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  1. John Davis is "Mastering" Led Zeppelin

    Jimmy Page said at the Oxford Union Address talk he had been recently listening to Dazed and Confused from 73...
  2. John Davis is "Mastering" Led Zeppelin

    Sam, would you comment on this issue?
  3. Not pro, of course, but rare rnevertheless.
  4. New Bath '70 Video?

    Maybe the second option. It would also be interesting to have an official LZ history rockumentary, which has never been done. It would also be nice that PAge would sign a deal with Eagle records to make a "classic album" thing. There you can choose from so many...LZ I, LZ II, LZ IV, PG...
  5. New Bath '70 Video?

    Does a soundboard for Bath exist? Or is the known audio an audience tape?
  6. New Bath '70 Video?

    I was about to post the same thing. Maybe we can get Sam answer if the "and it’s hoped that it will be released to mark the 50th anniversary " phrase is just speculation or there is some truth behind it...
  7. Basically, Page is the driving force behind it all. There has not been any official LZ release without Page´s supervision. IT is 99% HE who decides what, whan and how to put releases into the market.
  8. Regarding Bonzo´s drums. I think it may be possible. Just look at Jakko Jaksyk did for the recent Jethro Tull Songs from teh Wood llive concert...managed to synch teh audio and video from different shows and made it work really good. You wouldn´t tell audio and video belong partly to different shows.
  9. New Bath '70 Video?

    The main problem for me is that even if audio/video are of enough good quality, JP will take 10 years to release it.
  10. The Landover 77 Run

    Can anyone post links for the pics or whatever evidence exists that has made people suggest one of these shows was professionally filmed? Thanks in advance.
  11. I know this is purely speculative, but here I go... A few days ago, a recently unearthed Deep Purple proshot footage from Lanover, Maryland 76 appeared on youtbe thanks to the offical Purple Channel. Many fans have stated that back in the day and at that time, pretty much all of the rock concerts by big bands were filmed at the venue. I think this might increase the chances of the Zepp Landover 77 show to have been filmed professionally. Of course, Grant could have denied any prmission, but who knows...This only strenthens the chances IMO.
  12. Gentlemen, start your engines! https://www.amazon.com/Complete-BBC-Sessions-3CD/dp/B01IOAAZSE?ie=UTF8&tag=viglink20252-20 https://www.amazon.com/Complete-Sessions-Super-Deluxe-Vinyl/dp/B01INFZN9G?ie=UTF8&tag=viglink20252-20 https://www.amazon.com/Complete-BBC-Sessions-Gram-Vinyl/dp/B01INFYPAO?ie=UTF8&tag=viglink20252-20
  13. BBC Sessions and How the West Was Won Reissues

    You want it? You have it https://www.amazon.com/Complete-BBC-Sessions-3CD/dp/B01IOAAZSE?ie=UTF8&tag=viglink20252-20 https://www.amazon.com/Complete-Sessions-Super-Deluxe-Vinyl/dp/B01INFZN9G?ie=UTF8&tag=viglink20252-20 https://www.amazon.com/Complete-BBC-Sessions-Gram-Vinyl/dp/B01INFYPAO?ie=UTF8&tag=viglink20252-20

    Alain´s response:" it was on a table at Claude Nobs chalet in Montreux I snapped a quick pic. Didn't get to hear it "

    Cool! So this could be a potential release some day?

    This is very exciting news, though we need confirmation of course. Can we invite Sam to post and clarify?
  17. Jimmy Page's Vault

    I only hope we get to hear Japan 1971 one day. And if it is just not possible, at least to know the reason why. And I olso hope Jimmy wakes up one day and thinks "oh, we never put out a full Earls Court set before".
  18. It has been reported today that, in the turmoil of the Stairway case, newly found early versions, multi tracks of the song were presented. I wonder if Jimmi had this material during the reissue campaign, and if other songs multi tracks have also appeared.
  19. 1977 pro-shot soundcheck

    I personally like to hope and trust. Who would have thought, for example, that The Doors had been taped in 66 at the London Fog? and the long rumoured last New Orleans tape? Now we know they exist. It may take decades to materialize, that is the major problem. The thing here, IMO, is why on Earth is Page so reluctant to release live stuff, being either audio or video. In any case, it is irritating, especially if you consider that back in the day, JP said that LZ was meant to be heard LIVE! I wish a lot of luck to those persons having archive stuff and trying tomake a deal with band`s estates.
  20. Companion discs are rubbish

    Well, I don´t think they are all ruish, but I do understand many fans´ dissapointment. Many, really many companion disc tracks are nearly identical to the original ones. I own no studio bootlegs, but from what I have read, many fans would have prefered already heard stuff in good or slighly sub-standard quality rather than these alternate takes in pristine quality. And with his idea, I think JP has betrayed himself. LZ was, to his own accounts, all about feel, improvisation and spontaneity. Therefore and IMHO, yes this was a missed opportunity.
  21. WTF????? So there is still plenty of stuff in the vault that was not included in the reissues this year. This is highly iritating.
  22. The Live Album That Never Was

    Made in Japan is "liver" than most other live albums. Asolutely no overdus, and comes mostly from one show.
  23. It´s being posted on the official facebook page.