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Found 19 results

  1. Los Angeles Photos - Zep and Others

    The images below are from someone who was a teenage in LA during the 1970s. He went to a lot of great shows and brought his camera. He got as close as possible to the stage, often making it to the front row, and snapped close up shots of the bands. Luckily for us, he saw Zep a number of times and published his photos for all of us to see. Here are some samples. If you want to see the rest, here's the link: https://www.instagram.com/frommyseat/. He also sells some of the images at https://stratfordrockphotos.com/gallery.php?band=Led_Zeppelin (FYI, I'm not affiliated with him, just thought some folks here would like his work.)
  2. Shirt Value

    Hello guys. My father pulled this shirt off a clothing rack in storage. He seems to think it's worth a bit of money now days. All I could find of the shirt's value online was a sold out store that sold it for $400. What do you guys think this would sell for? Clean white, no yellowing or stains. Thanks in advance!
  3. March 21st 1975 Matrix

    Look what I down loaded! Sounds GREAT too! I can't believe that there are no postings about this Cuztard Pi matrix remaster! (My apologies if there IS a thread about this remaster already going...) Here's what the txt file says: Led Zeppelin - Seattle Center Coliseum 1975-03-21 (SBD/AUD Matrix) Matrix/Remaster using independant SBD & AUD recordings to add life to the original SBD. Note: This is an edited/remastered/SBD-AUD Matrix version using both the original "Led Zeppelin 1975-03-21 Seattle - Deus Ex Machina SB (EVSD)" soundboard recording that was quickly withdrawn from Dime on 2017-08-02 and immediately replaced by a reseed care of jupiter2101 as below; plus an audience recording from Dime in 2008: "LZ1975-03-21 Seattle Mix CD" (no longer listed on Dime). ............................... Contrast Clause #1: This is different from the following: http://www.../torrents-details.php?id=597827 Led Zeppelin 1975-03-21 Seattle, WA, USA - Deus Ex Machina SB (EVSD) - RESEED -: a reseed of the original SBD used in this matrix Contrast Clause #2: This is different from the following: http://www.../torrents-details.php?id=597994 Led Zeppelin -- March 21, 1975 -- Seattle Center Coliseum, Seattle, WA -- Seamingless Version (fade-outs/-ins removed); which is a reworked version SBD recording with the fade-outs/-ins at the end and start of the discs to seamingless crossfades. Contrast Clause #3: This is different from the following: http://www.../torrents-details.php?id=598563 Led Zeppelin - 1975-03-21 - Seattle, WA (Deus Ex Machina - EVSD - Audience); which is an independant EVSD audience recording of the same show. Contrast Clause #4: This is different from the following: http://www.../torrents-details.php?id=588565 Led Zeppelin - 1975-03-21 - Seattle, WA, USA (The Hammer Of The Gods) (LSD) [AUD]; which is an independant LSD audience recording of the same show. ................................... Band: Led Zeppelin Venue: Seattle Center Coliseum, Seattle, Washington, USA Date: Friday 21st March 1975 Original source recording information from Dime torrents: Source 1: SBD: Silvers > Exact Audio Copy (Secure Mode) > Flac level 8 (TLH) Source 2: AUD: 2 source mix: Both sources: 2a & 2b, mixed and edited at 24bit / 96000kHz. Finished wav files downsampled to 16 bit / 44100kHz CD quality wav files and SBE corrected > flac 2a: Stan Gutoski's/JEMS master reels x2 @ full-track mono @ 7.5 ips > Bill Bratton's 1st gen reels x2 @ full-track mono @ 7.5 ips > wav (24/96) 2b: Mike Tate and Mark Gorelick's master cassettes x4 > Bill Bratton's 1st gen reels x2 ( reel 1 @ 3 3/4 ips and reel 2 @ 7 1/2 ips) > wav (24/96) This Matrix/Remaster (Cuztard Pi): Lineage: HD (*.flac from Dime) -> Foobar2000 -> *.wav -> Audition & Wavelab6 -> *.wav (16bit/44.1kHz) -> Foobar2000 (level 8) -> *.flac -> Dime Title: Seattle Center Coliseum (SBD/AUD