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Found 10 results

  1. How much of that 2nd source exists? Of course, the Millard recording is glorious and one of the All-Time Greats, but this 2nd source isn't bad. Would love to hear it if more exists. Very interested in finding it if anyone knows.
  2. Pontiac 1977 - New Photos

    A set of new photos from a fan at the Pontiac Silverdome April 30, 1977 (most of these shared here for the first time). There's some interesting pics, including an awesome rear-stage photograph of the whole stadium before the show and a couple of teasers showing the video camera in front of the stage.... http://www.ledzeppelin.com/show/april-30-1977
  3. Hi All, I have been searching for years to find a picture of John Bonham's 1977 drum kit (Ludwig Stainless Steel) taken from behind the kit, maybe if one were standing near the gong and taking the picture toward the audience. There is a very similar picture in the Good Times Bad Times Zeppelin book of a shot like this, but of his Amber Vistilite Kit. I will try and find the image and post. The closest I found have found is the image below, however I am looking for one without John, and possibly a higher res? Thanks all! Mike
  4. So I've started to collect as much of Zeppelin's performances recorded on video as I can, Assemblage I and II, DVD, TSRTS(and the GREAT fanedit In for a Quick Garden) and now I've come across the Seattle show and I'm confused... I mean 1977 was a bit of a rollercoaster year for Zep, we have shows like the LA Forum which is among the best they've done and then there's Tempe and Oakland too... So my question is about Seattle, I can't figure out what's wrong with it, I mean Jimmy is not at his best but it feels like it's more of a mixing fault or something, it just sounds dry and... I don't know, wrong I guess? I want to give it another shot so what releases would you recommend? Or is it just a mediocre performance? Haha
  5. Hello all. I was wondering if anyone had specific I.D. information about the Eddie Edwards source which was originally combined with mike millard's tapes. the most information i've been able to garner about it is the following: ""Eddie Edwards "Trampled Underfoot" 1st Gen cassette of vinyl transfer"". Now, granted, I have yet to scour the earth for it, but I have put quite a spot of time into my search now and so far as I can tell, either this source completely no longer exists, or I'm doing a really bad job of dissecting the semantics of that sentence, which came from a description in the Winston Remasters. I have also found evidence that there was a release of... trying to remember... i think it may have even just been "For BadgeHolders Only", but was released on a label called Balboa, and is apparently the only non-Millard complete source without unforgivable issues such as single-channel dropouts, etc. I thought perhaps this could possibly be the "vinyl transfer" mentioned in the Winston Remasters, but have not found a way to confirm that, nor have I been able to find this Balboa release in the first place. Bottom Line: Does anyone have any information about that vinyl transfer mentioned in the Winston Remasters, or even just have any knowledge to add concerning lowest-gen-as-possible Eddie Edwards source? Because this is literally everything I got, and it ain't much. The winston remaster wasn't done that long ago, right? So it's unlikely we're talking about something that time has swallowed forever, one would think. Anyway thank you in advance; I figured if I was going to ask the question anywhere, it should be here.
  6. Favorite/Best Achilles Last Stand?

    So I've been going back listening to a lot of later Zep shows and with that of course comes the VERY good set lists of 77-80 and I was wondering what live rendition of ALS y'all prefer! Been watching a lot of 1979/08/04 lately and I quite like that, 1977/06/21 comes to mind as well, what do you guys think?
  7. As anybody who's heard recordings of the 1977 tour knows, John Paul Jones (aided on some dates by John Bonham) sang the Sandy Denny sections of "Battle Of Evermore". It seems to be a somewhat controversial choice... What are yer thoughts on Jonesy's vocals? Like 'em, hate 'em, indifferent? They shoulda got somebody else? (an option I've heard a few times over the years- but in that case, who?) Cast yer vote... (FWIW I seem to flip between 'I can live with them' and 'they shoulda got somebody else'...I'm not sure anybody could do justice to SD's original vocal on the studio track, but any port in a storm, as they say)
  8. Atlanta 1977

    Hey guys, i think Atlanta 1977 may be one of the best ever 1977 shows (at least caught on tape). Shame the quality is so awful, but the versions of No Quarter (one of my favourite ever versions), Achilles Last Stand and Stairway To Heaven are among some of the best on the tour! Notice how wonderful is Plant's intro to Ten Years Gone, pontuacted by so melancholic guitar chords by Page.."it's always best to be in love with everybody, but this is about the first time you ever knew it would happen to you"..it makes me cry, really! What do you guys think about? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HxO3GFqIqCE
  9. Hi guys, I'd like to make my own poster of almighty Jimmy. I'm looking for two particular pictures (from 1977 i guess). In order to print it right, i need the bigger high resolution available out there. Does any of you have something like that ? I think the first picture was printed in a lot of magazines back then so may be there is a high res. scan available somewhere. Also for the story, i'd like to know from which shows those 2 pics were taken (by who ? may be there is a book i can buy with this pic, i don't know...) Thx a lot for your help ! Cheers from France. ... I tried to write my best english here
  10. I've found a - supposedly - rare audio interview on YouTube. I've thought I make a playlist of that and share with you, but I must say, unfortunately the quality is quite bad. http://www.youtube.c...67C1DE9E0D2D181 (If someone has already sheared this before me, sorry and please delete this topic.)