but don't you dare call it freedom or democracy, because it's neither.
  16. Colorado and Washington legalize Marijuana

    **Bump** Just because Rip Van Winkle suddenly woke up in a time warp doesn't mean we have to use 10 year old threads.
  17. What Are You Doing Today?

    I'm going to lay on the couch and hopefully watch Jimmy & the Wolverines get upset by the Gamecocks, because that's what us Spartan fans do !
  18. 2017 NFL Thread

    Caldwell fired. After attending yesterday's game, I was convinced the Lions wouldn't pull the trigger. Full house, no booing, and a decent effort in a meaningless game. Finishing 9-7 and 5-1 in the division could have justified him staying....glad they made the right decision. Caldwell is a good & honorable man who had the players respect, but his game management was down-right scary. We also had only 10 men on the field yet again, but someone was smart enough to call a time-out for a change. That's 5 times in 16 games....unacceptable at the pro level. Congrats to Rick and The Bills ! You've waited far too long. Having traveled there many times, I know how passionate those Bills fans are about their team. Poor Cleveland....having been through that with the Lions, I wouldn't wish that upon any team at any level. I was on a 1-8 H.S. team my Senior year, and that one win at Homecoming made all the difference for us through the years. There's nowhere to go but up !
  19. 2017 NFL "potted plant" Memorial Pool

    First of all, a Happy New Year to everyone ! "Let's hope it's a good one, without any fear" Second....A special thanks to you Strider for running the pool in what became a strange and tedious year. Your efforts and patience this year were greatly appreciated, and beyond the call of duty. Third....congrats to Chase & yourself for the 17th week rally to achieve 1st place ! I never joined the 49ers resurgence in the last few weeks and paid the price. It would have helped my cause if one of the top seeds in the NFL could have scored a point this week ! Fourth, I'm not accepting your theory of self-elimination from a 3-way season tie in any shape or form. Chase & I may have won more weeks, but that just means you did better than us during the tougher weeks when we didn't win (like this week), or there wouldn't be a tie. I also don't think it's fair to use any College games for what was strictly an NFL pool. JMO In short, I've got two older sisters and have kissed them both. It ain't so bad. Thanks again Sean !!
  20. Strange Places to Do "It"

    C'mon....give it up. Was it a plane...a movie theater maybe ? Can you beat this ? I think they found the bridge.
  21. Nasty car wreck 30 years ago. Acute concussion, bruises and bleeding on the brain, and 9 surgeries in 3 years to put my Humpty ass back together again. One of those subsequent surgeries involved 3 saline bags that were placed under my skin and slowly inflated over a period of 8 weeks to stretch out skin in order to cover some open wounds. No long term effects from this incident, and it's hard for me from today's perspective to even imagine I went through this episode. The one thing I'll always remember though is how fragile yet strong the human body can be when it comes to the healing process. It changes you forever.
  22. What's the weather like where you are?

    14 degrees in the Motor City. No bugs and my sinuses are clear. Also have some of nature's artwork hanging from my window....
  23. Strange Places to Do "It"

    After googling a bit, it turns out NASA claims no one has ever had sex in space. This includes a married couple that went up on the shuttle together in 1992. Turns out they got married right before the flight, and NASA was unaware of their change in status. They've since banned married couples on all flights. Both male & female masturbation has occurred on the International Space Station, using the same device used for urination. It turns out the bathroom is the only enclosed place on the ISS or any space vehicle for that matter, that would allow any privacy to do the deed. Scientists also have some serious questions about the human ability to conceive in a weightless environment, as gravity appears to play a major role in that process. Just read an article in NG about an astronaut that spent over a year on the ISS. After returning, his body was still not functioning normally after 6 months back on Earth. No thanks !
  24. Strange Places to Do "It"

    Is this a 10 year anniversary thread ? But while we're on the subject (cough), I'm wondering about space. Has anyone admitted to doing it in a weightless environment ? You can't plan a 3 year mission to Mars without some kind of plan to handle natural human sexuality. It's part of the human experience. I would think being the first couple to do it in space would be an award/honor someone would want to claim. Sex in a weightless environment.....that's something to ponder right there !
  25. 2017 NFL "potted plant" Memorial Pool

    Detroit Indy Minnesota New England Washington Philly Pittsburgh Buffalo Carolina Baltimore New Orleans Jacksonville Kansas City L.A. Rams L.A. Chargers Seattle