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  1. the-ocean87

    New "Song Remains The Same" 2CD/4LP/3DVD Deluxe Set

    $$$$$ nuff said
  2. the-ocean87

    Jimmy Page confirms 2018 release(s)

    What a disappointment AGAIN from Mr. Page. He should stop giving interviews talking about "new stuff". Maybe he'll start to remaster the remasters from I, II and III again since it's been already a few years since they were relased.
  3. the-ocean87

    Underrated/overrated shows

    Maybe I should give it another listen. I listened to both shows a few years ago and remember that I wasn't impressed with Jimmy. I repect other opinions, of course. My problem with the 1980 shows beside Page's heroin demons is the sound(s). For example, I don't like Jones' keyboard and bass sound (especially his sound on stariway sucks and doesn't fit the song). Also the drums sound somewhat dry. The whole feeling of these shows is a bit negative IMO. Edit: I just finished listening to Stairway from the Frankfurt show. I usually use Stairway to judge Jimmy's playing on a given night. Here he sounds REALLY awful. It hurts to listen to this crap, especially when you know all the good versions of that song 😕
  4. the-ocean87

    Underrated/overrated shows

    Well, his solos on the 1980 tour suck. His fingers are so sticky, it hurts me listening as a guitar player myself. His rhythm work is ok, though.
  5. the-ocean87

    Underrated/overrated shows

    Overrated: 1980 tour I never understood why it gets some praise. Well, some performances are ok. However, from a guitar players POV the whole tour is just an awful display of professionalism, even by a R'n'R Band's standard.
  6. the-ocean87

    Nitpicking Page 1977

    Thanks. Never listened to this show. I found another version of it that is better sounding than the "Badgeholders annual meeting" version.
  7. the-ocean87

    Can we stop with Elvis being “King” of Rock and Roll

    Ridiculous to even question Elivs' impact on the music culture. Elvis was an interpreter, who took other songs and made them better. This is a talent itself. The way he sang, the way he moved while performing... This hadn't been there before. At least not on a nation-wide TV broadcast. You don't have to be a composer in order to be the best at something in a musical context. Take classical musicans for example. Does the best violinist have to write his own tunes in order to be the best? Chuck Berry wrote great song, that is for sure. However, I never thought of him as a "great" guitar player. Good ideas, but weak execution. There were much better players at the time.
  8. the-ocean87

    Any bluegrass fans?

    Here's a nice show when Toni could still sing. A true bluegrass legend and one of the best acoustic guitar players ever!
  9. the-ocean87

    Any bluegrass fans?

    One of the best shows I've ever seen. High class playing from both.
  10. the-ocean87

    Favorite version(s) of The Ocean?

    A shame this great song wasn't played more often. Fun time signature in that song, too.
  11. the-ocean87

    Nitpicking Page (The quest for the best performance of 1975)

    Well, from a singers perspective, Plant's part after the solo is an abolute embarrasment.
  12. the-ocean87

    Elvis vs. Plant

    I have to agree with that. Freddie was maybe the greatest studio vocalist ever. The songs he recorded from 1986 until his death are some of his best vocal performances ever (and maybe some of the best ever made in popular music). On the other hand, Plant didn't brink his best in the studio on some songs. Some songs he sang better live than on the record, because the studio recording was out of tune at times (like "That's the way). Re Elvis: I think he was very gifted technically. Otherwise he wouldn't be able to sing songs like "An American Trilogy" or "My Way" live the way he did.
  13. the-ocean87

    Elvis vs. Plant

    Troll detected.
  14. the-ocean87

    Elvis vs. Plant

    It's hard to draw the line between differen genres. In general, I think Elvis was the greatest singer ever in popular music. He could sing every genre with taste, feeling and power. He even could've become an opera singer (Listen to "An American Trilogy" for example). But more important he could sing live even better than in the studio and sang in tune. For singers that sing mostly rock/hard rock, I can't tell you an exact no. 1. My favourite singers there for live performance AND ability are Bruce Dickinson, Eric Adams and Ronnie James Dio. Singers, who rarely have an off-day (well, Bruce struggled a lot in the 80's but recovered very well form that) and who have a very strong chest voice. Eric Adams is more a metal singer for a spinal tap- kind band, but his voice is incredible. His screams are Ian Gillan like and if you listen to the ballads he sings, you'll hear how much feel he has (Master of the Wind, Courage are examples). Then there are singers who have an incredible voice but can't sing their studio stuff live in the right pitch. The best example is Freddie Mercury. I would rate his timbre the 2nd best next to Elvis'. Freddie's problem was that he often had voice problems during live performances and sang almost every line that went above A4 different than on the record, because he couldn't hit the high notes live. For example, he usually didn't sing songs like "We are the champions" as they were recorded (with few exceptions). His studio stuff often contained head voice or falsetto, which he very rarely used during live performances (usually only during "Impromtu"). The 5 octave thing is a myth. At best he had 2 octaves in a live context and more than 3 octaves in studio situation. I also like John Fogerty a LOT. He is over 70 now and lost the rawness and range a bit, but until the early 2010's he used to sing great. Don Henley from the Eagles is another singer I admire. Both are singers that could really sing the songs like they were recorded/composed. I could make the list even longer. However, #1 belongs to the king himself, the greatest voice ever - Elvis.