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  1. the doors thread

    What do doors fan here beleive about their archive releases? They seem very similar and boring to me. It is disgusting to me what they are doing. And not to mention the infinite collections of best of albums!
  2. Oh Dear - No Led Zep Tour 2008!

    It would be a dream if they toured. Don´t think without percy wouyld be good.
  3. Led Zeppelin World Tour

    I think a reunion tour is possible, if we understand that this is not exactly Led Zeppelin and they have 30 years no more. If we still can enjoy jethro tull, the stones or deep purple as they are now, why can`t we accept led zeppelin reborn?
  4. the true live album thread

    i had read the madison tapes before, but after reading it today for the second time I felt so baaaad. It is a shame that few true live albums exist. I can remember Deep Purple Made in Japan Dore Straits Alchemy The BMR Doors releases Any pthers?
  5. the doors thread

    well said.
  6. the true live album thread

    Ok, sorry for that.
  7. Cat Stevens!

    Recently learned to play If I laugh, my favourite songfrom cat.
  8. Purple/Rainbow/Blackmore etc

    Finaly found this thread!! couldn´t understand why nobody talks about Purple. It was a tremendous band in teh 70..can´t guess why are they so underrated!! And Blackmore too and Made in Japan and Paice!! Purple is my favourite band a little ahead of zepp. Is only my opinion. Can any of you recommend me where to start with tommy bolin? expect for spectrum and james gang!
  9. Cat Stevens!

    Cat Stevens is great...nothing to add to your statementes. He is just superb!
  10. the true live album thread

    Do you have any problem with my birth country? Ir is just my bad english? A true live album is an album that is complñetely untouched..that is why I mentioned Made in japan and The Doors archive releases. Sure that the Allman´s is untouched?
  11. TSRTS Soundtrack!

    can we end the duckin ndless and stupid useless discusion?? We have the old an new editiopn, stick with the one you like most or enjoy both!!
  12. Zepp box set

    If Page would put out a true zepp box set, with studio and live new tracks, demos and alternate takes of classic songs, remixes. I have box ses in that way from The Doors, Deep Purple and have seen also from hendrix, santana and many many others. The earlier zepp box sets were only compilations from studio material. I Think it is a great idea.
  13. Who is better than Jimmy Page?

    This threads have no sense at all...people do mix popularity and record sales with virtuosity. Many performers are overrated because of the bands they were in. The list of best guitar players posted above is ridiculous. Kurt Cobain can´t be in the top 20 and Blackmore out. Why not make a "my favourite guitar players" instead of "the best guitar players"? After all, this is only a matter of opinion. I don´t kow how many of you know something about playing guitar. Ian Anderson from JT isnot very appreciated for his guitar skills, but after learning to play some tull bnumbers, I can say that some tunes are harder to play that many will suppose. Anderson has a very free way to play guitar, he doesn´t follow any strum pattern. Page himself called Anderson a "mason"!
  14. Who is better than Jimmy Page?

    Morrison´s voice gives plenty of sence to the door´s music. it would be nothin without his voice, while plant is not the focal point within zepp. Ian Gilan´s screams were born way beforeplant entered the scene. Zepp was number 1 in america, but purple were not that way behind.
  15. Who is better than Jimmy Page?

    Disagree with all of your statements. I think you should let your zepp fanatism a little bit and expand your musical influences. It may be true that zepp was bigger when they were alive, but dep purple is a goddamn great band. made in japan IS better than HTWWW cause ir is a real live recording. Nothing more to add, your statements make me laugh. I´m not trying to put zepp behind purple. I´m being objective by saying that purple deserves a lot more recognition from many of the people here.
  16. best bonham drumming?

    May be true, but still in knebworth was playing really fast!
  17. Who is better than Jimmy Page?

    Made in japan is the best live album ever..there is no other who can match it, you like it or not!!
  18. Who is better than Jimmy Page?

    Are you sick? deep Purple are underrated!!
  19. Who is better than Jimmy Page?

    Finaly someone critical and objective. Someone whio understands rock music without any fanatism.
  20. Who is better than Jimmy Page?

    I´m afraid Purple does get a lot of recognition. the problem is that they are an active band. If they had not reformed in the 80´s, they would have achieved the same status of zepp. Did you know purple wa sthe top selling artist in 73 in the states, at tyhe same time of zepp popularity´s peak?? There is something to think about. And being plant a great performer, morrison´s voice has no equal in the whole rock history.
  21. Who is better than Jimmy Page?

    If i had posted the original question in apurple thread, the answer would have been exactly the oposite. As I like both bands so much, I have to say that sometimes is better bblackmore and others page, and the same with bonzo and paice. Would you consider plant a better frontman than Jim Morrison? hmmmm
  22. Who is better than Jimmy Page?

    Blackmore vs Page and Paice vs Bonzo...only if you are either a zepp or purple fan can you decide for one of them.
  23. New offical release

    Japanese gigs are said to be really good, while the 77 tour had a great setlist, and some night were good enough I sopose. Any of those woud be nice. There is so little live official material than any new live release will be much expected. what would you think if they were to release the earls court or knebworth stuff?