Matrix)(1975) File size: WAV = 2.16GB; flac = 1.28MB Set List (3h 40min): Intro Rock And Roll Sick Again Over The Hills And Far Away In My Time Of Dying The Song Remains The Same The Rain Song Kashmir *** No Quarter Since I've Been Loving You Trampled Underfoot *** Moby Dick Dazed And Confused *** Stairway To Heaven ~~encore 1~~ Whole Lotta Love/The Crunge Black Dog ~~encore 2~~ Communication Breakdown Heartbreaker flac tags, fingerprints, MD5 & folder art files are included. *** Note - the recording is continuous but if you want to put it on 4xCDRs then you could split it after: Kashmir, Trampled Underfoot, Dazed And Confused. ................. Notes: I guess we are all becoming (or are already) well spoiled by the various pieces of rare treasure that pop-up now & again on Dime; The SBD of this show that 1st appeared on Dime on 1st Aug 2017 was such a gift.. but then it was suddenly gone (i.e. withdrawn) just 1 day later! ... & then immediately back again as a "reseed". Wow! So it is free for all to listen to free of charge .. isn't Dime great! And what a great show it is! ... over 3 and a half hours of Zeppelin SBD from 1975 (just 2 months earlier than when I first saw them at Earls Court London; so a very welcome addition to my ever expanding collection). I thought someone might put up a SBD/AUD matrix of this show to try & add a bit of life to the great but just a bit dry SBD, there were several requests for such a matrix .. but so far it has not happened. So ... having put such a matrix together myself using an old AUD recording that I also got from Dime back in 2008, I thought I would post it on Dime for any who fancy it; a nice alternate to the original. Producing SBD/AUD matrix mixes using modern digital recordings is relatively easy .. but doing the same with old (i.e. '70's) analogue recordings (especially with 3+1/2 hours length!) is a bit more difficult .. bottom line, it has taken me well over a week to sync up the SBD & AUD recordings and produce the matrix. ... but it came out very nice & well worth sharing back via Dime .. so here it is. Check out the samples posted in the thread below to hear whether you want to grab this alternative version of this fine show or not. I think it sounds GREAT & I prefer it to the original SBD! For those interested - basic details of the mixing & mastering applied to the original 2 Dime sources (using Wavelab6 & HarBal) are as follows: A: Balance left & right channel volume & frequency response for the SBD source B: Apply balancing EQ to both SBD & AUD sources C: Mix 2 sources with adjustments to the stereo image D: Finalise matrix mix EQ plus apply light compression & limiting (~ -1dB max; -12.4dBrms average) E: Adjust final volume levels to balance out dynamics F: Add silent lead-in & -out plus fade ins & outs G: track split A note for any finicky audiophiles out there: Mixing & remastering of the original sources has been done with the aim of enhancing the listening experience. If you prefer virgin recordings, unspoiled by any such amateur 'dabbling' then do not join in on this one. Be warned now ... I don't want any whingeing! ;-). ... and don't forget that the original SBD is currently still available on Dime; see link above. But for the rest of you Dime'ers I recommend that you GO FOR THIS ONE ... you won't be disappointed! I score the sound quality as 9 out of 10 ( = A- ); but hey! ... don't flame me if you don't agree ... & at least keep it friendly ;-) If you have any comments, whether positive, negative or otherwise, I would love to read them ... don't be a lurker! ..................................................................... SUPPORT THE ARTIST BY BUYING THEIR STUFF! IF YOU LIKE IT SHARE IT!! FREE TRADE ONLY - NOT FOR SALE!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A CURSE ON ANYONE SELLING THIS RECORDING!!!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Enjoy - Cuztard Pi - 19th August 2017
  4. Montreal 2/6/75 Underrated?

