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Arbeiter Zeitung (Vienna)

Loose translations with the help of Google.

Superconcert of the Season (June 6)

The rock giants were tired and wanted to never go back on tour. However, after the overwhelming success of their performance last August in London's Knebworth Stadium, the urge to play again returned to Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and John Bonham. And after tenacious negotiations, the organizers managed to include Vienna as one of the twelve concerts planned for Europe.

On June 26th the heavy rockers will move into the Wiener Stadhalle with their two and a half hour show. The show, which brought out 150,000 spectators last year, included the early hits "Whole Lotta Love" and "Immigrant Song", as well as "Stairway to Heaven" and numbers from the latest LP In Through the Out Door.

Although the Zeps will be coming with three tractor trailers and several tonnes of lights, as you would expect from real rockers, the show will be technically simple. "Sex symbol" Robert Plant and guitar wizard Jimmy Page will be putting on the show. Jimmy Page will have a laser attached to his violin bow to point through the hall.

Led Zeppelin is actually the only band from the old garde that has had the same members since 1968, which makes them musically strong. In his private life Robert Plant has had some bad luck. First he had a car accident, then his three year old son died from an infection.

This European tour is quite possibly the last of the supergroup. You shouldn't miss this concert. The Zeps last played the Vienna Stadthalle seven years ago.


Photo (June 26)

Rave reviews preceed Led Zeppelin who play the Vienna Stadthalle today at 19.30 as part of the "Musical Summer" [fest]. In addition to their new "American" music Zep will also play hits such as "Whole Lotta Love".


Turmoil and Rejoicing for Superstar Zeppelin (June 28)

Nearly two-thirds of the show were already over, and Jimmy Page just had just started into a quieter guitar number. Suddenly a bang tore the relative silence and smoke fogged the stage. Led Zeppelin dropped their instruments and hastily left the stage, and it was clear that this wasn't part of the show.

What really happened, was made clear a few minutes later when the German organizer Fritz Rau told the baffled audience "Some idiot threw a firecracker and hit Jimmy Page in the face".

Cries of resentment rose from the crowd as the culprit who seems to have screwed up the concert was revealed

The old rock veterans put on a show, as only hard rock royalty survivors could. "Sex, drugs and rock'n'roll". Singer Robert Plant moaned, screamed, yelled into the microphone, bulged his lips, spoke with his hips - rooted, primeval. Guitarist Jimmy Page, however, was the freak, miles away, whose guitar runs took the crowd to higher spheres. Bassist and drummer stay in the background. Technical effects were only a distraction.
Miram Berger




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People, did you read that? He. went. to. the. Led. Zeppelin. concert. in. a. body. cast. on. a. little. red. wagon.

Today he must be the coolest grandfather in the world.

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That's a great review of a early Zeppelin show and their Chicago debut too! For the writer to pick up on Page playing For What It's Worth as well as knowing the names of songs played shows this guy was no slouch. Too bad he wasn't at the Chicago gig a couple of years later!

Side bar... does anyone know the first time they played FWIW?  

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1 hour ago, sam_webmaster said:

Chicago 1973 Interview


Great to see Robert Plant further substantiating Jimmy had sprained his finger climbing over (or reaching thru) a fence (at the airport). Of course, rumors ran wild back then about that injury and some still insist to this day he hurt it while partying to hard.


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Enki EA   

What an amazing thread.  Thanks everyone for scanning and posting. It's so great to read them. Especially the old articles.  Chapeau!

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