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  1. Jimmy Page confirms 2018 release(s)

    Nice recording, but the delay on Plant's vocals sucks.
  2. Jimmy Page confirms 2018 release(s)

    Can we be sure it will be a "music" release, either audio or video? Couldn't Page have meant the book release that was announced yesterday? Don't want to get my hope too high and then we "only" get a book instead of a new concert release. If it will be a concert, please anything from the 1968-1973 period, however I'd also welcome an Earls Court Video. I doubt the hardcore bootleg listeners would like a concert release, because it will very likely be butchered by Page.
  3. Zeppelin Mysteries Hosted by Steve A. Jones

    Well it's been a long, long time. Funny that you remembered my question
  4. Trentham Gardens '73 was Multi Tracked

    I wonder why the uploader has excluded Stairway to heaven in every of his uploaded concerts. Sucks.
  5. LOL I wonder what he will find next. Maybe a tape of his neighbours dogs barking from the 50s
  6. So is Jimmy Page a 'sloppy' player?

    Here is Stevie playing jazz. He recorded a number of jazz tunes. Of course he is no George Benson or McLaughlin but his jazz playing is as good as Jimmy's folk playing IMO. The use of effects isn't something I'd call "versatile". I think about versatility in being able to play different styles of music. Stevie had a much better technique and more feeling. Jimmy wrote better songs and was more experimental. I like them both a LOT, but if I could choose whose playing capabilities I'd like to have I'd chose Stevie's.
  7. Don't know if anyone has posted that before. Maybe I myself Ritchie Blackmore (Deep Purple, Rainbow) on Jimmy: “I met Jimmy Page in ’62. I was playing with a group called Screamin’ Lord Sutch and the Savages, and we used to dress up as cavemen,” he recalls. “And we played with a band called Neil Christian and the Crusaders, who I played with later. And Jimmy Page was playing his Gretsch guitar with Neil Christian. And I knew he was going to be somebody then. Not only was he a good guitar player, he had that star quality. There was something about him. He was very poised. and confident, but not arrogant.” http://www.guitarplayer.com/artists/1013/ritchie-blackmore-on-meeting-jimmy-page-in-1962-he-had-star-quality/56507
  8. The electric stuff - yes. There are no really "hard to play"- songs in the Zep repertoire, except some solo's that are tricky. I don't know if Eric could play the fingerstyle stuff like "White Summer" or "The Song remains the same", even though Jimmy's fingerpicking is rather basic. Eric is not a great fingerpicker. Just enough to play songs like "Tears in Heaven", which are really easy to pick
  9. So is Jimmy Page a 'sloppy' player?

    Jimmy played Rock, Blues and Folk. SRV played Rock, Blues and Jazz. Doesn't seem to me that Page was more versatile then Stevie. Page was more influential, surely. He came to the scene 10+ years earlier than Stevie. So all of Stevie's solos sound the same to you? That is rather rubbish! Stevie was known for making a solo more interesting the longer it goes. Listen to his version of "Little Wing" or his song "Lenny". Page doesn't even come close to that! Of course, this is a matter of personal taste. I enjoy Zep's music more than SRV's, but Page didn't write the Zep songs alone.
  10. So is Jimmy Page a 'sloppy' player?

    True that. And he never had the "Zep tone" again on these P&P shows. If you listen to the official recordings like TSRTS or HTWWW... he had a big sound!
  11. Jimmy Page welcomes home a cultural icon (GQ)

    Yes he can be interested in whatever he wants. Just not say "I will definitively play some news music next year" every year! I'm also glad he is still with us unlike others from his generation.
  12. Is that the earliest promise of new music you know of?
  13. Jimmy Page welcomes home a cultural icon (GQ)

    LOL Just disappointed as a fan who is waiting for new music since at least 2005/2006
  14. Jimmy Page welcomes home a cultural icon (GQ)

    Really, who the f* cares for this? Get a guitar and play some music and stop making false promises!!