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Mountain Hopper

Marijuana legalization

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I agree with both rm and red on this. But as has been pointed out countless times, not everyone who drinks or smokes a bifta has a problem. Only a tiny minority of drinkers go on to be alcoholics, if it wasn't then God help us. Marijuana is one of the, if not the most non addictive substances that is either legal or illegal. I know a lot of people who smoke weed and not one, ever gets the shakes or withdrawal if they go a time without it. I read the other day that a woman who considered herself to be a "health freak" who didn't drink or smoke or eat meat, was Lactose and Gluten intolerant ( only noticed they were when they moved to London 😉) started the day with 2 strong coffees ! "Can't start the day without caffeine". She proudly announced. Do we ban Caffeine?

There are always times where people abuse or should i say misuse. Caffeine , alcohol, coke ( the powder and that ghastly sugar stuff), smack, the list goes on and on. Even worse prescribed Opiods. I still cannot believe that doctors are readily at hand to dish out this highly addictive narcotic and still argue that medical Marijuana has no place in medicine, at least here in the UK. 

Personally I love a glass or two of red in the evening and a joint. Most evenings as it happens but not to where I consider it to be a problem. I very, very rarely feel like it's debilitated me in the morning. OK some Saturdays I may feel slightly "furry" if we have had a big night but I know my limits. 

Drink driving?? Well more fool them. Personally I feel, like the Scandinavians, that the limit should be Zero. Caught and your fucked. I never understand the vagueries of "over the limit". If you weigh, say 20 stone, eat a large dinner with a couple of glasses of wine, chances are if you are pulled you won't be over the limit. Now take a 9 stone person. No food all day, has a couple glasses of wine, you very well be over the limit. Right or wrong? Mrs CP never drinks if she drives. If we eat out and she wants a drink we take public transport or a taxi.

There are people with addictive personalities. Sex, drugs, drink or whatever. It doesn't mean we all have a problem. 

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