    I know people complain about the recording quality, but there are far worse sounding boots. Plant's voice isn't great, but it's as good as the MSG 73 shows. This show stands out to me as one of the few where Page is actually playing on his usual level with few flubs, and quite amazingly compared to most of the shows from 75. He must have ran out of whatever drugs he was taking for this show as his fingers are much more nimble. The "Sloppy" monicker can't be applied here when listening to his blistering Stairway solo. Of course an audience recording masks a lot of mistakes, so a soundboard might put it on a more level playing field. I actually like the string break on Over The Hills, which sends Jones and Bonham into a funk breakdown while Page switches guitars. Sick Again is played fluently without the "Fingers stuck in strings" sound Page usually has on this song. The tape clears up tremendously for Dazed and is played exceptionally.The encores are played with so much energy they almost sound like the show openers from 72/73, with Page again hitting every mark on the Black Dog solo just like his old self. The only thing that bugs me is the frequent panning. Not sure if that was done through the monitors (I've heard it in other shows} or if the tapers were doing it. I'll take this semi good audience recording over just about any of the soundboards from 75, with the exception of maybe Deus Ex Machina. But honestly, Page conjuring up his old self almost makes this more listenable in my opinion. What do you guys think?
  5. Being a drummer and a worshipper of EVERYTHING JOHN BONHAM, that Fort Worth show is probably still my go-to 75 show. Bonham was just so F'ing good that night it's incredible. Makes up for whatever faults Robert or Jimmy had. His playing is fast, ferocious, inventive (his fills in OTHAFA just leaving me shaking my head, maybe not as good as the next night, but 3:35 to 3:37 is pure GOLD), and incredibly accurate (Just listen to his bass drum on TSRTS-it's mind blowing). From start to finish the pace he keeps up is just staggering. And, to me anyway, his drums just sound magnificent... better than most of the 75 boards. I love the Seattle show, but this one is still my fav from 75.
  6. In the wake of the release of "Deus Ex Machina", I thought it might be fun to do a live compilation of the 1975 soundboards. 75 is personally one of my least favorite live years, but I think a killer compilation/live album could be assembled using these soundboard recordings. In terms of soundboards, this is the most documented Zeppelin tour of all, and the soundboards themselves sound amazing. Here's what my compilation would look like: Rock and Roll - 3/21 Sick Again - 3/21 OTHAFA - 3/4 IMTOD - 3/14 TSRTS - 3/20 The Rain Song - 2/12 Kashmir - 3/17 No Quarter - 2/28 SIBLY - 3/21 TUF - 3/21 Moby Dick - 2/28 D&C - 3/21 Stairway to Heaven - 3/21 Whole Lotta Love - 3/11 Black Dog - 3/21 Communication Breakdown - 3/21 Heartbreaker - 3/21 So what would your 75 soundboard compilation be?
  7. Just came across the Empress Valley Supreme Disk dual layer DVD image for "Demand Unprecedented In The History Of Rock Music" (around 7.6Gb). According to argentiumastrum, "Unlike Toasted Condor's "Heavy Metal Machine", this new effort from EV uses superb sounding stereo soundboard soundtrack to provide the most professional status." I still have two ears despite advancing age, but the sound on the DVD image sounds suspiciously like mono, albeit very high quality mono, to me. I would be very grateful if anyone with an original copy could let me know if the sound is "proper" stereo. Given the size of the DVD image I would have thought it is a straight copy. I am of course assuming that the original was on one dual layer disk. It is definitely the EVSD version because their watermark briefly appears bottom right from time to time,usually when a song starts. And so to bed...
  8. First off I'd like to say I am new to the forum and this is my first post, and this question was obviously asked before but, What is your favorite Led Zeppelin year? And why is it? Whether its album releases or live performances. - My favorite year is 1972. Not only Roberts vocals hitting his peak, but Jimmy's live tone was just magnificent. And the recorded audio is very clean. Their performances had many songs from my favorite album "Houses of the Holy". And not to mention it had some of Jimmy Page's beard in that year I believe.
  9. 75 new favorite year

    Anyone else finding 1975 a new favorite year? I'm listening to Seattle 17 and enjoy the Dazed very much. Last year till O2 they played Dazed. First year for Kashmir. Almost always fresh. Trampled Underfoot and In My Time Of Dying. Great blues. If I had a "dream year" with nothing but soundboards, thiis would now be my choice. Even with the new soundboards recently it needs a new look. It's an under-rated year. Thanks.
  10. A new coffee table book Five Glorious Nights, compiled by Dave Lewis, is being published to commemorate the 1975 run of concerts at Earls Court: http://www.fivegloriousnights.co.uk/ Disclaimer: Not associated with the publisher Rufus Stone.
  11. Hi folks, new guy here

