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Found 17 results

  1. hi guys, my vinyl copy of led zeppelin 2(remaster) says "living loving wreck(shes just a woman)" on the label. i know that the first pressings had that aswell, but the mistake was soon fixed. do the remasters have that as a tribute or do have a super rare copy? the title on the gatefold has the correct spelling.
  2. I noticed you avoided the 160% figure....because he wasn't responsible for that, right ?  And Trump hasn't pulled away from the table yet.


    Trump's estate was 250-300 million, but that doesn't include 600M in real estate holdings that were sold and split.

    You embarrassed yourself, but I'll only tell you that in private according to Sam's wishes.  Have a nice day !

    1. paplbojo


      He wasn't responsible for the last 8 years, I don't understand why he would be or why you would suggest he is? Or bring that up? Our growth post recession was significantly less than post recession growth ought to have been by a long shot. Gdp growth was an embarrassment the last 8 years, when it usually skyrockets after a recession. Please explain to me how Trump's real estate was not included in Trump's estate. That would be news to me. Please cite a source. Also, it remains completely irrelevant to the fact that the inheritance took place in 1999, long after Trump made his mark. 

      Also, 401ks are only one way in which people participate. Pension funds are the most important way. Middle America retirement relies on the stock market. Even so, 33% of people who can participate do, according to the article you just posted. What exactly are you arguing against? Those people doing better?


      Who is Sam?

  3. Hello, I have the new remasters on vinyl. I have also recently learned of the Classic Records set that was released a few years back. Notably, there is a set sealed and unopened on eBay right now. I am very interested in the Classic Records set, but I'd first like to know if they are generally well received as the ultimate Zep experience on vinyl. Or were they the best until these recent remasters? I am speaking of the 45rpm Classic Records and the 33rpm remasters. Thank you one and all for any information you can provide on this.
  4. the kitchen poet

    LZ ii vinyl oddity..

    Hi Folks, I recently acquired a record collection and amongst them was a rather odd copy of LZii - I was hoping one of you knowledgeable people here might be able to shed some light on the matter so here goes, and if I've done this right there are pics too.. There are hand-etched runouts as follows: Side one: ST.A-691671-Q re. A.T. aB. W Side two: ST.A-691672-R. re. A.T. aB. W The "e" in "re" looks a bit more like a small sideways-on "m", but there are those that write the letter "e" that way so that may be irrelevant. The MX number on the label I believe might be Australian(?) but I've not seen a copy with simply Atlantic Recording Corporation on the base of the label instead of the usual stuff. It has a single sleeve and came in a poly inner. There is no MX number on the sleeve. Also (the elephant in the room...) White label with no promo indications? Please excuse my ignorance but is that common? It has a couple of pressing marks affecting the middle of side one track one, so maybe it got made and thrown or something I really don't know! So there we are, it may be nothing much in particular, it could be a knock-off, or it could be helping to fund my next tour, so I thought I'd find some experts here who may be able to help ! Thank you if you can, thank you anyway if you can't ☺ tkp
  5. madman0141

    How the west was won

    Has there been any talk of How the west was won being made into a super Deluxe box set along with the other 2 live albums.(Song remains the Same and the 2007 show? thanking you in advance. Mike
  6. rain in the fool

    Favourite led zeppelin vinyl?

