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Found 4 results

  1. BlyZeppelinaren

    Favorite/Best Achilles Last Stand?

    So I've been going back listening to a lot of later Zep shows and with that of course comes the VERY good set lists of 77-80 and I was wondering what live rendition of ALS y'all prefer! Been watching a lot of 1979/08/04 lately and I quite like that, 1977/06/21 comes to mind as well, what do you guys think?
  2. renounce


    I'd like to share a bit of love for a show I'd overlooked for a long time but started listening to a lot recently; 24.7.79. Apologies if this is covering old ground, but am enjoying this show so much I couldn't not offer a few thoughts here, and there may well be a few of you out there who haven't come to this one yet. First up, this show benefits from from an excellent AUD recording which has to be in the top 5 Zeppelin AUDs in terms of sound quality. As with all the best AUDs, crank it up and you can well imagine the might and heft of the PA system that night, and feel the serious volume of air being pushed out by the speaker stacks. In particular this recording really captures the thunderous sound and sex-groove of John Bonham and his kit, with bass, toms, snare and cymbals all nicely audible and distinct. And is Bonzo on fire tonight! He is without doubt Led Zeppelin's master and commander during this show, and sounds fully committed, concentrated, energetic and inspired. In fact, very unusually for a post '73 show, all 4 members sound very much 'on' ......together......at the same time. Songs. The opening TSRTS recalls the intensity of the best of '77, as does NFBM and OTHAFA (featuring some unbelievable jamming during Jimmy's solo.) A fiery Black Dog gives us some very pleasingly echoed Plant vocals. To my ears both Celebration Day and Misty Mountain Hop sound a little rushed, though are still very decent listens and are driven by plenty of Bonzo hammer. SIBLY features a fine Page solo which has a new emotional depth and has to be a contender for best post '75 version IMHO. NQ has shed several pounds since '77, and gives us 13 mins of slimmed down magic here, with Bonham and Page utterly locking and firing each other along. To my ears, the show lets up slightly through the TYG, Hot Dog, Rain Song, White Summer segment, though they are all decent enough versions (and vastly preferable to a 25 minute coke-break, sorry Moby Dick/Over the Top.) Much as I like The Rain Song, I reckon it had its on-stage moment in '73, quickly sounded dated, and never quite worked on stage after that - though I'm sure many would disagree. A very listenable Kashmir features that rarest of things, a John Paul Jones f**k-up. He loses his way for a few bars during the outro, but I kind of love him all the more for it. TUF, Achilles and SA are all very much on, though Robert phones in the Stairway vocal in that familiar post-'75 way. He sang it way better the night before. Stairway sounds just gorgeous with Jonesey's grand piano though. The newly revamped WWL rounds off a magic Led Zeppelin show, and, to these ears, one of the few truly great post '75 shows. All your 24.7.79 thoughts very welcome here please.
  3. BlyZeppelinaren

    Knebworth '79

    So I've been rewatching the Knebworth show and WOW is Jimmy not at his best there, was he drunk or high or maybe a bit of both? The show is still way better than I remember it, Robert is freaking amazing and Jonesy and Bonzo too of course, if only Jimmy was as good as he was at the Copenhagen warm-ups, if he was Knebworth could have been so freaking great, now it's still good but Jimmy is really taking some of it away, at least he doesn't stand still all the way through like the Seattle gig. So what do you all think? It's absolutely not the worst show but is it great you think?
  4. Of the two Knebworth performances which was better? Also, which performance was on the Led Zeppelin DVD.