    Would anyone be able to help me ID which show this poster is from? Any help is appreciated! (sorry, I am not sure why pix are turned sideways, they aren't on my computer. Ugh)
  12. Help ,im looking for this WHOLE interview, ive seen a few more minits of it than whats left of it on youtube , but it disapeared ! ? , IT was really good , i mean REALLY GOOD ! I LOVE how confident & PROUD they were of LED ZEPPELIN , however never seen the whole thing!! he also says the same about JONSEY ! id like to find more of them two like this !
  13. Plant was disingenuous in '75

    The biggest disappointment with the '75 tour of the U.S. was paucity of material from the first three albums. Plan said the band would offer some color from the entire 6.5 year career of Zep and yet we barely get any songs from the first three albums. The first eight songs of every concert begin with tunes starting from Led Zep 4, back into PG, then back in 3 and basically stays there until WLL and the very end where if we're lucky we get HB or CB. This isn't retrospective at all. We got essentially nothing from Zep 1,2 and 3. Oh yeah, toss in the MB from Zep 2 but that's a drum solo, less a song. Bummer.
  14. Hey zeppelin fans. What do you think?. Is better Seattle of 1975 or Earl Court.? Seattle has a amazing version of Dazed And Confused with 43.00 minutes! Earl court has great acustic songs. Voice of Robert isn´t the best but i think that the rest of the band just were AWESOME
  15. earls court 23 may 1975

    hello everyone, I'm newbie in this forum, and I'm glad that finally I join this forum. and i wanna ask a question that has been in my mind since a few years ago: does anybody has bootleg from earls court 23 may 1975? I've couldn't find it anywhere. I'm crazy about that date, because I've heard the other earl courts concert and makes me wonder how was the band sound from that night. especially for no quarter because I think no quarter is the highlight of the setlist in any earls court night, it sound different every night, and still awesome!! if anybody know, please tell me where can I get the bootleg, or at least give me a review about the concert performance. thank you for anyone that respond my question..
  16. Keep your pantihose on folks: news just in... Led Zeppelin - The King's of the Stone Age (2/13/75 Nassau - Previously Unreleased SB) Empress Valley Label. The Soundboard Revolution Series proudly presents for the very First and Only time anywhere, the legendary show on Long Island, NY when Rolling Stones' Ron Wood jammed with Led Zeppelin - Complete and in Perfect Stereo Soundboard!!! ---> An extremely Ltd Ed. Promo Only Sneak Peak box set of this show is NOW in stock: The King's of the Stone Age Ultimate Collectors Edition Promo Box Set (2/13 & 14/75 SB) - 50 Copies Only!! This 9 CD Mega Deluxe Box with Gold Obi includes both Nassau shows in Complete and Perfect Stereo Soundboard!! Each CD set is housed in special paper cases inside an exquisite Ltd Ed box. This set also includes a bonus Audience source for the 2/13/75 show. Note: Additional versions of The King's of the Stone Age are due for release in July!
  17. Led Zeppelin - Houston 1975 (4 new ones....)

    These have never been published anywhere in the past 37+ years.... Thanks, Sam for archiving them!! I wish I would have had a better camera than a crappy little Kodak 110 camera with a single roll of 24 images for Houston 1975...Ahh,. the "old days" What I would have given to have had my Nikon! Time to share them - these are for DavidZoso, to add to his mighty archive....! ENJOY L.Z.F.!!
  18. ***Viva La Soundboard Revolution*** Led Zeppelin - Snowblind (3/20/75 Vancouver - Previously Unreleased SB) Empress Valley Label. The Soundboard Revolution Series proudly presents for the very First and Only time anywhere, the legendary 2nd night in Vancouver, BC - Complete and in Perfect Stereo Soundboard!!! This amazing set also features absolutely stunning exclusive artwork from preeminent live concert art co., Firehouse Posters. Two versions of this set are now available: Extremely Ltd Slip Case Edition (100 Copies Only!!) 6 CD Mega Deluxe Set. Features as a special bonus a Digital Remaster direct from original source of the 3/19/75 Vancouver Soundboard.
  19. Earl's Court 1975 Photos

    Please post all photos of the Earl's Court concerts you have. Here are the ones from led-zeppelin.org