    OK guys. I have been into vinyl for a few months now, and have been in to LZ for 3-4 years but only since I've been into vinyl have I truly found a real interest. This was more than partly due to the fact that my first vinyl was 'The Song Remains the Same Soundtrack'. I currently own that, obviously, 'LZ II' and 'In Through the Out Door' in the butchers sleeve. I was thinking about what my next would be in a record fair recently, but I though it would be interesting to see what you guys' favourites are. Mine is probably Led Zep II out of the ones I own, but if I owned it, it's more than likely my favourite it would be Led Zeppelin IV. Love to find out what you guys think. Thanks P.S. ignore my slightly dubious school pottery project from a couple of years ago at the top of the picture!
  7. Can anybody tell me why this is the only major release (excluding box set II) in the bands official catalogue not have received the black wax treatment?
  8. Hi Jimmy and anyone else that might be reading this, I'm hoping to get the official, clarified confirmation on whether the Vinyl reissues have been converted to a digital format, which I believe is what I read. While this may provide some apparent sonic clarity, the Vinyl purists out here would appreciate, adore, love, celebrate, riot and pillage, go on hunger strikes etc. to have a pure analog > analog > analog reissue. Call us crazy, out of date, out of touch, but to our ears that digital sound just about strips the soul right out of the music. I'm sure the digital versions will be incredible for digital but we're begging you, BEGGING, please let us have an all analog pressing, to have a chance to experience as close as possible the magic, brilliance and heart that was captured in the original pressings. Thanks, Michael
  9. Just finished listening to the new Houses Of The Holy LP (vinyl) reissue and noticed that it seemed oddly speeded up - song "The Song Remains The Same" in particular is noticeable. So we A-B'd it with a new digital file and a copy of the original vinyl and even synched them - sure enough, the new HOTH is too fast (the song in question finishes 3 seconds early in fact). Has anyone else checked this out yet?
  10. There is a vinyl playback event in Maidenhead, Berkshire at Norden Farm in Maidenhead each month, called The Vinyl Frontier, which I attend quite regularly, and on July 25th it features Led Zep 4. I thought it might be of interest to anyone in the locality on here? I think the tickets are £7 but just check the arts centre website.
  11. Grits 'n' Gravy

    Live at the Greek LP

    This is for the vinyl enthusiasts out there. As a huge fan of LZ and the Black Crowes, I love Live at the Greek. I have the TVT and Japanese CD versions, but there are two problems with the sound, IMO: 1) they're too hot; 2) there's a squealer on the CD's who absolutely ruins the listening experience whenever she appears. Why she was left so high in the mix, I can't imagine. Nonetheless, the vinyl completist in me just had to buy the LP's of this show. I'm happy to report that the squealer is largely backgrounded into the crowd noise, and the LP's are not hot. Unfortunately, the vinyl edition doesn't have the bonus songs found on the Japanese CD's, but it's worth it to have a good sounding recording of the show. Sorry if this has been discussed before, but I've searched the Forum and haven't found any mention of the superior sound quality of the LP's vs. the CD's.
  12. Hey, I have just bought Led Zeppelin 3 on vinyl for 12 pounds, and I am wondering if it is a reproduction or what else it could be. Basically, it runs perfectly fine (compared it to my Uncles vinyl) and sounds exactly as it should: great. The thing is, is isn't the traditional LP and is WHITE. The label is Atlantic's green and orange. However, the label is mixed up. Say, if I played "gallows pole" it would actually play immigrant song, and so on with the other side. One final thing is it says "Israel" on the label. Thank you, I have been very curious about this.
  13. So I just picked up "The Song Remains The Same" on vinyl today used from the NYC record fair, and side 3's label is from side 3 of physical graffiti. The music is correct though. Is this worth anything? Where could I find out? Just thought I would share this with the community.
  14. Haha me again lol. This time with a Houses of the Holy 1st pressing? I'll post pics and info
  15. JaredR59

    Led Zeppelin Vinyl

    Does Led Zeppelin sound best on vinyl?
  16. April 20 is not only Earth Day and the pot-smokers' holiday '4/20', but also Record Store Day nationwide across the U.S.A. This is my kind of Retail Therapy and after the past week, I could use some therapy. Here's the main website, where you can search for participating stores in your area and see various videos relating to the event: http://www.recordstoreday.com/Home Here is a downloadable PDF that lists every special release that will be on sale tomorrow: http://download.recordstoreday.com/free/RSD_2013_RELEASES_WEBSITE.pdf I will be hitting as many record stores as I can tomorrow: High Fidelity, Rockaway, Counterpoint, Canterbury's, and of course, Amoeba's, where they will have special guest dj's spinning in the store during the day, including Jeff McDonald from Redd Kross and Lucinda Williams. TypeO, you should know that there will be a special coloured vinyl 7" with Deep Purple's original and Type-O Negative's cover version of "Highway Star" on each side. Record Store Day Video Preview #1: Record Store Day Video Preview #2:
  17. a9194a13ab5659a871bc86f13841ff8e